Pattaya Bar Girls

Pattaya Bar Girls & Ladyboys

Pattaya bar girls are genuine night-shift workers.

The bar ladies are working in a very narrow district mainly around "Walking Street", actually they are many and do a simple job, bring fun and a positive mood to the guys and they pay for it.

Pattaya Bar Girls & Ladyboys

Pattaya Bar Girls at work

They are plentiful and come from every corner of the country plus Laos and Cambodia. No wonder, if they are pretty and do a good job they can earn in one week as much as upcountry in a whole year.

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girly bar walking street Pattaya

Pattaya Bar Girls at Walking Street

Thousands of foreign tourists visit Pattaya City in Chonburi province southeast of Bangkok at the bay every year to relax and free their mind from all the nonsense littering their brain. 

It is definitely a wrong myth that this are all old men since most are in the spectrum of 20 to 40 years and it is a truly international crowd hanging around and chasing the young Thai women but to be correct the girls are mainly chasing the men.

So all this bla-bla about tourism is just nonsense the fact is that the young ladies are after the men and not the other way around.
Pattaya Bar Girls at Walking Street

Interestingly there are also many Asia women who look around for an affair with some strong African, this is not a joke but more on this subject is rather going on in Bangkok at some Soi's along Sukhumvit Road

The center where all that happen in Pattaya is around "Walking Street" with all versions of bars and nightclubs to make everyone happy. One suggestion stay away from the freelancer along beach road of you don't want to run into trouble since most are small criminal ladyboys who are after yours valuable.

Pattaya Obsession ladyboys nightclub in the city

Pattaya ladyboy club

Everyone know this simple human needs but almost no other country dare to cater it in such an open way in Thailand they do and make a good market for thousands of people to earn good money.

Pattaya gay bar

Pattaya Go-Go boys and gay bars

They know the welfare of the people comes from money and that is definitely more important as some bla-bla from people who have a problem with se...

In recent years the Russian invasion came over the city after the government relaxed the visa regulation, the same happen with Chinese tourists. After this plenty of the nightlife girls from Moscow and elsewhere who worked in the nightlife business shifted to Thailand.

This includes many young women from other parts of the former UdSSR and started their job here.

Russian bar girls in Pattaya

Russian bar girls in Pattaya

Walking street is the center of nightlife in town it runs along the seafront and is part of the Klang beach front.

This is a nightlife city and actually a extension of Bangkok by any means. The capital stretches to the south even beyond. It is one urban complex and in between is the Suvarnabhumi Airport which is an ideal setting.

Go-Go Girls dancing

They are plenty and are the ones who keep the party moving it's interesting to watch them dancing and if someone likes one of them maybe there is a deal available, but that is not so cheap. This is definitely not budget holiday travel.