Bangkok Nightlife

Bangkok Nightlife and Red Light Districts

Here is the wild east in terms of sexy red light adventure you won’t believe it until you see it with your own eyes, no joke! 

Actually currently (2018) there is only one place in Thailand with a totally unrestrained nightlife that is at Danok at the border to Malaysia south of Hat Yai. A village with a nightlife somehow like it was in Bangkok about 30 years ago it's really mind boggling.

Bangkok nightlife Patpong

Bangkok nightlife at Soi Cowboy   at Nana Plaza   at Patpong 1+2  at Thaniya Plaza (Japanese Style)  at Silom Street   at Sukhumvit Road   

Bangkok Red Light Districts plus Nightlife.

The photos on the page tell you visually more with Thailand and Bangkok nightlife for the video section check further below. A night in bars and clubs and other sexy girls parts of the capital become hot stuff when the sun disappears and the atmosphere becomes different to other countries. Among other are great restaurants with flavors from all over the world plus go-go bar girls.

Bangkok Nightlife Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy is a must to visit in the evening at least at the first visit to Bangkok. The loation is very easy to find since the place is just a sideroad at the Asoke elevated train station. Here is everything what makes Bangkok Nightlife very compact loud vibrant a place to feel good ok sometimes not so but if you are a men and like girls thats the place to go. 

Bangkok Nightlife at Patpong

Patpong could be called "Mother of Thai Nightlife" the bars and clubs are a bit run down but the ladies working are very cooperative and positive thinking. The places listed here are the top ones in the capital and usually come from elsewhere in the country they try their luck maybe to find a "big spender". With pretty and exotic appearance plus an positive attitude (not all of them) it is easy to grab them. Be aware that is business there is no "free lunch". 

Nana Plaza Sukhumvit

Bangkok Nightlife Bar Girls
Bangkok Nightlife Pictures

Nana Plaza Temptation Bar

Here is one of the top nightlife hotspots in Bangkok. The bars are loud vibrant and full of sexy girls with minimal transparent textiles on the body, you can see everything if you want. They are very cooperative actually, that's their job. In the vicinity are plenty of hotels from the cheap hourly accommodation up to the luxury hotels.

Bangkok Red Light Districts

Thaniya Plaza
Sukhumvit Road at Night
Silom and Surawong Area
Want more just drive south to enjoy Pattaya nightlife.
A even better destination at night is Danok at the west-side border to Malaysia.

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There are also dinner shows with traditional dancing on refurbished rice-barges where you hear the Chao Phraya River on the right side and see pretty oriental girls dancing on the left.

Bangkok nightlife means great entertainment and pleasure 

Bangkok Nightlife at Patpong

That is the main reason why people from all over the world come here since they are curious what's up in the "City of Angels". Actually, there are countless versions of angles what do the have all in common? Payment is required, for the money you can have everything here.

Want to enjoy other sexy nightclub girls on your next trip keep a few things in mind, one subject you should leave behind, this is your girlfriend. To take a lady with you to the capital is like the old Greeks said "no need to bring owls to Athens" or as the English say, no need to bring coal to Newcastle, actually I like the owl, coal is primitive.

After darkness fall, the city is definitely one of the best night activities of the world. It's just great, absolute matchless for its variety and sexy stuff, against this, New York, Rio etc. is child's play, this mainly because of the knowledgeable usually non aggressive Thai girls for fun.
Thai girls for fun

A couple of night markets are in between, it’s a real helter-skelter. Every free space is covered with shops. That leads to blocking most of the sidewalk of the roads with markets.

Mind Thailand's past

If someone don't understand the past he/she wont understand the present. The book pictured left should be read by everyone who wants to understand Thailand and Siam at least a little. It gives the basic knowledge how Thai people behave and why plus some insight into the thinking pattern of them packed into a great story try it its one of the best books ever written about Thailand / Burma / Myanmar.

Bangkok Nightlife at Patpong

Red Light Districts 

There are many choices with hot temptations beside Nana Plaza Patpong Soi Cowboy and Thaniya Plaza. At Ratchadaphisek are several big massage shops and nightclubs but more dedicated to Chinese customers. 

Here everything is available too but in a more oriental style in the Chinese and Japanese direction, a real modern Babylon and Sodom and Gomorra combined out there.
Bangkok girly bar Nightlife at Patpong

Use this train and the subway for a trip whenever you move around otherwise, you be stuck in the notorious gridlock. On the way back take the taxi since the BTS "Skytrain" closes at 11 pm. The Subway is also convenient, both systems cross at Silom Sala Daeng intersection very close to Patpong.

Bangkok massage.. o la la.

Besides of the foot treatment, they offer along the road in small shops are the big massage parlors with up to 50 ladies this big massage shops are almost exclusively for sex activities and the Bangkok Nightlife Girls there are usually doing a good job.

Bangkok nightlife pictures tell the real story, no text can match photos with their vibrant colors, lights and shapes. This tells what's going on in the best possible way.

Its also great shopping in mega-centers  and dining in Bangkok since at many areas are night markets and lots of restaurants serving various food such as Thai food Indian dishes delicious Chinese  Japanese and more. All kind of European food including Russian and even Mexican dishes at restaurants playing Salsa music. 

There is really something exciting going on in a Thai Night Bangkok Bars are plenty and some of the best are in the big luxury hotels usually with some live music and exotic cocktails.

This days even smaller cameras have a good sensitivity to dgood shoot even in a dim nightclub or bar just be creative to find a way either to hide the camera or do it very fast so that your great Bangkok nightlife picture is through before they realize what's going on. In this context consider to make the night trip together with some friends, its easier to hide and when you are only one they might get get physical, if you are more they are afraid to do so.

Bangkok nightlife with bars girls lounges clubs restaurants.

Bangkok nightlife is chaotic lively busy and vibrant with a real express speed it's on until about 3 am and more. Sukhumvit Road, Silom, Surawong and the Rachadaphisek area is stretched across the city cutting a valley of a modern Sodom and Gomorrah through. A pulsating pleasure zone with, bar girls, ladyboys, nightclubs, beer bars , restaurants, massage ladies and so on.

This is a one-stop deal for someone looking for bargain shopping and fun plus a great deal with a pretty Thai Bar Girls. The spots are served by either the BTS Bangkok "Skytrain" or the subway / underground system. Its a very clean and functioning environment set into the city by a Germany company and this really works, better than Singapore or Hong Kong.

Rambling roads and many small alleys named Soi branching they are home of great restaurants and night markets. Tasty Thai and other food, is available, live music at many places and at quarters such as “little Arabia” close to Nana Skytrain Station the water pipes, halal food and other Arab, Lebanon and Egyptian specialties are served. Similar is happen in "little India", Chinatown and elsewhere.

Some have a distinctive contemporary flair and others a real “Arab Baroque” environment. About one or two millions foreign visitors come every year and about half of them come because of Thailand's nightlife. The capital is probably the premier night action destination worldwide, around 20 discos, at least about 500 go-go bars, nightclubs and everything in this direction promise fun.