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Photo Video Mobile Phone & Travel in Thailand.

Beside of the newest Mobile Phone variants & DSLR photo & movie cameras which are more or less mainstream today (do you still see a film based camera / movie equipment still around?  Cell and mobile video equipment cameras and mobile cell phones plus countless low priced accessories took over from China and they entered almost every travelers bag on Thailand holiday travel now. 

On this page you get an idea what is available on the camcorder & cell phone market related to add / attach to mobile phone and buy them with excellent quality. this is worth to take a close look since many travelers   Traveling to and in southeast Asia is nothing new and still very popular although quite chaotic what it needs are camera equipment either to make photos or videos or both that includes mobile / cell phones low and high end.

The form factor cell phone is advanced enough to make serious photography today it wont matter where you finally are you can make great photos in the USA in Europe and elsewhere because the environment to bring the picture shot alive such as printer in most formats are available virtually just around the corner in most shopping malls and via the internet also with current push for camera memory into the 128 GB there ia always enough space for endless photos taking sometimes it just gets difficult to find your great shots afterwords so always  always keep this in mind when on a holiday photo tour in Thailand or elsewhere. 

Even in adjacent Myanmar  which for sure has not the infrastructure of Thailand although people are better educated its an easy task to take your memory card to a photo shop, lets say Yangon and get photo and videos back on a DVD after one or two hours. Be careful when doing this in Thailand because many shops in places like Phuket and Samui make private copies for themselves if they encounter good pictures they just sell this Thailand holiday photos to anyone under the table.  

Here we bring you a couple of small and bigger photos and videos equipment and accessories which enables you to enjoy visual impressions using the best gear. Be aware that many manufacturer use the ASEAN market to dump their second and third quality material there in the hope when the user leaves the country the problem also do. It happened to me in Singapore and Thailand several times including major brand photographic equipment.  In our online shop only first quality equipment is offered.

The thrills of southeast Asia  as a great travel destination is well known this are beaches in the Andaman Sea plus the Gulf of Thailand with myriads of top beaches on islands in countless archipelagos is definitely exiting. Add  good food and an vibrant nightlife in places such as Bangkok nightlife Pattaya beach road Patong Phuket Chiang Mai plus 
Krabi in south Thailand and Danok at the border to exotic Malaysia and you are done.

What is new (2019) with cell phones?

A good and amazing example is the Huawei P30 Pro's tenfold zoom. The Huawei P30 Pro is a high end mobile phone by every mean technologicaly and price. Although Huawei P 20 since 2018 already one of the best smartphones,is the first time three cameras with different focal lengths are used at the same time. Now, the Chinese manufacturer is launching a new top product to the market, the P30 Pro which markets which makes it as a "Leica with 4 Cameras"..

Phuket pictured from the east

Better Photos with Huawei and Leica.

Here the sensors detect how far the various picture elements are away from the camera.

Huawei's new top smartphones in 2019.

huawei p30 with leica camera systemHuawei's new top smartphones have a hybrid ten-fold zoom and a particularly bright sensor In the US, one may not be able to speak well of Huawei at the moment, while the rest of the world is in the grip of an impressive rise. The company is about to contest Samsung's title as the most successful smartphone provider. And an important piece of the puzzle on the way there, Huawei has now presented in a press event in Paris. With the Huawei P30 and the P30 Pro, there are two new top models with which the group wants to compete not only Samsung's Galaxy S10, but also Apple's current iPhone generation competition. Huawei promises-the-camera revolution.

Typical accessories for cell mobile camera phones extensions are:

Check the Motorola / Hasselblad tandem above and see the amazing evolution of high end cell phones The time is very near that just take your mobile phone which includes all needed in terms of communication and real photography when looking at this incredible amount of equipment and accessories available today from mobile phones with cameras from: 
Vivo, Oppo. Huawei 华为,  Xiaomi 小米 Motorola Nokia and more.​​

Making photos and videos.

Making photos and videos is not only a common mainstream past time activity enjoyed by many people the mobile phones gave it a new dimension because the small photographic equipment and accessories can easy be carried and produce a reasonable output of picture quality and extensions via accessories build to be attached to mobile-phones. The thrill one gets when being able to make quality pictures and share them via wi-fi and telephone lines is incredible you can virtually take your friends with you and they can immediately see what you experience and since mobile phones become better with every generation it makes sense to look through the newest collection of them. Beside of the fact the iPhone and Samsung cellphones become more expensive with every new model it's better to look for some cheaper cellphones made in China such as:  

The cell phone digital photo age.

The mobile phone digital age opens new possibilities and facebook and google+ give you even the incredible feature to safe and store your precious moments immediately. It's definitely a new age of travel and share it on the spot. Most people capture their travel moments to and because of the storage capability this moments can last a lifetime. DSLR photo and video cameras with extreme tele lenses which was very bulky in the past and also prohibitive expensive but all that changed dramatically technically and from the cost side. 

One of the most remarkable combination available which somehow touches the high end of photography are cell phone cameras in the amazing combination between a motorola mobile phone and the very high end camera producer Hasselblad this is incredible although not cheap but it shows where the photo journey is moving.

