Travel in Thailand and Myanmar

A tour through Thailand and Myanmar.

Why this two countries? Because they have plenty of similarities but also many differences which make them an ideal travel destination  one similarity is the Andaman Sea and another is Buddhism.  

The differences are (among other) In Myanmar  is plenty of snow in Thailand is no snow at all.

Travel from Thailand to Myanmar

There is something for everyone when travel around in Thailand and Burma inclusive a range of exotic places to choose from. The locations have similarities mainly related to Buddhism there are two places in Myanmar that are a must on that exotic journey that means a journey to the old pagoda and temple city of Bagan and also Mandalay the old city of Kings in central Myanmar. 

The terrain varies with the with high mountains in the north and large rivers in Myanmar plus islands and countless beaches in both countries. plus spectacular city locations where Bangkok in Thailand is one of the most interesting mega-city of the world. There really is something for everyone here which makes sure to have fine vacation including great adventure travel and spectacular outdoors never been here before? Here are a few reasons why you should plan your journey before Chinese tourists occupy the country totally.

Travel from Thailand to Myanmar by boat

Travel in Thailand with the aircraft car  bus  & train.

Travel in Thailand with the aircraft car  bus  train  motorbike and other.  Maybe book a package tour or contact a travel agent and a day after you hit the road maybe to the beaches of the south or east. 

Travel from Thailand to Myanmar by bus

Explore the national parks often with gigantic reservoirs with floating houses. The Bridge over the River Kwai is still an attraction for many travelers since it wakes up memories. Go shopping in Bangkok and enjoy the bizarre nightlife and great food there is lots to see and do Thailand is a very easy going place. 

Myanmar (Burma) is the rising star in ASEAN tourism.

Myanmar (Burma) is the rising star on the ASEAN. tourism destination and much more diverse  than Thailand including snow mountains although much less developed.

Myanmar (Burma) is the rising star on the tourism horizon in the region and there is a good reason for. A great Buddhist country with everything tourists like, from the 6000 m high Himalaya glaciers to the tropical beaches of the Andaman Sea and the Shan State highlands with a climate similar to western Europe including river tours on the mighty Irrawaddy (Ayeyarwady).

A journey to Myanmar is definitely worth it and this particular diverse ASEAN country with about 130 tribes is a widely still untouched travel destination.

We board the bus at the newer Phuket Terminal

Beyond Phuket airport crossing over the Sarasin Bridge into Phang Nga Province. 

The bridge is nothing special by itself but from there the view over the emerald water with the Yacht Haven Marina in the distance is a real eye-catcher. The newly renovated Sarasin bridge is the only direct link from the Thai mainland and Phang Nga Province to Phuket Island. 

The structure spans over the waterway which is also the entrance to Phang Nga Bay about 3 kilometers to the east are several yachts docking at Yacht Haven Marina, one of the half dozen private marinas on Phuket Island. Crystal clear water and long sandy beaches are practically everywhere on this stretch of the Andaman coast.

Swimming and  snorkeling plus other water-sport activities are common here scuba   diving starts around 100 km to the north at Kaoa Lak. Paragliding and kite surfing is available surfing at the west coast before plus Phuket Island offers several yacht habours even for big super yachts which come with the Helicopter on the back. Smaller sailing yachts for live aboard trips into the Myeik Archipelago in south Myanmar are available too.

After the drive passes Khao Lak and again the same distance is the small harbor with ships for the Surin Archipelago.This part of south Thailand is all green and the trees are not so as badly cut down as the northern half of the country. 

Also, it's the least populated area in the country which is one of the reasons why in the last ten years (today 2017) almost an invasion of Thai people from the north came over Phuket.

The countryside is often dominated by Muslims from the south who moved in from Malaysia (Malaya) and settled at the estuaries at the Andaman Sea. First stops are Khao Lak and Takuapa but the bus slows down frequently to pick up passengers.

The road is a good one as most are in Thailand so there is no problem. The main road to Chumphon. At the bus stop, a couple of motorbikes/scooters are waiting to bring the "farang" to the immigration counter in the harbor. Everyone charge Bath 100,- and that can't be negotiated, it's the usual "cartel" applied to "farangs".

But to escape this just walk down a few minutes to the west for the other main road where pick-up taxis are available for Bath 20,- (just raise the arm when you see one coming). They also stop at the harbor for the Ranong to Kawthaung trip over the bay costs less than $ 10,- one way to Ranong where there is a short stop

The Andaman Sea in south Thailand

The Andaman Sea at Ranong harbor which serves mainly two purposes, first its home of Thailand's biggest fishing fleet on the west side.

The second purpose is the Thailand-Myanmar "visa run" to Kawthaung.
In general a rather remote tourist destinations. Foreigners know the city mainly because of the visa run to Kawthaung where the local harbor is the starting port. 

Ranong province is Thailand's least populated area and this has something to do with the weather, means rain. Right behind the coast are the blue mountains and the clouds coming in from the Indian Ocean empty their water on them and the coastal region of south Thailand.

From Ranong to Kawthaung by Ship

Ranong is the biggest Thailand harbor on the west coast and a major part of the catch is carried in the night to Bangkok by refrigeration trucks.

The other business is the "visa run" and the people who like gambling at the Myanmar side where a Thai has set up a casino on an island just in front of Kawthaung City, the harbor on the Myanmar (Burmese) side.

This main port on Thailand's  west coast with several fishing fleets is calling Ranong their home harbor. Every evening the refer trucks roar from here to Bangkok, to bring the fresh catch to markets. Don't mistake Ranong for Rayong on the eastern side of the Gulf of Thailand, south of Bangkok and Pattaya, also serves other purposes. 

All yachts making liveaboard tours out of Phuket have to call at this port to handle paperwork for diving tours into the Myeik Archipelago around 300km further north. The area has a long history and was already mentioned by Claudius Ptolemy about 2000 years ago.

Since the island is en route from Europe to southeast Asia it was used as a point to relax and restock by many seafarers. They all were sailing down the Andaman Coast where Ranong and Kawthaung are situated today. During British times that was Victoria Point and the end of then Burma today Myanmar.

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Below is the harbour-front of Kawthaungat the south end of Myanmar under the British this was Victoria Point.