Phuket Shopping

Phuket Shopping.

Since Phuket has the Image (among Thai People) of having many foreign tourists with rich "farang" translates to "white foreigners" they try online shopping and traditional methods. Companies and individuals from all over Thailand try to exploit the leverage and carry their goods there plus open shops to sell them.

Phuket Island is great for shopping and eating exotic in food courts and malls.

Beside the usual cheap consumer goods (which are usually made in China) there are some interesting domestic products among them ceramics (celadon is real beautiful) and silk from north Thailand.

  • Phuket Thailand local Shopping.

Shopping in Phuket has three considerations first of all the usual shops with local offers for tourists and everyday stuff which is in hand of some convenient-store chains such as 7-11 and big supermarkets like Tesco (English) Lotus and some malls offering everything you need. 

  • Phuket Thailand Online Shopping.

However it is worth considering buying at different online shopping sites such as Lazada why how and how safe is that? 

The best purchase argument is undoubtedly the low price and the good quality plus all things are delivered within about a week to the address given and you can pay either by card or cash on delivery. Take a look at the Lazada Shopping Mall here for an overview.
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