Bangla Road Phuket

Bangla Road Phuket

Bangla Road Patong in Phuket Thailand is for sure a top player in terms of night entertainment with Thai bar girls and guys. At Bangla road and Phuket Town are also several KTV bars but the most pretty ladies they have in Phuket Town two of them are Buddy Cafe and the other is Pink Lady Chamois club

Bangla Road.

nightclub ktv wallpaperBasically the beer bars and clubs are very safe unless overdoing it most problems are with drunken guys and women plus the notorious ladyboys who work as pickpockets. But its not as bad as in Pattaya Nightlife.

To prevent trouble they have a special tourist police you can contact when you have a problem and they really help. They are located at the waterfront end of Bangla Road in Patong. This " Phuket walking street" has a couple outdoor sections which are open-air bars and food courts. 

Soi Crocodile    Soi Sea Dragon    Soi Freedom / Eric    Tiger Complex

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A similar famous nightlife strip is "Walking Street Pattaya". In Phnom Penh it's the 136th street at Sisowath Quay along the Tonle Sap river.

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As indicated elsewhere don't believe all what you hear or read in the media the people who bring all kind of negative stuff have no knowledge what's up here and when the smallest thing happens they blow it totally out of proportion. On top of it most of the international writers sit in Singapore or Hong Kong and want to tell the audience what's going on in Thailand it's just ridiculous.

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Bangla Road Patong.

About Patong Nightlife

Phuket is a travel hot spot in the Andaman Sea which attracts about 4 million tourists every year from all over the world. The main stop for the most traveler on Phuket island is Patong Beach.

Conde Nast’s Magazines call it one of the top ten tropical holiday destination on the planet. Plenty of holidaymakers come to the island to enjoy a freewheeling time after the sun sunk into the Andaman Sea. It's endless summer around here with tropical temperature and lots of sunshine so it never gets cold.  This definitely is a good message especially to Russians and Chinese who took over some parts of the island and had many tourists from Europe moving to other spots in recent years in particular to Khao Lak but there is no nightlife similar to Phuket.