Trang Islands

Trang Islands Thailand.

Trang Thailand Islands & ResortsThe tropical archipelago of the Trang Province in south Thailand has about 50 attractive islands? With wonderful beaches great boating underwater caves and everything exiting for happy vacation. The Trang Archipelago is one of the best outdoor travel destination in Thailand.

Trang Islands.

A day tour through Trang islands beaches and caves.

Trang Thailand is the province south of Krabi's Ko Lanta with endless beaches if people like it quiet and great hotels & resorts see the Trang Map below.

Trang is one of the top travel destination in south-Thailand the reason is not many tourists are around a almost total absence of any entertainment which Phuket is very well known for anyway Trang is an ideal stop for travelling in Thailand.

Trang Islands at Pak Meng Beach

Increasingly Krabi move up as an entertainment hot-spot too visible by more and more Thais from the north moving in Trang  Province its easy to reach by air train bus and road-travel and has marvelous pristine beaches.

Trang Beaches.

Probably the most attractive beach is in the Trang Emerald (Morakot) Cave it is a breathtaking panorama when swimming out from dark channel which connects the Andaman Sea with the cave inside if you choose 12 pm sharp there is a good change to experience the sun breaking through the top of the cave lighting the beach and the emerald water of the inside.

The emerald cave has a large strip of yellow sand in the center which is the only visible beach. Other islands have a rather circular beach open to the Andaman Sea with the usual emerald green color encircled by harsh grey brown cliffs with palms in the back.

We slowly moved towards the hong as it is known in Thai language and swim into the huge dark entrance through total darkness to reach the interior of the cave with its mythical emerald hue appearance.

Inside the open sky is visible because the ceiling of the cave eroded and crashed down hundreds of years ago. The air within was hot, some stalagmites were covered with a mosaic of shells.

A small beach of yellow shell-sand is behind the pool just lay down and have a look for the sky. The trick is to be there at midday sharp to catch the sunlight fully illuminating the beach. The cave entrance approximately 10 m wide - partially is under water and can be entered at low tide with a Kayak, of course one can swim in also through the approximately 80 m long canal.

At the end of the canal the rock formation opens upward into a big hall and you can see the sky, as you can see in the above picture or photo. At the sandy beach of the hall, one can now wait for midday, the sun now closes in, the water reflect a emerald gleam - therefore the name -, in every case an fabulous optical impression. Beach holidays in the Trang Archipelago are among the most popular vacation around the world, there is another component for beach holidays in Thailand, it’s the perfect escape from winter snow rain ice and other unpleasant weather.

Get rid of bad weather in Thailand.

Millions of tourists from the so called “western world” try to get rid of this problems and where to go? Its south east Asia with Thailand  Cambodia, Myanmar Indonesia Malaysia the Philippines and Singapore all offer a good alternative, of air temperature around 30 degree centigrade when in Europe and the most part of the east US and Canada are below zero, who wants to be below zero? Thai coastline and the island of the Andaman Sea have "the Sun Coast", the tourists are searching for. Since flights these days are rather cheap if you plan it properly the best thing you can do, jump into the aircraft and fly away. Phuket, Krabi and Trang is very popular among tourists for beach holidays. 

Other popular beaches in Thailand.

Other popular beaches in Thailand include the islands in the Gulf of Thailand the west coast around the Andaman Sea and the area south east of Bangkok with Pattaya Koh Chang and south west of Bangkok which means Hua Hin. Phuket is probably the most important vacation spot for a real beach bum in southern Thailand with beautiful waterfronts as well as Krabi Phang Nga and the Trang Archipelago a little bit further south.  

The coast around Phuket Krabi and Phang Nga feature probably the most attractive beach resorts in Thailand for holidays so what are you waiting for ? One of the premier beach bam attractions in the Trang Archipelago is the beach inside the Morakot Cave. In order to come to the Trang Morakot cave, a boat service is offered from Kuan Tung Ku Pier, the ship leaves every morning at 8 o’clock, price 40 Baht Longtail boat to do a private tour are available for approximately 400 Baht it's a great experience.

The only problem with this longtail boats is they have no muffler that means after 10 minutes you are half deaf.

