Thai Orchid Nursery in Phuket

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A Thai Orchid Nursery in Phuket.

Orchid flowers collectively form a family called Orchidaceae, which is the biggest family of plants worldwide here we see many of the natures beauty flowers in a Thailand orchid nursery. 

They grow mainly in the tropical regions but some species are also are found in the Alps and other cold regions actually there are only three parts of the world where they don't grow this is in dessert Arctic and Antarctic.

Almost all orchid photos here have been shot with a canon sx 40.
Today almost all orchids available in any shop and market are authentic Thai Hybrid Orchids such as

Phalaenopsis or Phal Orchids plus Vanda and Cymbidium plants maybe some cattleya and at least a dozen more to choose from. Some of the most spectacular plants are grown in the Singapore Orchid Garden and there is another one in Kuala Lumpur  with thousands of magnificent flower colors. 

Here is article about a day tour nature into the Andaman Sea to discover wild orchids but there are not many left. When you see this beautiful photos taken at various Thai nurseries and other places you will understand why we placed the camera photos below since this visually attractive flowers need a good camera and the long lens which only became affordable recently with new camera technology means now its the time to buy a new camera with a "long" zoom lens to make outstanding photos from your journey in Thailand and elsewhere.

Vanda Orchids in the nurseryThai Orchid Nursery.

They are grown and placed for decoration at many places because of their beauty. Buying and selling them is a big and profitable business. Flower and plants traded are hybrids originated in South & Central America tropical Asia and plants from greenhouses in countries such as Netherlands and other. The tropical flowers are one of the beautiful encounter when travel in Thailand they are often used in the hospitality service.
Today nothing can hold anyone back to buy orchid since they are easily available on a worldwide scale just see our pictures of dendrobium cattleya oncidium mokara vandas and other actually authentic Thai orchids are also exported to Cambodia and many other ASEAN countries where they wont do their own orchid growing in a nursery they just make the genetic material cross it with other generic Thailand plants and create beautiful orchid flowers.

cattleya hybrids in a Phuket nursery

After two centuries of poaching and looting of wild plants in their natural habitat the creation of hybrids gave nature a real break. No need for poaching anymore just go to the internet or have a look in the nursery if you are around South East Asia a visit to a Thai nursery the Singapore or Kuala Lumpur orrchid garden will make your day. To achive this labs are crossing hybrids continuously for more colors and shapes plus new combinations to be more resistant. They are common today actually any plant on the market to buy is this hybrid variant, most are better to handle than species. It is not a big problem anymore to keep them since today’s plants are relatively cheap and widely available. The result now are Hybrid Orchids from the Nursery some more orchid nursery photos are here.

hybrid orchids in the pot

Means they are easily available to be replaced by a new one when there is a problem. Although they can be found almost anywhere on the globe but the real beauties come from tropical or subtropical regions. Some wild orchids left are still growing there trees in the rain forest mangroves and in rock crannies most are half-terrestrial and epiphytic.

Hybrid Orchids in Thailand. 

wild orchid in Phang Nga Thailand

More than 1000 different flower species blossom somewhere between the dark mountain forests of the north of Thailand and the islands of the south. This days there is not much difference where a particular type of orchid species is grow one can find the same plant in Thailand in the south and the north (with some rare exceptions). As with many other plants and animals deforestation and poaching took a heavy toll in the past but today most endangered species are hybrids and wont fall into the wild or species category anyway.
There is hope it might get better in the future. Several projects in Thailand are dedicated to preserve the genetic pool breed the orchids in the nursery and reintroduce some species into the former habitat.

purple hybrid orchid

Thailand is the world’s largest exporter of fresh orchids and some of them can be discovered in various orchid nurseries and shops in Phuket. For many Thais the beautiful flowers are a synonym of Thailand. 

Dendrobiums are more or less the Thai national flower. They are used and displayed everywhere in the country. At table or cocktail plus other drink decoration in the restaurant, a give away for every female passenger on every flight of Thai International.

