Nana Plaza Bangkok

Nana Plaza Sukhumvit

Nana Plaza is one of the top 5 nightlife hot-spots in Bangkok. Located next to the Nana Hotel and BTS Station. The bars are loud vibrant and full of sexy girls and lady-boys with minimal transparent textiles on the body they show ready for business. 

Visitors to the beer bars can see everything the young women and lady-boys are very cooperative actually that's their job. In the vicinity are plenty of hotels from the cheap hourly accommodation up to the expensive luxury hotels.
Bangkok bar at Nana Plaza

Here is the epicenters of Bangkok nightlife action real sizzling at Sukhumvit just a few minutes off BTS Nana Station. The plaza is full with dozens of bars and myriads of young and pretty Bangkok girls at go-go bars nightclubs and pubs around. Life is at full speed and dating on location is on until around 2 am.

Nana Plaza Hotel at Sukhumvit in Bangkok

Nana Plaza BangkokBut if you like you can party into the morning, since the bars and clubs beyond  are illegal you could fall into a trap and wake up totally stripped of any valuables and money, means be careful.

Thailand is more or less the top nightlife destination in Asia and plenty of guys from around the world are trying to have fun with bar girls and a vibrant nightlife. There are not only girls, as usual in the county at such a location are plenty of lady-boys. Around the actual plaza is a four floor yard with restaurants street food and a chaotic life. Have a look at the pictures here there is also a Nana Video.

Just take the BTS or Skytrain

Ask at the station on which side you should leave since there are exits on both sides. At this area also many hotels, restaurants, shops and street food is around. About 200 m to the west is a Arabia quarter with Egyptian, Yemeni.

Go Shopping in Thailand and have it delivered to your door either pay by cash or credit card Paypal or whatever please be aware this is not the low level stuff you get at the night market in Thailand shop from here > Here is a a global internet shopping mall and the goods can be shipped (if you like) to most global destinations and you get the benefit of the low Thailand prices.
Middle East and Lebanon restaurants with water pipes are available, there is also Italian and other food including Thai street food. The nearby Nana Plaza on the other side of Sukhumvit Road is for sure a heaven for the guys with countless Go-Go bars full of pretty girls. 

Nana Plaza Bar

Nana Plaza is not only the yard itself additional bars stretch along the road. This is at Sukhumvit and several big hotels are around such as the Narai hotel Bangkok the Landmark hotel plus some other. They are in different price ranges from luxury to the cheap hourly paid hotel and other budget accommodation.

The working women and ladyboys try to grab a piece of the cake, they do almost anything if its paid accordingly, this nightlife is the usual mixture of a chaotic environment with sexy Thai Bar Girls and everything around to support it. The ladies are quite ok, they try to make you happy, the faster, the better, to get the money coming in, they love big spender see the pictures here.

Bangkok city is a vibrant metropolis

A sizzling nightlife is on at full speed. Most bars officially close around 2am but its easy find a place to party into the morning. But since this very late bars are illegal, you don't know into what place you fall and it is almost for sure they will cheat you.

People from all over the world come to Thailand to have fun and some sexy games in a fabulous setting. The city has several huge nightspots with clubs, bars, pubs, discos and one of the best is here. If you want to have a good time you are at the right place, other hot spots at are Patpong and Soi Cowboy, Khao San Road is also not so bad but there is no nightlife with women.

A paradise for nightlife lovers

Plus others who want to search for a quick lover, the girls here will try to solve this little problem, they know how to handle the farang even if it needs a good amount of naughtiness. The places are hot and full of fun, very positive, "user" friendly and rather low priced relative to prices in "western" countries

The bar girls are easily approachable and this is the reason why the guys are going there to play some sexy games. It wont matter if the women are glamorous, youngest or very sexy, they all are there to attract the men by showing them they are approachable. Almost all girls are single and free, in the bars it is not difficult to meet and connect to cute Thai ladies.

