Bus through Thailand

By Bus Through Thailand

When traveling in Thailand and not being in a hurry there is only one way (at least for me) that is bus travel although it takes a lot more time but only when not counting it through.

Thailand by Bus

Thailand Bus Travel

An example comparing bus to air travel naturally everyone bet the aircraft is faster which is not true when starting the time count once you leave the house.

What will happen? The traveler need to have a long ride to the airport which usually is somewhere in the vicinity. The bus terminals are almost for sure much closer and better accessible and there is no annoying security around with unfriendly people and high prices. Just counting the time to start and end can save many hours.

Bangkok to Chiang Mai by Bus
With the bus at Songkran

Travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai can be by train, bus, aircraft and car. On the road is a good and low priced option I paid Baht 500,- in a bus similar to the above for the 7 hour ride.
For more bus destinations check here:

Rest stops on the highway between the south and the capital have plenty of good food and actually rather appear like a supermarket with some facilities for travelers. But they are run very good, work quick and serve what the people want including "Halal Food". There many Muslim women employed to make sure it is according to the standard, read more.

Driving from Tak to Mae Sot is a tour into the "Blue Mountains" which make the border to Myanmar. On the other side of the "Friendship Bridge" a low intensity war between the central government and some Karen Armed Groups is still going on even in 2017. On the Thai side there is no problem and road is amazingly good with a few short exceptions actually since they have the military ruling Thailand there is much more advancing by any means especially in fighting crime and repairing roads which was almost totally neglected during the political rules.

  • Riding the motorbike and scooter.

On the road with the motorbike and get some fresh air. To rent a motorbike or scooter could be a good option for transportation during you holiday travel in Thailand. They are easy to get around $ 7,- per day and you can drive anywhere with up to around 100 km/h. According to what I see with my own eyes they carry up to 6 people and are very robust.

  • Stay away from tuk-tuks.

That is a especially true on the "pearl of the Andaman Sea" where the whole island is under control of some gangs who managed since decades to block any public transport to get people into the tuk-tuk's which the own, the same manipulations are at the airport. The other day (2014) the military tried to get hold of the former Major of Patong / Katu which is the main tourist area in Phuket since the guy and his son run the place in mafia style. He went into hiding but in October 2014 someone killed this gang-leader finally.

A pick-up truck carries pigs, pork is the second most popular meat to eat, after chicken. Coconuts have a wide use and monkeys get them down.

Using the strong cord fixed around the neck they send the animal up the palm tree, the little thing is trained to turn the fruit until the stem brakes and it falls down.

If you want to see whats happening on Thai roads and you won't believe that unless you see it look here. Don't think this is unique, that's standard procedure, more.

On water mainly longtail boats are used.

since the are better to handle than outboard machines, also much cheaper.

Travel to Myanmar by boat
Over the sea with a longtail boat
Long-tail boats
Long-tail boats shuttle between the two cities, local people and foreigner on the so called "visa run".

Here is the sea border marker between Thailand and Myanmar and in this case between Ranong and
This is Kawthaung the southern most town in Burma

A wet Kawthaung trip since it is June
A wet Kawthaung trip since it is June

longtail boats for sea and lake travel
Sea and lake travel picture

Here is a small pagoda and monastery at the entrance to the harbor of Kawthaung during the British times this was Victoria Point named after the Queen.

Road travel between Myanmar and India

From Phuket to Chiang Mai with Scooter and  Bus

From Hat Yai to Phuket

Bangkok to Chiang Mai by Motorbike

​​Bus travel from Thailand to Malaysia

In Thailand most roads where long haul buses are driving have 4 or more lanes the plus buses have indoor service personal and toilets. Depending on the length of the journey there are frequent stops and if you like you can tell the driver to stop and get out just ask when another bus will come along or back.   

On the road in Thailand with motorbikes & scooters.

There are a couple of things to do when traveling in Thailand. The first probably is to ask yourself what you want to do in the country of the smile?  Because there are plenty of possibilities.

Visiting beaches and islands maybe the lakes or the Andaman Sea a good idea could be nightlife with girls or just laze around and let the legs hang low? 

Want to travel withing the country and maybe to the other areas adjacent to Thailand? For that bus, travels are probably the best way to explore the country if you are not in a rush.  
Road travel from Bangkok to Phuket is about 12 hours it's usually through the night in comfortable double-decker coaches and two classes are available. One tour from Bangkok to Phuket by the normal bus is about $ 20,- and with more space around it's about 30,-

The coaches come in different sizes and drive to almost every destination, on top of it this is quite cheap. The buses are comfortable and make one or two stops.

