Ang Thong Marine Park

Ang Thong National Marine Park Day Tour

Probably the most spectacular view on a day trip to the Ang Thong Islands is the panorama over the 40 lime stone islands in the Gulf of Thailand this archipelago is near to Ko Samui.

Ang Thong Marine Park

Ang Thong means "golden basin" in Thai language and the view is really breathtaking but before reaching the viewpoint the climb up to it takes your breath away. A suggestion is dont even start this Ang Thong Archipelago climbing tour if you are not in a very good physical condition.

Ang Thong Islands are different to other tropical archipelagos since there are no hotel or resorts disturbing the pure nature and no neon lights bars and nightclubs. Ang Thong islands are a bit remote off famous Ko Samui Phangan and Tao. Each island is a truly great vacation but only the day over since there are no accommodations. Here the traveler still can find locally grown palms and for sure no concrete.

On the islands are plenty of white pristine beaches contrasting the emerald Andaman Sea. Main activities are kayaking and snorkeling plus climbing up to the view point it will get you exhausted.
Ang Thong  Panorama View

To do the trip just visit a travel agent, he or she will arrange pickup in the morning (around 8 am), they carry you to the jetty for breakfast. 

Guests board a speedboat (at the bottom, 2. picture below) for an hour’s pleasant journey. An alternative is to float with a larger vessel which costs less but takes longer (center of  2. picture below).
Angthong National Marine Park or Mu Ko Ang Thong

The main Ang Thong Marine National Park island is Ko Wua Talap (1. picture below), there is the lookout with a great panorama the pictures where made there, to climb, or rather pull yourselves up on the ropes is a real challenge.

On most of the 500 meter climbing course, you pull yourself up by rope wear comfortable shoes and if possible take some gloves as the stones you have to hold on have very sharp edges and you also get  a better grip on the rope.

The people who made this trek have done a great job at this once pristine archipelago. Until 1980 the Thai navy controlled the place because before it was a hideout for pirates

The attractions are without doubts the tropical islands and the emerald sea plus the great beaches and the proximity to Ko Samui and Ko Phangan which is well known for its rave scene and the full moon parties.

Speedboats have a capacity for around 20 people and usually 3 outboard engines each with 200hp means 600hp all together that is giving quite a thrust. The tour is also suitable for families with children but watch the kids.

Weather is similar to Samui means it follows the usual south Thailand pattern even in the rainy season the sun shines almost every day it’s a real all year round Thailand vacation destination one of the major highlights is for sure the Thai food which is available also as street food for "take away". Because of diversity of the tourists naturally international divers food is on the menu such as Russian and Chinese plus other.

Some small animals are present

Among other wild pigs snakes macaques leopard cats and other creatures but normally you won’t see them. Swiftlets are present too they build there nests in the limestone caves

 Ang Thong National Marine Park Thailand
Ang Thong marine park with exotic islands
 Ang Thong Marine Park
Pristine beach and clear emerald waters
in the limestone caves and their nests are collected to make bird’s nest soup.

On Ko Mae Ko is the emerald lagoon 

The lagoon can be reached after a steep climb over some metal staircases fixed to the limestone.

This small lake is fed by seawater and it is not allowed to jump into the lake, don't do because you wont be able to get out afterwards. There are no accommodations in the archipelago since his is a rather small national park. on any of the islands, use a Phangan or Samui hotel or resort.

Angthong National Marine Park or Mu Ko Ang Thong
Ang Thong Marine National Park Ko Mae Ko Emerald Lagoon

How to travel there? It's very easy, either take a aircraft from Bangkok check first which airport it is departing since they have two or use the bus for Don Sak in Surat Thani which leaves at Bangkok's southern terminal.

Use the BTS Skytrain to Wongwianway station and after about a 30 minutes drive by taxi (roughly Baht 200,-). Browse the counters from different bus operators since they have various departure times and prices and don't listen to anyone since there are always people who try to pull you somewhere to get commission on you. They practically try to sell you to the highest bidder you wont see this but they do it everywhere in the country also at hotels, taxis etc.

Other National Marine Parks

Similan Marine National Park    Ko Tarutao Marine Park    

Around the Ko Tarutao marine park are some perfect vacation spots the problem is only it's very very far off in the South West of Thailand that destination in Thailands island-world could be just right is at the border to Malaysia it's the Ko Tautao archipelago where a English TV producer made some clips a few year ago but to travel there is no so easy it would need first to make a tour to the Trang Archipelago and from there further south west in the vicinity of Satun and Hat Yai province. From there take a ferry to Ko Tautao but dont stay there since the government managed vilage on Ko Tarutao is only used by some employess to milk you like cow in Thailand they call that milk the slow turtle and the turtle is you as the victim