The regular boat arrives at the Sapanyao pier and it needs a longtailboat (100 Baht) to come there.

Trang City Nightlife.

In Trang City are only very a few bars and massage shops plus some cafe's and other establishments dedicated to nightlife (keep in mind a cafe in Thailand is a karaoke bar  with girls but it looks as if the government try to focus western influence to a few spots only such as Bangkok Pattaya Chiang Mai and Krabi which are other popular travel destinations in Thailand. 

The best special massage shop is located in the Trang City Hotel right in the center and only about 100 m from the Train station. Outside the Trang Hotel is a good very motivated travel agent with a good stocked assortment of publications. It could be a good idea to stay in this accommodation until you cleared what to do in Trang since the day tour possibilities are plenty.

Trang islands day tour
Travel destinations in Thailand and tourist centers are plenty since tourism got its own momentum already decades ago and no government can really control that. Actually there are a couple of "home grown" Thai style massage shops in Trang City. 

The Trang Islands are a typical beach destination in Thailand and for sure a good one Making a day trip into the archipelago which is still in the Andaman Sea dont forget to visit the Morakot Cave which is one of the most interesting tourist spot in the Trang province. 

Trang archipelago

Trang City has a railway station and trains from Bangkok and Malaysia passing every day beside naturally the usual buses although they are cheaper faster and more comfortable than the trains.. 

Morakot Cave on Ko Muk    

The Trang Archipelago Day Tour.

The archipelago and the attractive islands are probably the best kept secret in southern Thailand. With countless beaches and not high priced resorts on several island it could be the ideal Thailand vacation. One of the better known islands is Koh Kradan and a little bit further north, already in Krabi province is Koh Lanta, see the map of Trang.

The Trang hotel is a low priced not very new hotel in the Trang city center and a Trang resort is to be found on many islands and on the coast, the best and most expensive resort is the Amari at Pak Meng Beach south.

Plenty of Trang islands with exotic beaches in the warm tropical waters of the Andaman Sea make every Thailand vacation a great experience. Trang travel is for people who want to relax, eat seafood, lay in the sand and do nothing, if they like. But there are, if they like, plenty of things to do in Trang province, one of the most interesting sightseeing tour and Trang day trip is exploring the Morakot Cave, a stunning limestone cave with all "bells and whistles".

Trang province has great beaches, beautiful islands, up to date beach resorts, some of them with cottages are at budget level. 

A good infrastructure in Trang, interesting sightseeing tours and so on. So why there are only a few foreigners around in Trang at any given time, no one know maybe its not so bad anyway. If someone prefers more active beach life, Phuket beaches are probably more appropriate. All this is easily accessible via air and road. Trang province has no Islam insurgency problem and is a great place to relax and also for active Thailand vacation.

Birdwatching on Libong island.

For birdwatchers Libong island is interesting specifically during the “colder” season (December - April) waders such as the Crab Plover can be spotted. Joo Hoy Cape and Toog Beach are a good watching site. 

For a new approach to photography via mobile phone and the necessary add on equipment try this.

If you dont want to hang around at the beach the whole time have a look for the native animals like otters, water monitor, pacific reef-egret, white-bellied sea eagle, monitor lizards, longtail macaques, dusky langurs, wild boar, pangolin, little herons etc. The sea grass beds are the spawning and feeding area for diverse species like fish, prawns, turtle, and the dugong. 

under water, one can swim in -if you go on a sightseeing tour, the Trang tour operator will supply life vests to keep you floating anyway, or use a kayak to paddle into the hong through the approximately 80 m long canal in Trang southern Thailand.

At the end of the canal into the cave the rock formation opens upward into a big upwards open hall and you can see the blue. At the sandy beach of the hall - picture below- of the Morakot cave in Trang southern Thailand, one can now wait for midday, the sun now closes in, the water reflect a emerald gleam - therefore the name -, in every case an fabulous optical impression.

If you like it quiet in the Andaman Sea within a rather rural environment and somehow old fashion south Thailand that,s the place to go.

This part of south Thailand is a rather pristine destination one of the best known islands is Ko Muk with the famous Emerald (Morakot) Cave.


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