Bangkok Nightlife at Patpong

Bangkok Nightlife at Patpong.

Patpong one & two is probably "the mother of all Girly Bars" in Bangkok and Thailand. The go-go bars Thai styles became fashionable here and in Pattaya during the Vietnam War as GI party fun places

All material to pull up the flimsy shops for the Patpong Night Market and the goods for sale are usually parked in a big locked box on wheels in one of the side alleys off Sukhumvit and Patpong Surawong Road.

Street-food at Patpong

In the evening the boxes on wheels are pulled to the middle of the road and the night business starts plenty of street-food is available too . Most goods for sale they buy at the Chatuchak weekend market on a other day triple the price and hope some foreigners will buy the junk actually it's really mostly cheap copy junk from China which is smuggled to Thailand via Laos in trucks. 

  • After the first go-go bars open.

 The "ladies and boys of the nigh" move in and start dancing around 9 pm it's becoming awful noisy. Some Patpong Nightlife Girls come in by the "skytrain" other via the subway by motorbike bus or the friend drops her. 

If they own a car means she must be quite an attractive lady. They come from the cheap living areas such as Din Daeng in the north and other places. If you want to explore all this very close take a hotel in the Surawong and Silom area, hotels are from Baht 1200,- upwards per night and taking the lady with you means Baht 500,- extra. This way you have all the places within walking distance a similar situation is at Nana Plaza.

No wonder because the US military had their jets started every day from U-Tapao airfield and that place was now resurrected as the third Bangkok full blown airport.

Although the Chinese and Russian tourist flood is overwhelming Bangkok and Thailand now (2018) which means about 10 million visitors and rapidly growing strong one can imagine what happen here in a few years.

Bangkok go-go bar at Patpong

This red light district is close to the elevated train station at Sala Daeng Silom Road and is just the right place to go on a night discovery tour. The name somehow sounds like... ping pong.. this is exactly what it describes. I guess this two word are one of the most used around here, why? Guess and don't forget the banana. Here is not only the prototype of entertainment in the country, there is also a real interesting night market and plenty of street food stalls.

Bangkok Night-market at Patpong.

Patpong Girly BarsActually the night-market is just squeezed between the table dancing bars where Bangkok Girls and Lady-boys show what they have to offer and millions of travelers from all over the world pass by and have nightlife fun.

Many new nightlife spots and red light districts came up in Bangkok since the US GI's left but at Patpong almost nothing changed.

Maybe the only change is that most operation and acteurs have been taken over by ladyboys and that poisoned the athmosphere since they are much more agressive than the girls and difficult to handle. 

This street links Silom and Surawong and is probably "the mother of all Thailand nightlife". During daytime a sleepy Soi with some shops comes to life at around 8 pm. Shortly after the sun is gone the hawker pull up their flimsy stalls they are stacked together by small pipes and all kinds of goods are placed or hanged onto the desk or walls of  the mobile shop.

Copy watches for sale at Patong Night Market.jpg

Patpong girls are plenty and the famous go-go bars line the street, basically they all offer the same beer girls and music. 

Sometimes when they bring a great Thai pop song girls start singing. How it looks inside a go go bar you can see here.

All bars on the street level are more or less ok, if you have a  problem it wont matter what kind tell it to the "mama san" and to the manager, they will handle it somehow positive.

At the first floor girls performing some kind of show like putting a banana in and catapult the fruit out. As you can see here you can get also other services beside of the bars and shopping.

Some tattoo shops do a good business during the night. 

They deliver excellent tattoo art for a fraction of the price you must pay in the EU, US or elsewhere.

Thailand tattoo  artists know their job as well as the guys in the West, the also use the same tools and the same hygienic procedures as elsewhere.

Here is prime nightlife shopping but it needs to keep in mind buying anything means no warranty and most of the goods are made in China and Thailand which also means probably broken after two days its just junk so it wont make sense to buy anything here except maybe some textile or maybe shoes. In general never buy anything when it is not sure that you can visit the same shop again the day after otherwise it will be a bad  buying / shopping experience.