Andaman Sea and Island Tour

The Andaman Sea and Island Tour

The Andaman Sea and Islands are in the northeast part of the Indian Ocean situated south of the Bay of Bengal and Myanmar (Burma) west of Thailand northwest of the Malaysia Peninsula and Penang north of Aceh / Indonesia and east of India. 

In the Thai Malaysian and Indonesian part with countless of beaches great scuba diving famous nightlife in Phuket great hotels and resorts plus live aboard everything is available in this part of southeast Asia for great holiday travel by air and ship bus or maybe just rent a motorbike/ scooter. 

Typical tropical islands on the Thai side are the  Similans and Surin Islands and the Tarutao archipelago probably the best-known spot in the ocean is Phuket Thailand and countless other places with spectacular waterfronts.  One of the islands on the Malaysian side is Penang which morphed into a retirement destination after colonial time faded away. A tour to discover this brings people to one of the last underwater paradises on earth.

A Andaman Sea and Island Trip

Andaman Sea and Island Tour

Andaman Sea and Island Trip