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Bangkok Airport Check In & Arrival

Bangkok Airport is currently spread over 4 operational sites that is the renovated old Don Mueang Airport which is at the northern fringes of the capital. Although the most air traffic is done by Suvarnabhumi Airport built into the "Cobra Swamps" east of the Thailand capital. 

Bangkok Airport

Currently (2018) the old U-Tapao airfield which the US Airforce used during the Vietnam War is resurrected and a smaller one is upgraded at Hua Hin south of Bangkok actually they already receive international flights from Kuala Lumpur vie Air Asia.

Bangkok Airport

The four airports will be linked via a high speed train from China the current train link is only a elevated track between the city center and Suvarnabhumi Airport. 

A new airport terminal is currently under discussion at Suvarnabhumi the catch? One made from wood was finished some time ago on the Philippines on Mactan Island Cebu and almost unbelievable within the time-frame and budget-schedule.

Suvarnabhumi Airport.

The new Bangkok Airport is also known as  Suvarnabhumi it is not only the central hub for air travel in Thailand it's also a showcase of contemporary Thai art. 

Thai Art PaintingThai Art Painting (1)

Suvarnabhumi international is a technical masterpiece in terms of appearance and materials but not as intelligent in terms of organization the Kuala Lumpur and Singapore Airport shows somehow how to do this properly airport hotels are enough and in many categories.

Because to design something like this is not only a matter of doing some new spectacular architecture its primary a matter to organize the place via a intelligent getting the things together and this hasn't been done here instead (as usual in Thailand) they had only one stuff in mind to sell their overpriced goods.

Bangkok Air Loungewalk to the gates

The gates are too far away from the immigration and custom area. If some of the escalators are out of work which is rather a usual thing you can walk for up to 30 minutes just to arrive at immigration, its a pain in.., you know where? Actually the good old bus service from the aircraft to the closest entrance to immigration is back in place sometimes. The place is also known as Suvarnabhumi airport or BKK.

Here you can book the Bangkok airport hotels at Suvarnabhumi
Here are the hotels around the old airport Don Mueng
U-tapao hotels

A dozen of Thai artists were commissioned to decorate the cold aluminum tech walls with Thai art paintings. Wherever you go or move in the transfer area you will see pieces of Thai Art with different styles. Actually the whole Bangkok airport is a gallery to show the people who come to Thailand on their travel the creativity of Thai people. Arriving at Bangkok international airport brings you back to reality, many times you wait longer to go through Thai immigration as the whole flight to Thailand lasted. This is so badly organized, its really strange. At Singapore Airport half of the immigration staff at the counters do about 4 times more work than their Thai counterparts, why ? since the work they do is identical.

This are Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport / Don Mueng & Utapao which will be connected by an high speed link they say.
Buses from Utapao Airport

Actually the problem also exist at Phuket Airport, I don't understand  why the people cant organize this orderly. Also the Bangkok Airport travel trolleys pictured right are most of the time not where they should be. Toilets are also hard to find, there are signs to, but where the toilet actually is, is hidden. 

Bangkok Airport Photos.

A airport like this should be not only a masterpiece in technology, what it is, it should serve the traveler, what it doesn't very good there. It has been an improvement in recent times with the airport hotels there a many more now. Bangkok travel videos are here. It is a common thing that when the people don't get money immediately they just don't care, you can experience this in every public environment, there is never any toilet paper available, except at the airport because of the foreigners. This is the Thai attitude everyone can experience everywhere when someone wont get money with anything immediately they just ignore it there is no social education. 

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