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Thai Asian and oriental furniture plus exotic interior design.

The popularity of Asian and oriental antique furniture and exotic interior design is nothing new so if time is coming  to do something new or maybe just to get an exotic mood into the house it makes sense to take Thai furniture and design into consideration. 

Antiques shopping Bangkok

One of the best places to shop for is the river city complex in Bangkok's mega-malls and furniture shops.

Thailand antiques and interior design.Although most interior decorations are new its worth to have a look because the designs are pretty and often even almost art up to a certain extend Thai furniture creations somehow shine especially at the the high end. 

If anyone tell the fairy tales of the old genuine antiques just ignore it it's a lie but Thais have a certain gen in the body which somehow makes them lying continuously I sometime have the feeling most cant separate fiction and non fiction especially when they smell a "farang" (foreigner) who want to buy something. .  

There are so many beautiful things available in the former Siam which creates real fun and you can also be pretty sure that the neighbor wont already have it yes even in the internet age with almost everything for shopping from home.

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On top of this the craftsmanship is usually not bad at all since people around the globe use modern tools which provide a much better working environment compared to even only a dozen year ago.

A very popular shopping mile in Bangkok for furniture and interior decoration is the rather newer River City.

Thai style rosewood furniture.

Thai style rosewood furniture
Thai style wooden Buddha head

Thailand interior decoration

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