Travel in Thailand

Holiday Travel in Thailand.

Most holiday travel to Thailand is by air and ship (ferry) train and car maybe a long-tail boat or just walking. But nothing is more relevant in Thailand than on the road and bus tours plus cars and motorbikes for holiday travel everywhere in southeast Asia.

With 35.4 million visitors in 2017 the kingdom is on its way to get even higher ground here is some travel guide advice including when the rainy season can make some headache but in general to visit Thailand is worth it any time of the year enjoy this travel guide.

travel koh lanta in Thailand

Travel in Thailand

About 38 million visitors are targeted to visit the country with about 11 million from China and it looks quite good to reach the target since more than 19 million arrived in the first six months already that makes Thailand a champion in south east Asia and islands such as Koh Samui and Phuket a tourist magnet especially among Chinese visitors in the last years.

Buddhist Monk Bus Travel 

Buddhist Monk Travel in Thailand

One of the most genuine report on Thailand I read in the last few weeks and there is no exaggeration its just the pure every day true stuff what happen. 

First things first since Thailand is one of the worst noise infested country in the world noise from music and people shouting plus motorbikes is almost everywhere and it is extreme if someone just want normal holiday. 

For a good idea about Thailand and get you prepared > read this:
Some more tourist scams in Thailand.
Siamese fighting fish.

If you go on holiday travel.

If you go on holiday travel and plan to stay for a while always check first if there are "karaoke and beach parties" around since this can ruin your vacation its no fun at all when having a noise source just beside you which is active with about 5 km radius blowing your mind and this until 2 or 3 am. The people don't care about other they just want noise and if someone ask to reduce it they get rather hostile and aggressive. 

What happen on the roads in Thailand? 

Thailand Motorbike

The little problem with road travel this days is that since about 10 years (now 2019) they don't do any major road surface repair and the network which was once one of the best in south east Asia now crumbles. 

Here is also a Thai travel guide for the highways.

A Map of Thailand is show below including a Thai travel guide for the highways in the south and north but it is not very visible since not many visitors will do extended road travel so not relevant to tourists who just want to do a vacation visit to Thailand.

long distance bus travel
Bus Travel in Thailand

Every night and day there is a never-ending caravan from the capital into the provinces  and the buses are jumping on the highway because the surface is often broken.

That includes coaches to Cambodia Laos Malaysia and Myanmar.

  • South Thailand.

  • East Thailand.

  • The Central Plains.    
  • The North East.
The Andaman Sea

  • National Parks.
Some basic travel guide information on visiting Thailand even when it gets tough during the rainy season.

Motor Bike Scooter travel in Thailand

Have summer this winter in tropical Thailand

The weather is usually excellent at least about 8-9 month per year with full sunshine and clear or partly clear sky. From the tourist point of view the country is primarily a beach destination. 

Beaches are plenty, a Thai beach and some of Phuket beaches are exactly the places where the vacationer from anywhere in the world will enjoy to lay down and get a good Thai beach massage and lots of suns. Asking what to do in Thailand will uncover that most travelers prefer to laze around at the beach during the day and enjoy a debauched nightlife after.

The country is on almost every visitors short list because there are not many other spots on the planet offering such an exotic combination tropical beauty and a safe environment almost every great holiday destinations has problems these days.

Want to understand south east Asia and old Siam plus new Thailand a bit better? Here is a new travel guide to bring you onto the right track via out website and expert books. Books are still needed when around for holiday or business and prices for them are less than a lunch.

Reading through it will save you many hours and since time is very precious it is the perfect extension for browsing the website. Although there is the continuous problem in the south this never spills over into tourist destinations which makes the place a very safe one for visiting.

  • Climate weather and temperature: 

There is endless summer divided into 2 seasons it's the rainy from around July to November, which is monsoon times with an average temperature of around 24- 28 C. Hot season is the other months with around 30- 35 C. Almost all parts of the country receive some rain throughout the year while higher located areas such as in the north and west get more rain but it won't affect much. Is usually excellent for about 8-9 month per year starting from November to May which is full of the sunshine and clear or partly cloudy sky, the country is a primary beach island and "green" destination in particular when focusing on the islands such as Koh Samui and Phuket plus Koh Chang and other.

  • Culture: 

Strong influences come from India and China but have it's very distinctive characteristics. The original Thai people which are similar to Shan in Myanmar came from south China's Yunnan.

As elsewhere in Asia people are with very traditional family ties and most are Buddhist. Although in the southern part are plenty of Muslim.

  • What to wear: 

Take light wear since all clothing is quite cheap it makes sense to go shopping for all what you need after arrival it might save you overweight costs. Also shoes and other stuff to wear are cheap but on other tours such as outdoor better use good suitable clothing of better quality. 