Women at this night spots are hot, just have a look at the pictures here, plenty of them are real attractive. The good thing in Thailand is the women will approach you if you are too shy to approach them, what about this? Its a dream like situation for most men around, in Thailand the guys from the west learn to unblock their mind.

When you enter one of the bars just say hi with a smile. If there are too many around and you would just like one of them who is maybe busy with something else just touch her

Nana Plaza go-go bars

Slightly this is the best you can send. As you make small talk to her, don't care if she understand or not, touch her arm and make some complements about her or her clothing this is a real icebreaker. A very satisfying experience is to visit one of the huge Thailand massage parlors and have the girl work on you, first with a soapy massage and after with some sexy stuff. The girls at the massage parlors usually do a much better job than the bar girls anyway, but they are open only until about 10pm. Find out which girl you like best and take her with you, if she agrees, for a daily fee.

This is probably the best way if you are in Thailand on a limited vacation trip, not having a lot of time to try around. Actually the whole nightlife with the girls is more or less a "hit and run" business, take it, do it, pay it and be happy, no much to think and always keep in mind the girls are here for business. If you have some intention to take your beautiful girl with you, lets say because you go to to other countries in the region keep in mind that most have no passport, so they wont be able to come

with you. To get a passport in Thailand takes about 2 weeks, costs about Thailand Baht 1000,- and needs the women  to go to her home town, all together not so easy, but in general, Sukhumvit nightlife girls are very flexible. Actually if you intend to go the Cambodia, maybe Phnom Penh there are plenty of Cambodian bar girls waiting there, its very similar to Thailand, but there are no go go, just the usual lounges.

Nana Plaza Sukhumvit

As the name indicates, is at one of the most busy roads in Bangkok there are dozens of restaurants within a radius of about 300 meters. Opposite is a quarter frequented by Arab and African people, they all have there native restaurants as you can see at the picture above. There are also countless street food stalls selling almost everything eatable, see also further down and is still only a fraction what it would cost in London, Paris, Berlin or New York. At this area are also some massage parlors and you can opt for any type of massage, including the special Thai massage for the guys. There is something for everyone, myriads of restaurant, accommodation, hotels, luxury hotels, Sukhumvit is also a excellent shopping area.

Aside of the normal food very exotic food is available, roadside food stalls offering exotic and strange food such as cockroaches, crickets and all kinds of strange beetles. If this insects and animals are fried or cooked sufficiently there is no major problems to eat them, actually there is no need for since they don't have any special taste or result afterwards, what about eating rats in Thailand ?

The problem is when they are not really well done, which is rather the normality since man people around  never get things done. That means you can get awful parasite infections which simply is not worth the try to get a sensational feeling.

Don't expect any sophisticated or stylish bars and nightclubs, the idea is simple, take some beers and after the lady, she likes it that's the reason they are there. When you are bored of go-go you could try to find a great place at one of the other Sukhumvit area, maybe at Soi 22 or Soi 4 and that's not all, trendy places are everywhere, or have some Thai soul food.

Nana Plaza (6)
Funky bars with girls and ladyboys are at Nana .

This is a hot night in Bangkok at bars with for sure a welcomed occasion learning to understand how other people think and behave. The pretty young women are all there to entertain the men usually in various position.

Amazingly there are plenty of real beauties among them and most have a very positive behavior. There is nothing "under the hood" because in nightclubs they only wear a transparent "teeny weeny" two piece, he men it's party time even when staying only one night in the city.

Great Bars  
Real Fun
Bar Girls
Nightlife Pictures
The Plaza in Bangkok

Nana Plaza Bars Girls and Ladyboys

The square is packed with bars and clubs, a busy place with over 500 employees where the most pretty ones are the go-go dancer. After are the she-males, the waitresses and finally "freelancer"  who try to make a hit in their way, they usually are transvestites, read more.