In Thailand Malaysia and Singapore the roads are quite good although having the usual maintenance problem but an extensive network to make travel easy low priced and comfortable.

E.g. bus Bangkok to Phuket is about $ 20,- and it takes 12 hours. Airfare is between $ 60 and $ 80,- for the same sector flights and buses leave almost hourly during the daytime to Hat Yai it's 7 hours and $ 12,- means it's very affordable. If you are "roaming" the whole region check prices out of Singapore first since the airfare from there is often cheaper as from Bangkok (e.g. to Phuket) although the distance is about double.

  • ​​Types of Buses.

The big ones (including double-decker) are mainly used for long distances over about 6 hours travel below that also van (12 pax) and minibusses (up to 30 pax) are used in general don't use van's since the cause a lot of fatal accidents with them because the drivers are very inexperienced and aggressive on top of it they are packed to the brim and have no emergency exit. Imagine what happens in a case of an accident. 
In countries such as Thailand parents even buy cars and motorbikes for 12-year old kids and if anything happen blamed is always the car driver especially when a foreigner is involved since they don't understand "Thainess", yes this strange excuses are used by the police.

The usual Thai travel pattern

The common travel pattern when coming to Thailand is travel to Bangkok first and start there in our Thai travel website is plenty of information about shopping entertainment nightlife hotels it is very diverse indeed.

Amazing things to do such as real low budget trips are still possible in a functioning environment no need to run around and get stressed.

Just read through our website and you will be fit to hit the road to the south, east, west or north. There are five international airports which are Phuket and Krabi plus Hat Yai and Chiang Mai and anew one near U-Tapao south of Bangkok which is just arising but could be interesting since it is served by Air Asia and Bangkok Air also close to Cambodia and north of Koh Chang there is also a bus connection from the Suvarnabhumi airport of Bangkok.and next year (now is 2018) they want to connect all this airports via a high speed rail..

An amazing variety of budget trips are possible, but on the road be very careful with more road travel in Thailand keep on reading. Crossing the border on the road is from Malaysia, Cambodia, and Laos, Myanmar is not interesting because of their visa regulations, better take the aircraft to Yangon.

  • Budget Trips. 

Budget trips are possible with a bit of planning and part of it are always buses and motorbikes. Low priced hotels to stay are many in Thailand. Find through the internet or just visit a travel agent at your destination (don't believe any taxi or tuk-tuk driver on this subject) and ask what they have. 

The best is do it yourself via the hotel booking planner up right.

They usually have a special agreement with lodges etc. and pass you part of the discount for a great beach, island, rafting of maybe nightlife holiday, this is available almost everywhere. A very similar cheap holiday destination is Cambodia but anyway, the best is use the link above you wont find a better deal usually if you appear in person they will charge you more. 

The other is low-cost travel which means instead the aircraft take the bus it takes more time but it usually costs only about a third when you hit the road. Since the coaches are quite good and comfortable there are no real negative sides.

Some of the best destinations to visit in Thailand

Here are a great holiday and other travel packages for north, south, east and west Thailand which makes it perfect all year around even when there is some rain it's mostly only for a short time only during monsoon from around July to November it can rain for some more days. Considering the fact its more or less endless summer combined with cheap travel means great holiday.  

Now if you like to roam around for a change there is no way to ignore the bus and buy a cheap ticket. Using the coach in Thailand is an exceptional experience, why? The vehicles are good, comfortable and if you believe it or not they are on time better than the aircraft which have almost always delays. 

Since there are cheap hotels everywhere this is definitely the top option for an extensive trip in Thailand and it won't end there the best travel to Cambodia is via here, so is it to Malaysia and Myanmar ( Burma).  

A very interesting Thai travel routing has been opened in November 2016 which saves a lot of time. These cuts travel time from Hua Hin to Pattaya to about 2 hours with a ferry instead of driving via Bangkok which is about 6 hours.

  • Travel by bus in south Thailand.

The new Phuket bus terminal 

This is a bit north of the city center on the way to the airport and that works quite well. On long distance travel its air-travel in Southeast Asia.

The amazing thing is that the buses are always on time which is contrary to aircraft which are almost always delayed, read more. In general if there is enough time use the bus, the airlines are expensive and do not a good job .

On top of it is the problem to get there and also to leave. E.g. the whole airport transport (far away from the city center) is a mafia structure with no real public transport and extremely high taxi and limousine fare. They say there are vans but they never drive, they just let you wait until you are fed up and take a limousine which cost a multiple.