Hat Yai Trip

Hat Yai Weekend Trip

Hat Yai is the third largest city in Thailand, a few kilometers southwest of Songkhla City embedded into endless rubber tree (latex) plantings and the main commercial hub in the southern region. Ideal for a weekend trip with lots to eat, mainly Chinese style and fun in countless bars nightclubs shopping and foot massage.

Hat Yai is all about feel good, a lot of hotels points to tourism and there is plenty of it especially from Malaysian and Singaporean guys who chase the ladies in karaoke bars and other nightclubs.

Visual Hat Yai Trip to Phuket Pictures

Hat Yai Trip to Phuket

Most foreign visitors to Hat Yay come from across the Malaysian border by bus and car there is also the first train station in Thailand. Trains are leaving for Bangkok and places in the south. South Thailand means tourism and coming from north probably means Phuket & Trang province may had some holiday travel at Ao Nang or Railay Beach at the islands with splendid beaches and some limestone cliff climbing effectively there is not much to do its only fun and pleasure. Especially around Ao Nang the scenes are overwhelming with incredible limestone formations.

Hat Yai Weekend Trip

Hat Yai Weekend Trip

This is the third largest city in Thailand, a few kilometers southwest of Songkhla and is the main commercial hub in the southern region. The high amount of hotels points to tourism and there is plenty of it especially from Malaysian and Singaporean guys who chase the ladies in karaoke bars and other nightclubs. Padang Besar is a bit to the southwest and all trains pass that border crossing. 

Trains are not many because most transportation is with big and small buses plus vans. Since Tiger Airways from Singapore and Air Asia from KL started to operate flights air traffic is up again. 

The center of south Thailand 

This is about 50 km from the Malaysian border at Danok / Sadao. There are no particular attractions except a sizzling nightlife, great restaurants, and cheap shopping, the entertainment business with Thai girls attracting tourists, especially the guys who get here everything that they don’t get in Islam dominated Malaysia.

Here is the only international airport south of Krabi. Not many flights from abroad come in only Tiger Airways and Air Asia operate flights to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur plus some local to Bangkok. There is a huge train station right in the city center where the trains from the north come in and leave for Kuala Lumpur, the direct trains from Bangkok to Malaysia operate via Padang Besar.

Because of the very easy access in the flat plains of the south access is quite easy. The larger province is Songkhla where the city of Hat Yai is part of it. Embedded in rubber and oil plantings makes travel quite easy and the people very multiracial. 

A leftover from a several hundred years trading between the subcontinent, Arabia, China and the island world of Malaya / Indonesia. This makes shopping and eating great experiences. A wide selection of hotels and other accommodations / restaurants is available.

Hat Yai is somehow a Chinese settlement in a Muslim area 

The English caused this nonsense as elsewhere in the region without clear borders before they left and since then people suffer. The same situation they left before they run away from Myanmar.  It is almost identical as it happens with the Chin and Karen plus Rakhine in Myanmar Burma. 

Chinese restaurants are always good for an exotic twist, I am always mesmerized what they are eating and naturally beside of Thai restaurants and food courts at downtown are also many Chinese restaurants among others the offer such delicateness’s like ducks tongue, backed goose legs, fried sea leech, and real birds nest soup

The only information available in the English language is a downtown city map including Songkhla Town plus some advertisements It clearly shows the dedication of the city is not much related to foreign tourists in general, it's rather sexy entertainment, shopping, fun, and girls.

With the low prices in airline travel today nothing is easier as a flight to Hat Yai for a great fun, entertainment, nightlife, sexy girls, nightclub and whatever weekend.

Hotel deals start at about Baht 600 per night at the Pink Lady Hotel, 800 per night at the Regency for a standard room and prices go up to about Baht 1200,- and more for deluxe rooms per night. 

Hat Yai Trips per road/bus travel for other purposes such as cosmetic surgery.

The most interesting are the Lee Garden Hotel which is above the 10. The floor of the plaza. They have a panorama restaurant at the top floor with a breathtaking view. You can book the hotels via the Booking.com icon above below.

The real hot nightlife is on at Danok

The border town, with all kind of freewheeling pleasures, pretty and young women are plenty and they all try to make some money in the entertainment business.