Jomtien Beach

Jomtien Beach south Pattaya

Jomtien Beach is the southernmost waterfront in Pattaya and actually the second city center. Along the waterfront of this sexy Thailand beach side are most apartment buildings and houses for travelers. More fun on Jomtien Beach

Jomtien Beach

jomtien beachThis is the most popular waterfront in eastern Thailand and packed with tourists especially Russian(2018) plus Thai there are not so many Chinese because they don't like the sun.
Plenty of hotels have been constructed along Jomtien Beach including some on a luxury level plus trendy restaurants opened and if you prefer a evening without bar girls that's the place to go. Many Russians inhabit the apartments in the high rise buildings along the waterfront which separate the housing quarter from the sandy beach.

Fun on Jomtien Beach

Naturally the whole range of water born activities is available such as diving and windsurfing maybe an island trip. Numerous golf courses are around and expats from all over the world who have settled and retired here have invested in holiday home and interesting apartment start around at $ 200,- per month . For buying a condo or house needs some more Baht but it is still very manageable.

Where to Stay in Pattaya?

Pattaya' s Jomtien Beach is about 120 km southeast of Bangkok and together with Patong in Phuket the best-known beach in Thailand receiving about 6 million visitors a year. 

Here are around 350 hotels and resorts from guesthouses and cheap apartments up to the top luxurious places to stay. Starting from cheap and very noisy places from around 200 THB up to 20.000 THB per night for luxurious serviced apartments which easily pass this prices and many people from all over the world own condos here.

The destination Jomtien Beach Pattaya draws more visitors than any other waterfront in south East Asia because its the combination of cheap hotel living and apartments surrounded by irresistible entertainment nightlife and good food.

To get the tourists there are the excellent airline links to Bangkok Airports which funnel every year about 6 million travelers to this city at the eastern seaboard. Currently they agreed to build a high speed train link connecting the 3 Bangkok Airports together (the project is built by a Chinese company including the rolling stock) it will take some years but at least they started now in 2018. This are Suvarnabhumi (the main airport) Don Mueang and the old U-Tapao airfield in the south of Pattaya / Jomtien.

Distance from Jomtien Beach to walking-street. 

The distance from Jomtien-Beach to walking-street is 5 km about 1 hour but its better  to hop on one of the public transport pic-up actually the fastest way is to take a motorbike taxi this also will prevent you from hanging around too long in the stinky air around the cars & trucks..

For Pattaya accommodations starting at around $ 10,- up to several hundreds per night including serviced apartments houses and beach villas plus everything in this direction 

The city is very conveniently located since between Bangkok and Pattaya runs a main motorway and in between is Suvarnabhumi Airport the biggest in Thailand. South of Jomtien Beach is another airport which is U Tapao which they currently expand to function as the third one of the capital. Every year more holiday-maker arrive to stay a while and since the "Chinese Tourist Tsunami" crashed into Thailand the arrival is growing dramatically their aircraft already surpass hundred in 2017 / day and that's not the end. 

Although Chinese are not so interested to hang around at the beaches they rather go on day-tours to the islands in the Gulf of Thailand which are called "eastern seaboard" all the way to the south where Koh Chang is near the border to Cambodia at Koh Kong.

Klang Beach Panorama

Klang Beach is another waterfront where most bars and nightclubs are around 
"Walking Street" including trendy restaurants right over the oceanfront.

Pattaya draws more visitors than most other oceanfront destinations in Thailand the number one is for sure Jomtien beach but there is not as many nightlife as a few miles to the north. It's a rather relatively quiet area during the night with no strip and go-go bars which are around "walking street" the irresistible combination of fun with men an women.

In resent years the whole place was almost overwhelmed by Russian and Chinese holiday traveler and they are not coming because the natural beauty plus inspiring Buddhist temples. 

Jomtien Beach is also the top waterfront destination in east Thailand for pleasure travelers here the tropical water remains warm throughout the year and everyone likes that hence it is a tourist hotpot during the whole year but to be honest most of the guys come here to have fun with the open minded ladies for some sexy adventure. Thailand offers a great variety of top-ranked beaches but in Pattaya the mix with girl fun during vacation and the freewheeling nightlife adventure with men and women is overwhelming actually many destinations in Thailand no matter east or west try to match it but failed because to build up an atmosphere like that takes quite some time and most Thai people only think from today until tomorrow. But the situation at the beginning (the Vietnam War) left enough time to create something to be build on.

Here everything is dedicated to short time vacation fun. 

Tourists come via the nearby airport to relax at beaches and exploring the islands offshore. They enjoy diving do some "banaboat" ride maybe windsurfing and other waterborn holiday activities,