 High end cell phone Motorola & Hasselblad.

Thailand has a great diversity of different and very scenic panoramas the results are great views and even greater photos, pictures and videos.
From the blue jungle hills in the north of Thailand and the western border region with Myanmar around Mae Sot and southwards. Plus through the paddy fields and national parks all the long way down into the Tarutao archipelago with Ko Tarutao and Ko Lipe on southern Thailand's border to Malaysia. Not to forget the marvelous tropical Thai beaches which are the attraction for most of the travelers and tourists coming for their vacations.. The big Thai cities such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hat Yai, Phuket Island and others are full of exciting and exotic motives, giving great pictures. Thai pictures of tropical jungle, beautiful beaches, caves to discover plus the surrealistic limestone formations in Krabi and Phang Nga bay. Pictures of beautiful Thai girls, some are very naughty girls and an incredible nightlife will open your eyes and start to understand a little bit what's going on in Thailand., plus, plus. Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai are legends, so is the Bridge over the River Kwai at Kanchanaburi, plus many other great Thai tour destinations. You will find plenty of excellent photos on Thailand on the Thai pics page and in our website in general, don't miss the great videos. Thai photos and picture somehow pave the way to find the right Thailand travel destination. In a Thailand photo you can immediately se what's going on. We also have plenty of Koh ( Koh or Ko means island in Thai language) photos. Take our Thai picture page a as huge photo gallery full with breathtaking photos of Thailand. The Thailand pictures gallery starts at the southern end with the Tarutao Archipelago, at the Tarutao Marine National Park right at the border to Malaysia just a few kilometers away from Langkawi island and about 200 km from Penang and Georgetown plus about 600 km south west of Phuket.

Is this the compact camera "killer"?

Huawei P30 Pro in Test: This Cell Phone Kills the Compact Cameras Definitely. Despite weaknesses, the tenfold zoom of the phone shows that small digital cameras will soon lose their last rationale The first decade of the 2000s was the decade of digital cameras.

huawei p30 with leica camera system (1)

They made rapid progress and replaced analogue systems as the standard for photography. Even the first smartphones did not change that much at first, their integrated photo modules were at the beginning with their low resolution and the poor picture quality little more than an emergency solution. But even here, the technology has made progress, and the handset manufacturers discovered that a good camera for many consumers is a crucial purchase reason. In the meantime, it is hardly possible to distinguish between a good smartphone and a standard compact digital camera in normal photos. Which is why it is not surprising that the sales of the latter have fallen dramatically in recent years. But they still have an advantage: even cheap models bring an optical zoom. 

huawei p30 with leica camera system (2)

But now they threaten to lose their last ace up their sleeve. Huawei has introduced the P30 Pro, a new smartphone flagship that brings ten times the zoom. The P30 Pro is a sleek, but definitely not a small and with 192 grams also a rather heavy smartphone. This is also shown by the display diagonal of 6.5 inches. In terms of design, something has happened to its predecessor. The lower edge has been narrowed down because the previously stored fingerprint scanner is now under the display. The Notch at the top has been scaled down to the "drop" format, and on the sides of the screen is now bent down, as it is known from Samsung phones since the Galaxy Edge models. 

Actually  they are the first choice when making holiday travel and vacation around the world.

Ergonomically, larger phones are beneficial, and it is generally not possible to reach upper portions of the display without finger acrobatics. But the problem can be alleviated by the one-hand mode of the Android 9 based EMUI system. The rounded edges are a rather difficult to understand change, because in addition to higher risk of damage in a crash of the device during the test they were always cause for accidental incorrect entries. photo: standard / pichler The case made of metal and glass is very well made and the phone corresponds optically also to the price of around $ 1000,-. 

However, the backside is a magnet for fingerprints and so smooth that the P30 Pro likes to wander into the abyss despite the slightly protruding camera module, if it lies on a not completely flat surface. Good Performance Under the glossy cover Huawei's self-developed Kirin 980 chip hides to ensure good performance. You already know him from the Mate 20 and Honor View 20. And as already from that experience one can say: He does what he should. In benchmarks is about on the level of Qualcomms last year's flagship Snapdragon 845th In practice, he lifts multitasking and graphically complex games without much effort. Depending on the model, he has 6 or 8 GB of RAM at his side. The onboard memory can choose between 128, 256 and 512 GB. Optionally, an extension is possible if you want to buy a memory card for Huawei's proprietary "Nano Memory" format. photo: standard / pichler 

The OLED screen resolves with 2,340 x 1,080 pixels, whereby the operating system can use situation-specific also lower Ausflösungen, which can free up power reserves and spare the Akku. The presentation quality is excellent. Colors are strong, the contrasts strong. It can also HDR10 content to play on it, which movie fans should be happy. The remaining specifications are up to date with the P30 Pro. The phone dominates LTE, ac-WLAN, Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC. An infrared module also makes it possible to turn the device into a universal remote control via app. Corded data transfer and battery charging work via a Type C USB 3.1 port. Wireless charging is also supported at up to 15 watts. Not included is a 3.5mm jack for traditional headphones.