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Attractive water-sports in Thailand and other countries in the ASEAN region have some of the best outdoor environments available. Outdoor and beach holiday travel plus shopping is number one tourist activity in Thailand. 

watersport and scuba divingBeach front are mostly sandy with fine white and light yellow sand and plenty of the strong equatorial sun burn down all year round

Watersports Swimwear Burkini.

burkini swimwear
on places to have fun in the water such as swimming diving boating scuba plus plus.Most activities are easy accessible and have all scenarios you probably have been thinking about for the most precious part of the year which the vacations probably are. 


We also have included some information about burkini since Thailand has a large Muslim population which is not so visible. But the closer it is to Malaysia the higher is the Muslim density. There are countless of Mosques everywhere in the country. So it makes some sense to include burkinis into the content its women wear but there is a rising resistance to use burkinis and hijabis. Please tell us what you think about burkinis in the comment section at the bottom of this page. Can also include something Muslim women are dressed in. 

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If you don't know it yet there are plenty of teachers around like some adventure with it? Caving is great mountain or cliff climbing in Krabi's Ao Nang and enjoying Railay waterfront could also be a spectacular idea and since there are some qualified teacher around it could be real fun. 

When travel to Thailand you do not have to pack a lot just put the essential in a shoulder bag and forget about the rest. When there go shopping in Thailand since almost everything you need such as swimming gear etc. just buy the stuff you need locally. actually the best is sit down at the hotel computer and click website
the things will be delivered to the hotel within a few days and you pay cash at the delivery you will have to  avoid excess luggage  when flying home because that can be expensive. Since the purchased things are simple in itself there is usually no quality problem so try not to let stress arise. Even on a tight budget you can go kayaking snorkeling swimming and maybe windsurfing

Phuket Beach

If you are looking for some action while on holiday Thailand is the place to go. 

On the seaside and for sports & entertainment one and two piece swim suits bikinis and sexy two piece clothes for the water and maybe body suits are right for you. If you don't like to get too much sun tan better use a whole body suite but if you want the sun to do the job use a bikinis set or include men's briefs in the outfit actually here is more clothing & accessories to choose from and it is not expensive at all but still quality outer wear and breathable 

Most travelers know Thailand as a tropical vacation destination with pristine beaches in the south and east (especially Pattaya in the east on the border with Cambodia) another reason to visit the former Siam are the islands and archipelago in the Andaman Sea

water-sport boating

A dominant reason to visit Thailand's waterfronts is usually the good infrastructure and prices one can still afford in the hotels beach resorts and restaurants you can still feel comfortable & affordable especially when compared with other destinations such as the Caribbean or most beach destinations in Europe like France or Italy actually they issued a ban on burkinis in France the other day.

Below pictured is Railay Beach at Ao Nang in Krabi Province south Thailand a truly spectacular waterfront they also offer cliff climbing in the area this are all limestone rocks. A different variant is caving such as this one. In Thailand are countless outdoor destinations.

Railay Beach

Some of the best beaches in Thailand are very close to the capital Bangkok that is Hua-Hin Cha-Am and Pattaya even if the city southeast of the Bangkok Megacity is more related to sex beer and viagra which in itself is nothing negative many people need this fun and are looking forward every year for it.at Pattaya's south end is one of the most famous beaches which is Jomtien Waterfront ideal for water-sports boating diving and swimming. Many people love the places. Jomtien Beach is currently (2018) a domain of Chinese and Russian tourists. 

  • A beach tent is ideal for sun protection. 

A beach tent is ideal for sun protection and heavy used in the Muslim community to hide the women's body often under the cover of a burkini which is also called sharia wear in other parts of the world a other good idea is to protect the children from the UV power of the sun. 
Before you make your way to your fun in the sun think what to do. Always remember to apply waterproof sunscreen to avoid a painful sunburn. The intense tropical sun is usually underestimated here on the equator as there is always a cooling wind you maybe wont sense it but it makes sense to think about swimwear & beachwear when you go to the waterfront with children since they don't know about this stuff just imagine they play in the sand maybe the whole day better care about them. 
 Muslim Swimsuite

Maybe consider a Muslim swimsuit or burkini .

Aquatics for fun are many and they all have one common parameter don't expose your unprotected skin to the nature too much because it will burn and will probably spoil the rest of your vacation in the sun means invest in some sun-protection cream and look a bit closer when you buy them since many of this creams especially in Thailand have some components added to whiten the skin this is interesting for many and especially women like it. If you like better protection the best is probably to either use a body suit to keep the sun out (no need for expensive neoprene stuff as it is used for skin diving) a small tent or similar beachwear placed onto the beach will do. 

  • Burkini a different style.

Muslim swimsuits often come under the name burkini. The burkini has become a kind of revolution for Muslim women's swimwear what does it mean?  It somehow means a combination of burqa and bikini actually it has nothing realistic to do with a bikini. A swimsuit for Muslim taste designed by Lebanese Austrialian Aheda Zanetti under the company name Ahiida. As seen on the picture it covers the whole body except the face hands and feet in accordance with Muslim women ideas. Visually a burkini is a rather full-length wet-suit with a built-on hood in a looser fashion made from swimsuit material. In some countries burkinis are better known as "Sharia swimsuit" catering for religiously-observant women.

Bikini Burkini and other Swimwear for Watersport      

Bring a piece of summer into the cold winter and off you go with a great suntan. But since the equatorial sun is megstrong better some skin protect lotion and keep in mind not every cream really helps to protect and there is plenty of sun reflection around the beach and at boating on a day trip.