Thai ladyboys and Asian Shemale Bars

The bars are loud, vibrant and full with Ladyboys and Asian Shemale dressed with minimal transparent textiles; you can see everything, if you want. They are very cooperative, actually that's their job. In the vicinity are plenty of hotels, from the cheap hourly accommodation up to the expensive luxury hotels, read more.

Nana Plaza Bars and nightclubs

There is lots of fun at "Nana Plaza" and that's the reason why the guys are coming from every corner of the globe to enjoy some pleasant day and just do what they like. Here they are at the right place and the right time. Just see the "Anglewitch" above walk inside and you see them in life, read more.

See the Nana Hotel Bangkok in the back.
This lodge is very convenient when you want to hang around in this red light district but is not the only one there are at least two dozen more and apartment buildings within 10 Minutes walk for around Baht 1000,- for up to 5000,- consider 500,- to take a lady with but not all accommodations allow that. Better check before before booking.

Freelancer Ladyboys at Nana Hotel Bangkok

The BTS station not far away
exotic snacks such as cockroach and grasshopper
Nana Plaza Girls waiting for farang

Roasted Spider Snack for ladyboys

Nana in Bangkok.

is a big playground for men in bars and with myriads of young and pretty nightlife girls at go-go bars, nightclubs and pubs around. Life is at full speed and speed dating is on until around 2 am.

But if you like you can party into the morning since that is illegal you could fall into a trap and wake up totally stripped of any valuables and money, means be careful.

nana plaza bars and pretty neon

Thailand is more or less the top nightlife destination in Asia and plenty of guys from around the world are trying to have a good time with bar girls and a vibrant time. There are not only girls, as usual in the country at such a location are plenty of gay oriented persons. Around the actual Nana Plaza are restaurants, street food and a chaotic life, read more.

nana plaza girls waiting for a big spender

Girls are countless, the idea is simple, take some beers and after the lady, she likes it thats the reason she is there. When you are bored of go-go you could try to find a great place at one of the other Sukhumvit area, maybe at Soi 22 or Soi 4 and thats not all, trendy places are everywhere and have some Thai soul food, read more.

fast street food at nana plaza

This is the right playground for the adventure hungry and they other ones who have some special desire or obsessions and didn't dare to get things dome at home, here it will be done. All this is only a matter of money but at least you usually get something for your money. Keep one general rule in mind take the ladies only from a bar, this might be a bit cheaper but it is possible to identify them if something happen.

Bangkok Go-Go and more

Nana pictures in full shine

Here are a couple of pictures to widen your horizon about what others are thinking and how to behave actually if you see and even better experience that you get a feeling of a other world quite far from our way of thinking. The people in this tropical and very exotic country function very different indeed, read more.

Ladyboys in full gear at the 3 floor

At Sukhumvit are plenty of Ladyboys and this places is made for them. I sometimes wonder how many people from all over the world come just to experience some fun with them since several bars at Nana Plaza are just their playground without girls. Actually it's excitement to have a look around and be sure after this you will be back with a different view how people live, read more.
Nana Plaza Bar and girls

Preparing the nightclub ladies and shemales

The country is known as a night clubbers paradise and the plaza is definitely one of the top, although there are several versions of sexy things going on in the night. The blend of pretty Thai girls, lady-boys and more is overwhelming. The place is almost deserted during the day it become the largest playground for adults in the night, read more.

nana plaza girls doing sexy business
One night in Bangkok with the pretty women

With the darkness comes an incredible vibrant mixture of everything related to guys and young women which is forbidden in most countries in the world. That is the reason why a large amount of people come to Thailand and have fun.

One night at Nana Plaza on second floor
Bangkok Lady-boy Bar no temptations
Nightclub at Nana Plaza with pretty neon signs

This is not only attracting the men but also the women, e.g. from certain places in Asia women are flying in to have a good bang from African men with big instruments since they never see that at home.

