Best Island and Beaches in Thailand

Thailand island and beaches are plenty 

Most are beautiful and some are definitely among the best on this planet. Here you will find breathtaking pictures of Thailand beach travel attractions .  Gravel beaches are rare oceanfronts with crude sand rather rare and with fine and yellow sand are rather common. Real white sandy waterfronts not so many. Have a look at the pictures below to get an idea. Many waterfronts e.g. such as Khao Lak Beach and Similan Islands have pine trees in the back. 
Best Thailand beaches

Best Beaches in Thailand.

>Watersport and Accessories. 

Not every waterfront looks the same there are many beach variants on the coast and the islands.

Many waterfronts e.g. such as Khao Lak and Similan Islands plus the whole coast of Trang province have pine trees in the back. A pine tree-lined beach just wont fit the ideal Thailand beach picture and expectation. Although it is forbidden to cut down trees they don't care much about Palm trees because in the Thai picture of trees palms are not considered as trees so they just cut them and don't think about. 

One of the white sand waterfronts is Khanom in Nakhon Si Thammarat
white sand beachfront

A typical example of this weird Palm Tree situation

It came up when they shot the movie "The  Beach" on Phi-Phi Island and the movie crew had a couple of Palm Trees planted in the back of the famous Maya beach and   promised to take them away after the shooting was finished because some teachers in Phuket drummed up that the "farang" destroyed Thailand (no joke). I even saw this with my own eyes in Phuket Town when they ordered about hundred school kids to protest against the palm planting. 

The children were squeezed between a few teachers with loudspeakers who shouted to them what they should scream. I had my girlfriend with me who translated what they were screaming. Finally, we found out that the kids got the day off when they were "protesting" actually they didn't even know why they were protesting although they held posters in English to show but none of the kids spoke a word English that was all painted by the teachers. Such manipulations are very common in Thailand and as a result, don't take such stuff serious it's just manipulating.

Beach Parties 

They are very popular on Ko Samui and Ko Phangan. The beach parties usually start in the afternoon and are open-ended and a common source of income (including drugs) from many locals.