Tea and nature drinks oolong green & black

Tea in Thailand drinking nature plus synthetic drugs.

Thailand tea has plenty of local style drinks among them are varieties of such as oloong green tea  and black version plus blended with fruits and various flavors. It originates from the camellia sinensis plant and the difference between these teas is the method of how the tea processed. 
That's the right holiday travel drink in Thailand either iced or hot,

Tea and drink nature plus synthetic drugs.

Green Tea Planting Thailand

Oolong Tea which is very popular in Asia such as China Thailand and Japan is fermented and allowed to partially oxidize. Green tea is rather pure and not many treatments around. Black tea is the classical oriental tea the main drink in Turkey and Egypt plus the area surrounding it is fully fermented and oxidized which results in the characteristic black color. If its original oolong tea produced in Thailand it probably comes from the Doi Mae Salong Area in north west Thailand close to Chiang Rai.

Today the opium poppies have been replaced by oolong tea planting in particular around the notorious "golden triangle" area in Thailand just adjacent to Myanmar (Burma) where the mainly replaced the opium production with synthetic drug manufacturing and offload the drug pills all over Asia all the way to Australia which is causing mountains of problems. 

tea plantation Thailand green oloong black
The drug gang leader are mostly Chinese from south China plus Hong Kong and Taiwan they play games with the US governments which naively dont understand whats up.. Actually, the tea plantings shown on the pictures have been created by the remnants of the former Kuomintang who produced the opium here until the Thai authorities eradicated it.

The Thai government placed the Kuomintang Chinese, who were driven out of China by the troops of Mao Tse Tung, for the choice of either exchanging or distributing opium production for tea production or leave.

Today there are 2 old Kuomintang groupings, one in Taiwan and the other here in the northern hills of Thailand. However, the Chinese moved drug production to neighbor Myanmar the former Burma.until recently the USA government used these druglords to destabilize the Myanmar military regime but as usual, they didn't succeed since the US government has no idea what's up in this part of the world so they always produce nonsense.

Now the Chinese are flooding all of Asia (2019) with synthetic drugs. The result is that every week a drug shipment in Thailand is intercepted with millions of synthetic pills the drug trade routes go as far as Australia and the financiers and producers are the same Chinese as before only the location has changed.

Why tea is a mega-trend.

No other drink has the image of the "white vest" like tea and it is correct so. For thousands of years already scores tea with its many good qualities. The drink currently triggers a megatrend this story began about 5,000 years ago its somehow similar to another Chinese story of that time which is jade-stone, maybe you do not notice the tea but the fact is its the world's most consumed water after drinking water has remained young, just very modern and therefore in almost everyone's mouth. 

Tea is associated with just about everything that is good. Tea is healthy, natural and genuine, tea is sustainable and authentic and is also associated with transparency and credibility. The stimulant, originally from China, has long since become one of the most important drivers in the beverage market in the USA and Thailand. Its good qualities and positive perception have led to a mega-trend. 

Tea meets the pleasure of our time - in the best of all senses. The latest trend: tea bars The famous Tea Time, the afternoon gathering for tea, has long since found its continuation: Tea bars today complement the range of coffee and juice bars in the megacities of the world and invite you to enjoy tea differently to celebrate in a stylish ambiance. The bars are lifestyle world of experience and "laboratory" at the same time there is green tea & black tea such as oolong tea lemon ginger fruit tea blueberry raspberry herbal tea pear lime and white tea.

Freshly brewed, only pure nature comes into the bottle, namely real tea, which is refined with fruit juice. The teas are without sweeteners, colors & preservatives and artificial flavors and are also vegan. Tea and fruit drinkers are now able to stop their consumption in countless of bars in Europe and the US maybe coming in Asia who knows they copy everything anyway.

akha tribe lady photo at doi mae salongDoi Mae Salong. 

Doi Mae Salong is a very pretty hilly tea growing area in the hills north of Chiang Rai city in Thailand, many Chinese make a good living here. Some of the Chinese KMT nationalist army that fled the homeland during China's internal war, settled here, the others fled to Taiwan. 

Storefronts show Chinese and Thai writings, and most merchants speak several languages including Mandarin, Thai, Akha and English. The village grew in relative isolation for several years until the 1980s, when a hard surface road into the hills was opened. Oolong tea, among other, is grown on the fringes of town, and