Also part in many creative decoration either as genuine plants or as artificial flowers. Thailand is probably one of the best flower sources worldwide. Either genuine plants or artificial also known as "silk flower".

 artificial dendrobium orchids

Dendrobiums for sale and decoration.

Plus paphiopedilum phalaenopsis and other are available as hybrids and silk flowers the latter often are made so good just looking like real natural plants.  

Thailand  orchid nursery with Dendrobium

As it is a delicate matter to grow orchids (some species even need about 4 years to blossom first time) the nurseries usually specialize just on a couple of species / hybrids. Generally speaking species are taboo for export hybrids are the ones raised in the nursery. 

exotic orchid garden

For “take away” there are 3 ways either you buy the whole plant (last for long time with proper treatment) also in a different climate like Europe etc. when taking only the cut flower (right before you leave) the  flowers stay ok for up to 3 month in a colder climate with proper treatment, or take the “seedlings in the bottle” (e.g. at the nursery mentioned below) and handle them according to the instructions. What you need with orchids in general is a sense for beauty and patience the flower need a lot of time, care and ....maybe call it love.

in the Phuket Orchid Farm

If once you are in Phuket Thailand have a look in the Phuket Orchid farm located after  the Chalong circle towards Rawai after the school (you will see a sign post...Phuket Orchid-farm..) do a right turn. You will find everything you want to see there is a entrance fee (Thai and farang same fee !!) including a information leaflet its worth it. If you also want to picture this beauties you should visit the place around 5 o’clock pm at that time the sun position. is just right for backlit photo shooting. They grow several thousands orchids in the nursery. 

White Dendrobium orchids

For immediate “consumption” on the island, many small shops usually in the vicinity of 7-11 stores offer fresh orchids with a very economic pricing. Small bundles with up to 10 blooms and some green leaves around go for 10 baht. A bunch of orchids with about 20-25 stems go for baht 150. All this shops usually offer the same type of orchid hybrids so it needs to 

  • Visiting the Thai Orchid Nursery.

Visit the nursery for a more sophisticated hybrid bundle since all flowers offered in the shops around the island are also from the nursery there is not need to think about endangered species. The hunting and smuggling out of the endangered species is usually done in the north of Thailand.

Pink dendrobium orchid

this beautiful blooms are really a feast for the eye and an admired decoration in any home, or maybe just in the Phuket hotel room during your stay on the island. If you bought some of this beauties just ask for a empty water bottle in your hotel, cut off the top and you have a suitable vase, or e.g. if you get them directly from the nursery they fix a small plastic container at the bottom which keep the orchid happy and alive for a week. The flowers don’t need fresh water every day and last for about 10 days. Just buy a bundle and you will have some visually happy days.

  • Orchid plants can be divided into monopodial and sympodial groups.

Monopodial orchids like vanda and aerides are growing upwards from a single point and the flower appear atop a long stem. The sympodial group can growth in several directions, but with cattleya, its only one direction.

Orchid plants are the most prolific on the globe thousands of varieties are out there in nature  they are species and dozens more being created by cross breeding every month. About 600 new varieties are coming up each year mainly as new hybrids.

There are even some orchids flowers which do not engage in the normal process of photosynthesis as most plants do but actually live from a fungus in the darkness of a caves, .
One of the largest families are Phalaenopsis also know as phal. They can grow in just about any environment although the majority of are growing in tropical environments and they are are real fragile beauties read more.

This array of blossoms is real attractive and they are also not difficult to grow they just need the same "food" and environment as most other of the family. For anything else online type the keywords below.

Orchid spotting a day trip in Phuket with the kayak.

Our boat moves slowly from the pier from. The eight cylinder diesel which once a truck drove howls and we rush quickly along the mangrove forests through the canal to reach open water. 

orchid spotting with the kayak

We are 3 including Roy from a native of Kentucky who turned into an flora specialist after some years in Thailand, Roy’s son Siva and me Heinz from Austria (think about Austria in terms of  terminator Schwarzenegger not in terms of Hitler this guy has gone long ago). The kayaks are stowed on top of the cabin.  