Nightlife in Bangkok girls are warming up

This nightlife has made Bangkok and other parts of the country one of the most visited tourist destination in the world and there is another important subject everything comes with moderate prices. Go shopping, prices are not high, hotels and lodges either, food is very affordable and bar girls are real hot at Nana Plaza, read more.

Gambling at Nana Bangkok is strictly forbidden
Nana Plaza Girls with a strange butt

Among other the clubs are some of the best places to visit in the night, good multinational food available. E.g. here on the other side of Sukhumvit Road is a Arab quarter with excellent exotic dishes also with moderate prices. Also Indian and African food is available in the Nana Plaza vicinity. All together a real exotic aura.

Bangkok Lifestyle by witchcraft

Lifestyle is simple and nice everything which brings money is ok.

Nana Bar Style second floor

Bangkok nightlife not so busy today

Funny Ladyboys at a Nana Plaza go-go bar

Having fun at spanky Nana Plaza with the ladies
People come from all corners of the globe and most have the same in common they are crazy about nightlife, bars, massage shops and everything in between.

For many these times become magic because here they can live the life which is not allowed at home especially for Arab people and similar.

Nana Plaza Girls for Sexy Games.

Nana Plaza Ladyboys waiting for the big spender
nightlife girls in action
Nightlife Ladies are plenty here, If you have special preferences in particular on the sexy side its no problem at all to get what you want as long as you pay for it there is no free lunch in Thailand but since everything is quite cheap, read more.

The bars have a good balance of drinks including alcohols, e.g. a small bottle of beer goes between $ 3,- in a restaurant and about seven in a nightclub, usually the go-go bars and similar wont charge entrance and nobody annoys you with silly dress codes.

Kathoey at Nana Bangkok in full gear

The yard is one of the top night spots in Bangkok and as usual there are kathoey or ladyboys. Kathoey is the Thai definition of the ones in between. This are mostly rather tall guys who have the feeling that they are in the wrong body and that's exactly how they behave. Although they a normal part of the population and respected in most way of lives there is still something strange with them, read more.

Temptation Go-Go Bar on the third floor
The best visibility of this is, they cant control themselves,
emotions run high even after the smallest trigger and a large amount are anchored in the small crime scene, means pickpockets, stealing gold necklaces and similar things with some value.
Thai nightlife girls working not so much today
The problem is that the police is not taken them serious so if anything happen it's useless to contact the police because they just laugh about it with some higher profile exceptions in Pattaya recently where several gangs of them operate.

Rainbow Bar is always scrammed with peopleEvery year there are thousands of foreigners coming to Thailand just for the purpose to have a close encounter with them obviously many guys are attracted by this hybrid form of men.

Naughty stuff in the girlie bar

do some naughty stuff in the girlie bar There are several bigger places one can see and meet them, there is Patpong where they hang around at several bars, Nana Plaza as seen here, Pattaya with several nightclubs where they work and at Phuket's Soi Crocodile or "Soi Kathoey".

There is a open air stage where they dance and do some naughty stuff in the hope people will give them tips.

Nana Plaza Girls or ladyboys working

a gay bar at sukhumvit close by
what are this cute ladies waiting for

Bangkok bar girls with not many customers

Bangkok Bars are plenty throughout the city

The variety of themes of clubs and bars is one of a reason why people love to visit them. Especially great lights compositions are very popular and some are real pieces of art enlightening the people and them feel good, just see the pictures its often magical.  Just celebrate in a good mood and get happy, read more.

Another similar "happy place" is within walking distance at Asoke that is Soi Cowboy and definitely better designed including great Las Vegas style neon and myriads of beautiful young women for hire, prices are the same but the atmosphere is somehow better check it out, read more.

Patpong Bangkok go-go bars

Here is Patpong probably the "mother of all go-go and girlie bars in Thailand in a other quarter of the city but very good connected by the BTS light rail. The stations are Nana and on the other side its Sala Daeng it needs to change the train at Siam. This plaza also includes the famous Patpong night market with countless of fake goods, read more.