  • ATM's: 

Are almost at every "second corner" in the tourist areas, petrol stations at the highways shopping malls convenience stores and other places. This means no need to take lots of money with you or change money. Just fill up your account and pull the Thai Baht out from the machine, be careful about the frequency since they charge a fee for each transaction which your bank will finally deduct.

All bank HQ are concentrated in the capital Bangkok a real mega-city.

Here is also an excellent place to open a foreign currency account and nobody will find your hard earned money afterward just take a ATM card there are many different answers when you ask yourself what to do in Thailand?
  • Visa: 
Visa regulations are changed almost every 2 weeks now they changed again, the best is to have a look here: but since also this is not often up to date a mess could wait at the border. If you intend for a longer stay have a look. But in general they don't do this changing seriously with western tourists just playing around to show they do something.

A double-decker bus at a highway stationRoad travel is easy.

Because the country had after Singapore the best road network in ASEAN which allows speed and comfort over long distances. Unfortunately, since about 5 years (now 2018) they almost won’t do any serious maintenance anymore which let the whole network deteriorate and especially the surfaces brake. They just don’t know how to do that and also to build the structure underneath is not done professionally. There is a lot of amateurism around because of a lack of education. For other about the country of smile read on.

Travel tips

Information on trips is almost essential because as you can easily find out it is very difficult to get any reasonable information from anyone. Nine out of ten people will give you a wrong answer if you ask for anything. 

That often has a simple reason they don't understand you but they always say yes and many people take that serious but it definitely is not. Other just don't want to be bothered and tell you anything just to get rid of you. 

The other version is they say yes but only having in mind to use you somehow for selling you anything and try to take a commission which actually you will finally pay for but you won't notice itit. Be very vigilant for a Thai person a farang > you it means a walking ATM machine to squeeze money from cheat or no focus is money and for that everything is ok for them.

The main idea behind our suggestions is information & keep trouble away. 

Of course and your money in your pocket plus having a good time.

Travel tip one: When you use a taxi or tuk-tuk make sure the driver will not follow you after you finish the ride because he will tell the shop or wherever you go that he brought you there and command commission. The shop owner or similar will give it to him and you pay for it without knowing it. That is the same at hotels use our booking service above that way nobody will follow you because it is already fixed.

An example jewelry shops or other expensive stores will give 30 to 50 % commission to the person who brings you there and they take it from you if you buy anything by increasing the price.

This is the same if you visit a restaurant or whatever the one who delivered you there wait or come back later to get his commission. All these people look at you virtually as a walking ATM machine where they think they press the button and you spit money at them. Result? Be very careful they try hard to pull money from you.
  • Assuming you rented a car or bike and you have an accident don't do anything and don't speak anything unless the company who rented you the vehicle come and let them handle it. Do it that way otherwise your chance is very high that they will cheat you badly. Be aware that whoever caused the accident doesn't matter you are the foreigner and you are guilty. Some time ago a motorbike crashed into the left side of my car when he tried to pass me since there was no space.
He finally told the police I hit him in the other place and the police guy told me bluntly ...I don't believe foreigners I only believe Thai and he was not joking. Result? Shut up, don't talk let the rent car guy talk also if it takes a while until he or she comes.
  • Be aware that if you book a hotel at the airport they will always use the highest rate and the hotel will add a commission of 10 to 20% for the airport counter every day that's the same at any travel agent so for hotel bookings always use the booking icon above right.
  •  When renting anything such a car, bike, jet ski or whatever picture the objects from any possible angle and take someone with you as a witness. Since it is very common that when you come back they will tell you damaged this and that to squeeze money from you.
  •  When you have any dispute with anyone especially with the above mentioned get the police because the people are afraid of the police and the uniformed guys mostly really try to help.
  • If there is anything really serious and you should pay something to negotiate and how to pay or bargain in general leave the stuff to the local guy who rented you the car or whatever. Stay away from lawyers for them you are only the cow who gives milk just keep cool and use your common sense don't mingle with the locals they only want your money.
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  • Travel through south Thailand.

It is possible to break Thailands interesting destinations into four mayor parts which is first from the northern border to Laos and Myanmar down to Hua Hin and dividing this into west and east. After from Hua Hin to the Malaysian border which could be declared as the south and the capital as the central center. 

Beside of the extremely high amount of fatal road accidents and an Islam insurgency from Malaysia who blast bombs every day not much happen. One of the many national obsessions in the night is drinking in groups and driving afterwards. Thailand the former Siam is together with Libya and Zimbabwe top listed for the most deadly accidents counts on planet earth. But Thailand is definitely a tourist magnet in south east Asia. 

The Philosophy is "Sanook" which means happiness and that is fueled by beer & whiskey which means drinking alcohol. A good example is the week around Songkran the Thailand new year celebration with heavy drink and drive