The first impression of the  BMW SVU X2 is a balanced car indicating that BMW has found a good mix with the X2.

What the manufacturer tells: "We enter a new market segment and therefore have completely new options,". As a freshly-brewed design boss of the BMW brand, he barely collaborated on the X2.
Consequently, the designers were allowed to romp a bit. Even the sacred BMW kidneys in the grille have been turned upside down to give the car more width and a sporty look, explains the designer who has previously worked at Skoda. 
SUV-Coupé X2 BMW

The new X2 BMW wants to attract new customers 

On top of that it has to fight for attention in the overcrowded segment of compact 

So that the X2 goes through despite the relatively steep rear as a coupe, the car receives a BMW logo on the C-pillar. "This is to remember legendary two-door cars like the 2000 CS, the 3.0 CSL and of course the M1," says Kr. Kaban the designer.
SUV-Coupé X2 BMW interior front

We noticed that it's not just the design that differentiates the X2 from the X1, even though both cars use the identical platform. In the firmer cut-outs of the M-Sport version, a closer connection to the car can be created and thus a better feel for the road. The X1 takes on the role of a more sensible and comfortable family coach, while the X2 serves the driver's enjoyment of driving.

The trunk is not as practical as in the X1. While the BMW 1 Series SUV swallows 505 liters and it can almost match in variability with the combined model BMW 3 Series Touring fit in the X2 only 470 liters. In addition, the sill is higher, and the hatch smaller than the X1.
SUV-Coupé X2 BMW side view
You have to know that: The X2 comes in March in the trade and starts first at 41,350 euros. If all engine variants are available during the year, the base price drops to 34,050 euros, but even then the car is still 1800 euros more expensive than the more practical X1. Compared to the normal 1 Series, which looks a bit like the silhouette, the price difference is even 7000 Euro

BMW SUV-Coupé X2 engine roomCurrent available engines.

First, the following engines are available: a 2.0-liter gasoline engine with 192 hp and two diesel units, which also draw from two liters of displacement 190 or 231 hp. Later in the spring follow other machines, such as the 140-hp 18i with three-cylinder petrol and the 150 hp strong 18d with front or four-wheel drive.

We will not forget that: the horror when looking at the price and equipment list. Not so much because of the high numbers, after all, BMW wants to be premium. But that in a new car in this league in the basic equipment actually still halogen headlights are installed, which makes the X2 actually appear rather cloudy and diffuse.
Manufacturer: BMW
Type: X2 20d
Body: SUV
Engine: Fourcylinder dlinder diesel
Transmission: eight-speed automatic
Drive: four-wheel
Displacement: 1,995 cc
Power: 190 hp (140 kW)
Torque: 400 Nm
From 0 to 100: 7,7 s
Maximum speed: 221 km / h
Consumption (ECE): 4.6 liters
CO2 emissions: 121 g / km
Trunk: 470 liters
rebuilt: 1,335 liters
Weight: 1,600 kg
Dimensions: 4360/1824/1526
Price: 43.800 EUR

SUV-Coupé X2 BMW backview

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The X2 is similar to the even numbering the coupe version of the X1 dar. It should not be forgotten that BMW was the first mass-produced on the idea to bring the X6 a coupe version of a highway SUV. Today everybody is already doing it, in all classes. And BMW is also widening down. photo: bmw The rear of the X2. The X2 is a bit shorter and seven inches lower than the X1. So he leaves behind a rather strong squat impression, looks pretty well-trained and converts the optically what he is at heart: a compact powerhouse. photo: bmw The interior is BMW-typical. A very important contribution to make the new BMW kidney, which was effectively turned around, so now broader down. Of course, the same game is always in progress. With the standard 17-inch wheels, the rims are better protected against curb scratches, but the appearance is clearly heartier with 20-inch wheels. Maybe the good compromise is somewhere in between. 

BMW SVU X2 Photos: 
BMW-X2 in rough terrain

The 20-inch models are quite good on the X2, but do not make it more cross-country. As expected, we experience the typical BMW feeling while driving. Due to the still somewhat higher stature we get to enjoy a good overview forward, side and rear you can not see so well because of high waistline. Bank in curves is at least barely noticeable. BMW photo: BMW Up to 1,355 liters fit into the rear of the X2. Clattering, roaring or even clanking or pumping, that does not happen anyway in the BMW world. The BMW diesel engines are equipped with the sensitive and precise automatic torque converter, while the petrol engine is combined with dual-clutch automatic transmission, which is generally the most common in this class of car.
Currently the possibility of a gearbox opens up only in combination with the weaker engines, which are submitted later: A petrol engine with 140 hp and a diesel with 150 hp. photo: bmw The X2 is now based on a front-wheel drive. The operating concept is constantly being extended by new functions, but the BMW iDrive button has remained, which pleases all those who have loved it and do not like to use the screen. Optionally, there is also the full-fledged, full-color head-up display with projection on the windscreen, which was previously only available from the threesome upwards. There are also three new, not shy colors means roaring yellow, red and blue.