Thailand Nightlife

Thailand Nightlife

Around 60% of people visiting Thailand enjoy almost unrestricted nightlife which is sex in all variants with women and men plenty of transvestites / lady-boys

Most likely when using an aircraft you will meet them since Thai airlines use them heavily as check in and in-flight personal. which often bring up unpleasant situations.

Thailand Nightlife

Traveler in Thailand will sooner or later meet them. The former Siam is probably one of the few country in the world offering all variants of sexy fun but there are other countries in south east Asia (ASEAN) quite close up that is Cambodian nightlife and Myanmar Nightlife plus Malaysia Nightlife.
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The fact is almost all of them are at the beginning of the living chain of their families with children somewhere else in the country. If the young women do not send money, the others have nothing to eat. In Thailand they are not in the comfortable position that the state pays them via taxes as they do in the EU and other places. In the ASEAN states, peoples must work for a living and can't just go  fill out a form and then get help from the state and watch TV at home.

Here are most of the of pleasure-driven places which are frequented by everyone and nobody should ever think that this has something particular to do with foreigners, people on vacation or similar a number of local people are much is much high higher it's just not as visible. Actually, the fun and pleasure oriented business are just normal and that's the way the people look at it. It is for sure different to the organized crime as they do it in Europe. 

Fun with exotic bar girls & ladyboys

Soi Cowboy is a great nightlife strip in Bangkok at Sukhumvit Road / BTS Asoke Station full with fantastic and very creative bars and clubs plus attractive girls. This is one of the best nightlife spots in the country easily reachable by the " Elevated Train"  and a feast for the eyes not only because of the young women.

Patpong in Bangkok is another hot spot in the city center close to BTS Sala Daeng Station at Silom Road.

This is probably the "Mother of nightlife with girls". The girly bar cluster popped up during the Vietnam War when mainly GI's were around after they left the tourist came. First visitors after the GI's were the Germans and the jumbo aircraft they came with got the name "Bums Bomber" you can translate that.

Thailand's sexy temptations.

Thailand Nightlife temptations

The capital Bangkok has some more pleasure zones for fun in the dark oriented, the next and probably the biggest is Nana Plaza very close to Soi Cowboy at "Nana BTS Station". In all southeast Asian Counties a busy nightlife is going on until late, the variants are usually only different when the business is with the tourists or with the locals. Mini-skirted nightlife ladies are around in many places, certain places such as Bangla Road in Patong Phuket and Patpong Soi Cowboy Nana Plaza and Thaniya Plaza and more in Bangkok City Danok nightlife and Chiang Mai in Thailand are full of tourists, many come with the whole family to feel the visual kick, especially south Indian and Arab People are eager to get a glimpse what up in the places, there is plenty of ..ah, oh... and laughter when often the whole families walk through.
Guys want to pick up girls and if on holiday and not having a lot of time to do several days preparing conversation the next best is have a look for a lady who works in the nightlife business. Who is not complicated and knows what’s going on without lots of blab la and back and forward. Voila, welcome to the country of smiles, that’s the right place at the right time to do physical speed dating with a gorgeous Thai bar girl.