Thailand Handicraft

Thai Handicraft Workshops and Sale

Many Thailand handicrafts in shops and open air night market come from somewhere in north Thailand in particular jewelry such as "hill-tribe" silver is very popular  since it looks good and prices are rather low. 

But the problem is in the same moment when the creators note sales are picking up prices are rising exponentially. Somehow the people are not able to find a healthy balance it's always only "quick cash". This sales patterns are very similar in Myanmar.

Some unique Thai Handicrafts 

Actually most handicrafts with good quality come from the north of Thailand in particular from the Chiang Mai area. Plenty of small cottage style factories are around where small production facilities are in the back and storefronts are on the street side the goods are sold right in front from the show room.

Teak Wood Carvings.

Although there are many carver in Thailand probably the most sophisticated are working in the cottage industry around Chiang Mai because the teak wood from Myanmar they use is still the best and from this natural material the best wood panels are made. Why the best?  Only in Myanmar Burma old and enough dried teak wood is still available e.g. to make quality wall-panels and furniture although prices for good material are high. 

Almost all other teak-wood available from other countries comes from tree-plantings and is not as old as the material from Myanmar. Sufficiently deposited wood is needed for wooden art that is the same with rosewood where the raw material also comes from Burma. Rosewood is very sought after by Chinese people as furniture.

Thailand handicraft teak wood carving