Bangkok to Chiang Mai By Bus Train Air & Car

How to get from Bangkok to Chiang Mai .

The usual way is via one of the Bangkok Airports mainly Don Muang plus by bus via Mor Chit Terminal plus car road travel or maybe with the train from Hua Lamphong Station with overnight sleeper trains every day.

If you want to travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai you have 4 options 

  • One is Bangkok to Chiang Mai by bus.

For my taste the bus the best why? the Mor Chit bus terminal in Bangkok is very close to the terminus of the BTS elevated train which allows a fast change either using a motor taxi or better taxing a regular taxi.which takes about 30 minutes to switch the terminal. But what is important is it almost does not come into contact with the road and thus the unavoidable chaotic Bangkok traffic wont hurt much. 

Between the two stations is the Chatuchack market especially for many people on the weekend a great Bangkok Day Tour magnet. Currently (2018) is on top of that a gigantic construction site you can get on the bus at another stop but this is for a non Thai speaking almost impossible to find also via taxi.

Well, if you have made it to the Mor Chit bus station ask the information in the center of the counter hall where the tickets for Chiang Mai are available there are some bus companies which do not cooperate with each other, "the cook their own soup". The choice is also between a VIP bus with three seats in a row and the normal bus is a bit cheaper and has 4 seats in a row. If you've got luggage you should look carefully if and where it is stowed and just carry all valuables directly on your body. make sure your stuff is in the bus do not trust anyone if anyone says he / she does it for you.

Bangkok to Chiang Mai by air.

Bangkok to Chiang Mai with the car

Bangkok to Chiang Mai by train