Bangkok Weekend Trip

A trip to Bangkok for the weekend

Bangkok for the weekend means shopping and nightlife since almost all international and domestic flights, bus lines, and truck transportation pass the city there is a continuous coming and going.

This is also one of the weakest sides in anything moving in Thailand because it is almost impossible to move anything anywhere without going through the city. Bangkok is the commercial and financial center in Thailand and also one of the most important travel destinations in Asia. The capital is almost right in the middle of Thailand. 

Bangkok day and

The capital is a great travel destination with plenty of tourist attractions, shopping, nightlife, culture and top level luxury hotels, but also enough hotels with cheap accommodations and friendly people which are often not friendly and extremely lazy. One of the most amazing is it's quite cheap and affordable for everyone even on a very slim travel budget.

The new Bangkok airport with a great architecture is a little bit similar to Kuala Lumpur Airport. An other very important fact is Bangkok is not dangerous, as a tourist you won't fall prey to crime if you just pay attention to the most usual preventive measures.

The Chao Phraya river runs through Bangkok

before emptying into the Gulf of Thailand with a very slow water speed due to the low river plain. An evening cruise on the lazy river could be definitely a weekend highlight, just check with your hotel they will book it. Thanks to its advantageous geographic location, Bangkok has a huge sea and river ports right in the center of town and some gigantic suspension bridges.

The environment is pleasant tropical and the air pollution is not so bad anymore since about 6 years when the government, in a gigantic effort, convinced people to move from diesel to gas which won't take a big deal. Actually, in terms of air pollution, Thailand and Bangkok is much better now than most EU cities where they do a lot of blah blah on this subject but never any action

The city has 2 seasons, the wet season during the monsoon with abundant rainfall and the dry season during the other time of the year with plenty of sunshine and heavy thunderstorms with gigantic downpours from time to time.

Bangkok has a rather short history

The Thai capital preceding Bangkok was Ayutthaya which was sacked from the Burmese in the Century. On your Bangkok weekend trip spend a few hours in the 
Bangkok National Museum they have much information on these history events which a presented visually in a very appealing way.