Bangkok Bars

Bangkok Bars

Bangkok's bars with go-go and beer pubs plus trendy clubs some cool jazz 
clubs etc. range from sidewalk stalls offering low priced beer and whiskey, to up market chic clubs to overcrowded nightclubs full of bouncing guys, girls and the ones in between, they call them lady boys.

Thailand bars are famous for their easy going style and everything is just working at your fingertips if you distribute some Thai Baht. Visiting any bar in Bangkok and probably any Thailand bar in general be aware that the employees at the bars usually get either no salary at all or very little salary. 

That means they live more or less on tips which come from the visitors to the bars. That also means they are very cooperative to you if you motivate them by some money. Thailand is a money driven society where almost nothing counts beside of money. On the other side is the ugly, almost every bar has at least 2 or 3 persons who try to steal money, usually if you carry money in the shirt pocket. The ugly thing is the other employees know that and usually the bar owner also know but nobody does anything, at certain places  the owners even take commission on the money stolen from the customer.

To single out any best bar in Bangkok.

To point out any best bar in Bangkok City It really purely depends what you want by a particular trend and scene or genre. The constant factor in any bar are Bangkok bar girls in particular at go go bars that's the essence of nightlife. Bangkok bar girls are legend and bars in will convince you very quick on this fact this go bars everywhere in Thailand are probably the most interesting since there is always some action around even if its only to watch some pretty go-go girls doing their job. 

My preferred bar is in the Oriental Hotel.

In the Oriental Hotel (since a while now Mandarin Oriental Hotel) they have several bars and I like the open air terrace bar having the Chao Praya River in front thats on the high end but to enjoy the atmosphere it's worth it.

Since 2016 (now is 2018) some rooftop floor bars with open air section some including dance floors became quite trendy and they are really offering a pleasant atmosphere so that you can feel good. Since this places are operated mainly in the bigger hotels there also is a professional environment with a suitable backround. Actually Bangkok and Thailand altogether is a a feel good territory where one can really do and get everything as long as it is paid for.

Sometimes it gets wild and not so pleasant, especially when "farang" are drunken and start boxing and fighting each other. But most bars of any kind rather have a relaxed and safe but never expect any help from any Thai person they never care about anything only when they are on drugsand get out of control by themselves.

Visiting Bangkok is not completed without having a great night out in a Bangkok bar or similar such as go-go bar, coyote bar and other nightlife entertainment.

There are also karaoke style bars, girls and guys pickup bars, some jazz and other music bars, often in one of the top luxury Bangkok hotels such as the Oriental or Four Seasons, among other. There are at least a dozen high end luxury hotels in Bangkok with plenty of different bars such as lounge bars, lobby bars and nightclub bars.

Some Bangkok bars are very busy, others very quiet, in any case you will enjoy every moment since the employees do really almost everything to make it comfortable for you. At almost every bar or nightclub some Bangkok girls are hanging around means a cute Thai girl is never far away. But it is probably better to have a look for a lady at one of the nightlife places such as Patpong, Nana Plaza or similar if you are from the other side of the game have a look at Thaniya Plaza at Surawong, that's at the Sala Daeng BTS Station. Although there are plenty of bars, nightclubs and Japanese restaurants at Thaniya Plaza itself there is another small road at the opposite side of Surawong road with around 2 dozen guy bars.

Bars and clubs usually close somewhere between 11 pm and 4 am, most start around 8 pm For foreigners there is virtual no age limit from let's say around 16 years upwards no entrance problems, most bars also have no dress code and plenty of Bangkok bars are cross over entertainment, there are almost no categories and also no membership clubs and bars foreigners visit, there are several membership clubs but this is mainly for the local people a foreigner won't find this places anyway.

A Bangkok bar is often a crossover to a night club. There are Bangkok bars and night clubs with some dancing either you can dance or there is a dance show, this is not only dedicated to modern dance but several venues have traditional Thai dance shows, if you want to see this ask the concierge at your hotel since this is not always available and its moving every day, Bangkok nightlife has a rather fast pace.

Since almost every place is quite low priced, except the bars at the Bangkok luxury hotels, there are plenty of places with life music, the problem is they usually turn the loudspeaker at full volume, when leaving those places your are half deaf.

They also have bars with comedy entertainment but its hard to understand since all this is naturally in Thai language plus plenty of other night clubs Bangkok.

Since the places are constantly changing, closing, opening etc. it is not possible to identify a particular bar and tell this is the best Bangkok bar or similar, in general hotel bars are more quiet, maybe a piano bar with a singer and the bars at the nightspot places are more exiting and vibrant, two nightlife Bangkok icons are Nana Plaza and Patpong.

The best is if you touch down in Bangkok city buy a "Bangkok Post Newspaper" and have a look through, they have ever day ad sections for bars, night clubs, escort services, go go bars Bangkok and other Bangkok night spots. This is the best and freshest information available.

There are also some A5 size magazines available in most hotels free of charge with all kind of nightlife ads and others stuff. But the best is as indicated take the Bangkok Post or The Nation newspaper for the real fresh information.

Nightlife Bangkok is the real thing if you are fed up with all this nonsense back home where everyone tells you, you must do this and that plus all this stupid social pressure and political correctness. In Thailand visit go go bars Bangkok, night clubs Bangkok and other places and you will instantly find out that "at home" they told you nonsense at least for the last 20 years.

Bangkok night spots such as Nana Plaza plus Patpong and elsewhere are real pleasure domes where you can get your wildest dreams come true maybe with Bangkok bar girls or if you are not for girls visit a sports bars or some gay clubs or a so called "sauna"

After an exhausting day of sightseeing, shopping, a river tour and maybe a Thai massage pleasure its time to relax and where to relax? Naturally at a great Bangkok bar where the pleasure driven girls and guys know exactly what you want because you are not the first one having a look around there.

No need for all this silly dress up as in Hong Kong or Singapore where the bar people don’t know what they are doing so they try to get their parameters from some silly dress codes like the kids are doing or the old women, in Bangkok no problem just go and enjoy yourself without the bells and whistles of people who don’t know, ok we know, that’s a British legacy but who cares about Brits and Australians who are almost always involved when it comes to stupid violence.

Some of the best nightlife spots are Bangkok bars because here they have enough self conscious not to need some unreal formal parameter to judge people this has something to do with intelligence. Some of the best nightlife with a great Bangkok bar in between can be found at the well known nightlife fun places for partying such as Patpong and Nana Plaza along Sukhumvit and the Silom-Surawong area. This are the party districts where not much can go wrong and a night companion is usually just around the corner, this is valid for guys and women.

Bangkok can be hardly beaten by any other city worldwide for great partying, superb bars and nightlife fun in general. A vibrant, modern top notch Asian metropolis with special orientation to music and Thai bar girls radiating "sanook" at its best every day. Bangkok also boasts clubs lounges gay bars with live music discos and so on which no other city can beat in terms of openness that includes

Nightlife fun night markets girly bars and shopping are the main activities of any traveler who visit the “City of Angels” and there are angels plentiful! Dozens of clubs, bars and Thai massage parlors fulfill even the wildest dream of the guys coming to Bangkok.