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Beside of using buses and ships on your holiday travel in Thailand and other ASEAN States as a cheap and safe means of transport have a look into motorbikes scooters and cars. They are they preferred means for travel in Thailand there is nothing yet with electric cars or ecars could be the best means of holiday travel in Thailand.

To drive with and motorbikes is very dangerous in Thailand because the local people have almost no knowledge about traffic rules and considering other people on the road everyone thinks he/she is the only one in the universe which naturally leads to countless fatal accidents. In 2017 Thailand hit the world record on fatal road accidents. 

Motorcycles 2018

Thailand is on top of the road accident list since years and every year it's the same.  Since in countries such as Thailand in case of an accident automatically a foreigner is blamed it can end in a nightmare.

Rent Cars Motorbikes Scooters in Thailand

renting scooter motorbike car

But on the other hand a scooter goes for about $ 7,-/day / no insurance it could be a good idea. 

When thinking about traveling crossing some countries keep in mind that there is no way to drop a vehicle in one country and just forget it unless you are ready for high cost and bureaucratic problems. If you cross any border you must talk with the rental company if they allow it and if they do they need some days to prepare paperwork. 
rent a honda scooter
If you cross into Malaysia from Thailand there are some Thai insurance offices at the border in Danok which can handle it they are open from 6 am to 6 pm and you need to show a letter from the rental company that they allow this. Don't drive to Malaysia without a Malaysian insurance since the police in Malaysia will fine you 3000,- Ringit which is roughly one thousand $ and in case of an accident big problems are coming up.
Thailand motorbike travel
In case of cross border travel only do it within the country and use the flight or bus between the countries. In Malaysia e.g. travel from Phuket or Hat Yai to Penang and go to Chula Road in Georgetown its just the same as in Phuket or Bali.

About a Penang / Langkawi ride.

Travel to Langktawi with the ferry and a vehicle can only be done through Penang. There is a regular ferry a couple of kilometers behind the Thai / Malaysian border for pax but no vehicles. 

When on road travel in Thailand the best connections are from the Mor Chit Bus Terminal in Bangkok although there is a dedicated southern Bus terminal. In Thailand it is very difficult to find out from where to where buses are leaving because the different bus companies only wants to get the passengers into their buses what is important to the public is not relevant. The individual bus companies dont cares about the traveler.

New Motorcycles in 2019.

New Motorcycles in 2019
Royal Enfield Concep

The MV Agusta Superveloce 800 is one of the most beautiful motorcycles at the EICMA. Featuring a three-cylinder engine. Under the painted carbon is an engine with 800 cubic and a space frame.  The 3-in-3 exhaust system divides in front of the rear wheel: two pipes come out on the right, one on the left. In 2019, the fast-paced mini-super-bike is expected to hit the market.

MV Agusta Superveloce 800
MV Agusta Superveloce 800 backside
Mor Chit bus terminal in Bangkok

Bangkok Bus Terminal Mor Chit >

Mor Chit is the North Bangkok coach terminal where most buses for north Thailand leave but also many for the south east and west. This is also the station for buses to Cambodia its just the usual Thai chaos since there is also another bus station at Suvarnabhumi Airport where coaches for Cambodia start. 

Here is the current top motorbike from BMW. 

Here it is, the new double-R.

BMW S 1000 RR

By the way, they call it double-R and not R-R. It takes longer, but that does not matter, because you get back the time before driving loose again. We're talking about the double-R, which is perhaps the best supersport bike you can buy off-the-shelf right now. To find out was actually my job. But honestly: I do not have comparisons. In addition, I'm now much too old to slow down the first right-hander after the start-finish straight in Estoril at over 300 km / h on the clock. Since I prefer to say two or three R-R, it should be close at the end of the day with time all at once.

BMW introduced the first S 1000 RR in 2008.

BMW introduced the first S 1000 RR in 2008, production started in 2009. But I have a comparison. Namely the predecessor of the double R. BMW was late in the market of the 1000 super sports. In 2008 they showed the motorcycle for the first time at the Intermot in Cologne. At that time, not only was the market more than well saturated by the Japanese. Almost at the same time, the coming retro boom is already starting to emerge. Old men with long beards will suddenly buy motorcycles that look as old as themselves. The boys are more likely to resort to big televisions with giant screens instead of fast graters. The ladies have been impressed since then on Internet platforms such as Tinder, instead of with damaged hocks and the scars from the last collarbone fracture. One could therefore quite the question of why BMW just there, just brought a motorcycle. photo: bmw motorcycle The asymmetrical headlights were due to the effort to minimize weight. 

First and foremost, it was probably about refreshing the "BMW Motorrad" brand with a bit of sportiness. And of course you wanted to annoy the Japanese. In the middle of pure made in the nest of the market they wanted to push them this cuckoo. And that succeeded. The first double R was a real sensation. She was tremendously strong, she was fast, and she was radical. Let's just remember the asymmetrical headlamps, which alone were responsible for the weight reduction. Sucked, how the Greibel looked then. Everything was trimmed for performance. 

And the bill went up not only that the competition was visibly nervous, BMW sold to date then even more than 80,000 pieces of the double-R. The market was not completely dead after all. And with the fast athlete in the showroom and the new leather suits in the Gwand-Eck'n, BMW actually polished its image. The pilots, who were quick with the double-R, became heroes in their circles. Because as uncompromising as the bike was built, it took a strict hand, if you wanted to be fast with it. On the street, the most peaceful man began cursing permanently, because the iron was simply not built for such a silly task. And circuits such as the Pannoniaring were for the S 1000 RR as the Wachau ring for a Formula 1 car. photo: BMW motorcycle The asymmetric G'schau is gone now. The double-R is undoubtedly cute and plays with a design that is otherwise known only from Italy. Well, it was not the punishment anyway, not in the Wachau, where BMW presented the new double-R. In Estoril, Portugal, they put the sporteisen in the pit lane. As already indicated, go on the long straight more than 300 km / h, on the back straight probably around 280 km / h. Not least because BMW made the S 1000 RR lighter, stronger and faster. 

The fact that the BMW people repeated this before the first exit every minute did not make the situation any more pleasant. The RR has now with 207 hp to 8 hp more than its predecessor, is at 197 kg but at the same time eleven pounds lighter. With the M package, which is available for the first time - with carbon there and there, from the panel on the tank to the wheels - it weighs only 193.5 kilograms. And exactly in the trim stands the BMW in Estoril in the pit lane. Who does not have full pants, is certainly very unhappy married. It does not help that the machine now has a symmetrical view.

BMW motorcycle It is easy to understand.

The BMW motorcycle It is easy to understand even for the layman: The sharp is the S 1000 RR with the M package. The changes that have made the new peak in performance possible with less weight are fascinating. Except for the light. The LED technology is lighter and allows the designers more freedom - we already know that from the cars. But as BMW tears down a couple of pounds from the crankshaft or accomplishes the feat of building the lightest ECU for a combined ABS brake, it shows just how ambitious it is to be at the forefront of this segment. photo: bmw motorcycle For comparison, the Shiftcam of the new and the classic camshaft of the predecessor


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