BTS Bangkok

BTS Bangkok Skytrain and subway system.

BTS Bangkok Skytrain and subway system is probably presently (2019) the most modern in the world. Somehow similar in architecture to the Singapore MRT and subway although the Thai employees don't know much whats up, are eating or chattering on the mobile phone.

A typical problem throughout the system is at the Chatuchack terminal the BTS starts working at 6 am but the employees wont raise a finger before 6.30 am, before they are too busy with eating, so, since the money change machines usually are not working they also wont change manually because they are too busy with eating etc. It's the typical ox-cart mindset.

In comparison to Kuala Lumpur it's far ahead, since the train frequency is faster that means less people per train unit and the ticket machines are working, in Kuala Lumpur almost all ticket machines are down all the times.

It's efficient like in Hong Kong and doesn't need  "people pusher" like in Tokyo.

Compared to the "old world" underground, metro, tube or subway systems means London, Paris, New York etc. Bangkok's subway system is light-years ahead I guess some German companies gave a helping hand.  

Bangkok's subway system runs basically in a north south direction and is complemented by the Bangkok skytrain, a elevated light train system which runs basically east west.

At almost all stations are some buses to go further. Its quite good organized.
Bangkok's subway and skytrain system stations are finished in gray granite giving them a cool technical appearance. 

If you hit Bangkok's roads for some reason I would suggest use the subway system, together with the Bangkok skytrain elevated light train system its definitely the first choice of public transport in Thailand.

BTS Bangkok Skytrain
BTS Bangkok Skytrain

One can forget all the stinky tuk tuk, taxis who want to cheat by not turning on the meter or taking long ways around the actual destination and the rotten stinking buses who roar along Bangkok's jammed roads

But if you want to do it the real fast way, obviously there is no way around the good "motocyc" taxi, its also stinky, its dangerous etc. but its fast and you can have a real down town Thai adventure tour that way.