Bangkok Bus Terminal

Bangkok Bus beyond city borders.

There are at least a dozen bus / van terminals in Bangkok the two main stations are Mo Chit for the north bound traffic where also the most traffic to east and west (including Cambodia) Thailand leaves and the south Bangkok coach terminal known as Sai Tai Mai for south bound such as Hat Yai and Ko Samui plus Phuket and all traffic towards the Malaysian border. 

Within this destinations are also others to exactly the opposite for some long haul and plenty of other small bus or van destination for up to about 300 km but don't use those they are very accident prone and many are run by crooks who just drop you outside Bangkok after they got the money. From this bus terminals most daytrips from Bangkok start.

Bangkok North Bus Terminal at Mo Chit..

In general for the north east and west Thailand start at  Mor Chit Station Taxi Meter car about Baht 100 / motorbike about Baht 60,- near the Chatuchak market means BTS north terminal 

bus departure ticket counter hall at mochit terminal

Is rather far from to the BTS at Bang Na too but it needs a taxi from the last BTS station at Bang Wa for about Baht 200,-. As you can see Thailand / Bangkok is chaotic especially since everyone wont cooperate with any other and just don't care about the traveler the only stuff they always try is to overprice you as much as possible.means only accept the taxi when the driver switches on the meter 

From Bangkok to Yangon Myanmar.

Since 2018 they also offer a bus journeys rom Bangkok to Yangon via Mae Sot which start at Mo Chit which is a all 4 lane road up to the Thai side border, from the  Myanmar border  is is not the problem as it was before. But take care with the Myanmar visa before. 

The Southern Bus Terminal Bangkok, also known as Sai Tai Mai is located a bit far to the south, the best is take the BTS until the terminal at Bang Wa along the Boromaratchachonnani Road. As the name suggested, Southern Bus Terminal Bangkok serves for bus services going to the southern part of Thailand including Krabi, Surat Thani, Chumphon, Ranong, Phuket and Hat Yai.

The other (south) is the 

Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal known as Sai Tai Mai.

There is another way for foreigners to cross the Thailand Myanmar border via Kawthaung 300 km north of Phuket but it needs a normal Visa from the Myanmar consulate. There are several more border crossings such as Mae Sei in the north which need the usual visa. Another crossing is south of Hua Hin at the Singhkorn Pass but that is only open to locals.

Other border crossings to Malaysia and Cambodia are less cumbersome since in this countries visa are available on arrival by road.

Below photos show the Thailand to Myanmar border crossing at "three pagoda pass" and Mae Sot.