Camper Vans RV 's & Camping in Thailand

Camper Vans RV & Camping in Thailand.

Camper Van RV 's & Camping in Thailand your home away from home.
Camping RV Campers and traveling with motor-homes and RV's are not popular in Thailand because there are too many prejudices such as they have no money for a hotel and it is also dangerous as there are no gated and protected parking spaces.

high end RV camper
RV interior design

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Camper is a new breed of RV semi-integrated  vehicle with electric drive and fuel cell. Fueled by hydrogen which works just similar to a refueling process with diesel or gasoline the range of the of the RV van is about 520 kilometers. Of course the fuel cell can also be used to generate electrical energy for the living area.

 all for RV & camping
Until now I have seen only some protected camping grounds because there is quite a lively outdoor scene via hotel and river resorts actually "wild-parking" is just too dangerous but there are some adventures minded people who really take camping and RV holiday travel seriously I see them sometimes within a group of motorbike or scooter enthusiasts coming from Singapore and Malaysia to south Thailand.

But I think the primary obstacle is that there is no guards in the country you can trust since in Thailand money tops all and when a guard get enough bribe they look into a different direction. 

There are no places where you can be sure not to get a victim in a crimescene. Of course all this is denied but Thais always dispute everything if there is any negative buzz.

But maybe if there is a group of people who try to venture into Thai RV lifestyle from time to tome 


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