Bangkok Famous Architecture

Architecture in Bangkok

Some people in Bangkok want to reach the sky and they try hard to make a statement of prestige and some other ideas. By integrating famous spectacular architecture design and shopping.

Bangkok Architecture

Maha Nakhon Apartment Complex in Bangkok built be the German Architect Ole Scheeren
  • Height of the Maha Nakhon Apartment Tower
Maha Nakhon at Night
The "Maha Nakhon"-Apartment-Complex in Bangkok is a glass structure with 77 floors designed by the German architect Ole Scheeren with a rather unconventional non monolithic concept giving the tower - skyscraper a spectacular shape height is 314 m.
Headquarter of the Chinese State Television designed by Ole ScheerenMaha Nakhon Apartment Tower Bangkok

To show the diversity of the creativity of Mr. Ole Scheeren we included another spectacular design he made for the headquarter of the Chinese State Television in Beijing (right photo).

Creative architecture by the same architect in Singapore also below right.

Until 2017 the tallest structure in Bangkok City was the Bayoke Tower owned by a company with roots in Myanmar located in the center of Pratunam District north of the Central World Mall. 

  • Height of the Baiyoke tower

The Baiyoke Sky Hotel website indicates a height without antenna of 309 m (1,014 ft), but some other say its 304 m (997 ft). The best is to ignore this differences because it is extremly difficult to get anyone to agree on anything. 
Celebrating to open th new shop in Bangkok City

Pratunam market area is the most famous clothing and textile shopping in Bangkok people come from all over Asia to shop here since the prices are low and selection is wide.

When opening a new shop in the Pratunam Market means a typical Thai celebration is performed with women dancing in front of the store with a hired dance group as shown here 

Thailand meets Chinese Architecture

Thai Chinese Architecture in Bangkok

The Thai and Shan of Myanmar are the same Chinese ethnicity which moved south into what is Southeast Asia today.
Famous Bangkok Temple Architecture

Other views of Bangkok architecture Mega-city

Bangkok Megacity
In front of Central World BangkokBangkok has spectacular panoramas amazing food and even more amazing nightlife and is for sure a marvelous center of the east the right destination for a holiday or weekend-trip you will love it.   
Bangkok Megabridge

Bangkok Suvarnabhmi Airport Architecture