Bangkok Megacity

Bangkok City.

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand a great Asian metropolis with an ultra new airport of modern architecture. The city of angles became the capital after the fall of Ayutthaya which was overrun by the Burmese army in 1767
Bangkok City

Bangkok City.

Much more about Bangkok history is in the Bangkok national museum and some more interesting records about the relation to Chanthaburi and Chinese roots.

Thai newest novelties and fashion.

Almost all roads and flights go through the capital. Huge shopping malls and a relatively new elevated train system together with an excellent underground train system took out some of the traffic problems of the past but for sure not enough. Beside of shopping the most interesting is to explore the Bangkok restaurants and street food. 

Bangkok city center

Now the idea is Go shopping in Thailand and Bangkok > and it makes some sense because there are plenty of interesting things to buy and not only the copy stuff in the night market. But keep one thing in mind everything imported is much more expensive compared to local and interesting shipping goods such as Thai Silk and other can be bought much cheaper elsewhere it makes some sense to check "the aliexpress site" for unique good and low priced consumer goods. 

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Bangkok Thailand

One of the most important subjects for a pleasant stay in Bangkok City is the right hotel location check the search box at right you won't believe what is available and where. 

Bangkok nightlife at soi cowboy at Asok

A parameter should be constant take a hotel which is very close to the elevated railway BTS or the Underground. 

The best is find a hotel in the Sukhumvit / Asok area it will take lots of problems out before they happen and saves a lot of time. Use the hotel finder at right there are almost all accommodations listed which are available in Bangkok.

Shopping    Nightlife     Daytrip to Ayutthaya     Nana Plaza  Chao Phraya River Trip and other highlight cities of the world.  
This are typical Bangkok traffic problems.
Bangkok and the Chinese Quarter.
Bangkok Lifestyle.

first stop in the country, nightlife and shopping there is legendary, for sure one of the best in the world, also almost everything produced in the country is quite cheap (to US-EU) standard. Prices are quite below Singapore prices. BTS Bangkok and the underground are the premiers means to navigate through this megapolis with more than 10 million people in greater Bangkok. 

With about 9 million inhabitants, Bangkok City is the larges in the country and also the capital, the second largest city is Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand and third is Yai in the south

"Krung-Thep" pictured below is the commercial hub and is more or less located in the center of the country.
arriving in Bangkok

Bangkok is a great travel destination with plenty of tourist attractions, shopping, nightlife, culture and top level luxury hotels, but also enough cheap accommodations and friendly people. One of the most amazing features in Bangkok and Thailand is, it's quite cheap and affordable for everyone even on a very slim travel budget. 

The picture below shows a view from Bayoke Tower at Pratunam.

Bangkok City Center

Naturally, it's also possible to arrive in Thailand by road travel from Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos or Myanmar, but most travelers come in via the airport. 
If you want to travel from Bangkok to Phuket via road click here.

Megacity Hong Kong

Naturally there are other mega-cities on the planet such as Hong Kong and other.

The Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport in the cobra swamps is only a handful years old but was already extended by reviving the old Don Mueang. Actually currently they bring U-Tapao Airfield to life again for expansion that one had the hay days during the Vietnam War when it was occupied by the US Air Force. To the south of Bangkok is Pattaya the sex capital of Thailand. 

Bangkok Megacity

There are plenty of sightseeing spots like Wat Phra Kaew – a very famous monastery and temple, Chinatown is a legend of its own. At the northern greater city boundary is Ayutthaya, the legendary old capital of Siam and Thailand. Watching the inner city fro the west which is the Thonburi side

Bangkok City Skyline

Bangkok Megabridge

Bangkok Megabridge

Bangkok BTS between Silom and Sathon Road

Bangkok Inner City at Surawongse Sathon BTS intersection (picture above)

New in Bangkok? Have a look in Chinatown

What to see and expect in the capital

The Bangkok Flower Market

This is an almost ideal combination considering the permanent traffic chaos in the city. To come to town use the Airport Rail Link accessible from the basement. We explore the day and night scene plus the vicinity such as Ayutthaya via a day trip with the railway starting from Hua Lamphong terminal.

Bangkok and Feng Shui

The capital of Thailand is one of the most attractive Asian metropolia for shopping and nightlife, the city became the Siam capital after the Burmese destroyed the former capital Ayutthaya in 1767. A great oriental travel destination which has it all what a traveler to the east is after, excellent hotels, great sightseeing, good, diverse and exotic food and one of the best nightlife on earth plus shopping.

Your arrival and first encounter probably will be probably via Suvarnabhumi the rather new airport. Your second destination could be Sukhumvit or Silom area where plenty of hotels are and the BTS Skytrain runs as elevated train in the middle of the Sukhumvit road is also one of the best shopping areas and several nightspots are along the street such as Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy, other nightlife places are Patpong, Thaniya Plaza and opposite are a gay nightlife area. A local projection but not for sure.

Bangkok City

Plenty of Hotels   

Especially in the 3 and 4-star category means to check the best room rates here. 

There are also many 5 star hotels and probably the top of Bangkok hotels is to the west on the Chao Phraya Riverfront that is the Oriental. In general take accommodation which is not far from the BTS Skytrain Line, this elevated train serving Bangkok people along Sukhumvit and Silom road with two branches, one is along Sathon road and the extension is to further west including the southern Bangkok Bus Terminal. The problem is the station is far away instead of extending this to the southern bus terminal, who is sleeping?

BTS and the ladyThe other section BTS Skytrain at Sukhumvit line and extends up to the north bus terminal at Mo Chit. 
Bangkok Nana Sukhumvit
Again it needs a taxi ride and the other end is at Ekkamai close to the eastern bus terminal for Pattaya which could be an interesting day trip or maybe a longer stay to enjoy the beaches and nightlife which is one of the most attractive in the ASEAN region, and Trat, actually there are also buses to all eastern destinations from Mo Chit, find more about touring the country.
Soi Cowboy PhotoSukhumvit road is also one of the best shopping areas and several nightspots are along the street such as Nana Plaza and other nightlife spots such as Patpong Thaniya Plaza and opposite is a gay fun area.

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Soi Cowboy Photo

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