Roy goes through the tides table again we have to be back at the pier approximately by 3 pm otherwise, we will get stranded in the channel.

From the extreme hazy air the mighty bizarre-molded Stalactites materialize, they somehow shape Phang Nga Bay. Somewhere left in the fog lays "James Bond" island, one of the James Bond films was partially made here. Further in the south, another island lays where they did the exteriors shooting for the film 'The Beach" with Leonardo Di Caprio, some indications of the unique landscape, a permanent playground for movie scouts.

We want to explore some of the islands with the kayak and want to track down wild orchids, not to pick them but to have a look. Since the exotic flowers "nest" in the rock crannies usually far above or make it comfortably on the mangrove plants as parasites, also touching is not possible, however the colors and the graceful forms are unique and worth the trip. 

After a deafening ride over the flat waves (the diesel engine is fixed very loosely at the stern of the boot and no silencer mounted, Thai like it the more noise the better,..maybelai, maybelai), we swing in a turn and come to a halt, easily splashing in front of a mini atoll formed by a high rock formation. We glide into the turquoise water and wade through the small opening just over the water surface into the formation. It is like in the adventure fairy-tale, the upward open grotto opens oval of approximately 50 x 30 m. Crabs doze in the sand, shrimps run under the water surface, I withdraw the foot quickly as one of them comes to near, rainbow colored fishes move slowly, one could catch them with the hand to have a nice lunch. Tom Hanks was obviously at the wrong island at the wrong time in the stranded movie, or maybe only the script writer was out of date. Above, a wild horde of  Fruit Bats screeches, huge, fat creatures, they have no natural enemies. Roy's son paddles the kayak through the narrow opening above the water surface, a paradise setting. We find some....orchid who virtually glue on the Mangroves. Pretty small flowers, one probably wonders how they came to this place, but we are in Thailand, a standard phrase in Thailand is luuu. meaning I don’t know, me neither. 

We had a short swim in the splendid water, its so inviting once you are in you don’t want to get out, better than any wirle pool. In the open grotto the water surface reflects the sky with an emerald shade. Some long tale macaques are having fun jumping up and down on the mangroves they are not shy coming near to say hello, actually probably expecting some food. 

We move back to the motor boat and the boatmen bang the 2 seater kayak into the water. I take the front seat, cover the cameras with the shirt from the sun and Roy take the paddle, Siva is following us in the red kayak to function as messenger to the mother boat if necessary, we better be a little organized. 

Some diamond club (photo) hanging down looking like cactus but are from a other family and a good indication if you can expect orchids if they are there the orchids are not far.
Uncountable schools of mini fishes swim along the cliffs, moving quite orchestrated. We pass many green who found their niche of life on the stones, orchid leaves are everywhere but naturally the blossoms are not there all the time since the preferred blooming time is February to May, they only bloom once per year. But there is a elegant way to have them visible all the time, visit the orchid nursery described later. 

Consider the day trip as a prelude with a little intermezzo in the restaurant at the evening to get some fresh seafood into the stomach and to have a finale the next day at the nursery, don’t forget the camera, the best time at the “orchid farm” is around 5 pm since at that time the sunrays have the right angle to illuminate the precious flowers to bring the colors out.

Anyway we are in a very positive mood but we have to move on since a hazy day means thunderstorm in the afternoon. 

The long tail boat gains speed and we pass pristine beaches, some resorts; it’s a feast for the eyes. 

When we enter one more atoll though a steep and narrow V shape a white bellow eagle materialized out from the green sailing downwards from the top of the cliff. We and had a short dive. On the steep sloop many orchid leaves bending downwards, no blooms yet. Within minutes the sky darkens into a dark blue mélange and fat drops of heavy rain bang down on us. We quickly get back to the boat and get the blinds down to continuing another time, it’s worth it, its a unique experience.


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