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Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand the size is second to Bangkok and before Hat Yai with a relaxed atmosphere, low prices. A Chiang Mai temple or pagoda is every 50 m in the old town within the moat and the partly still existing city wall. 

If you want to do road trip to the center of the north one constant value is available traveling is mostly through Bangkok. Rent a car (from around $ 30,- or a motorbike, around $ 7,- per day) and have a drive through the countryside, means huge tracts of paddy field, low hills, and a wide horizon. 

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Journey to Chiang Mai

Bangkok Chiang Mai BusChiang Mai has a long tradition of old Chiang Mai and Lanna culture today it is the northern center of Thailand. 

By train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai Elephant Ride North Thailand in the old city within the walls In the old town within the walls is somehow dedicated to Buddhism, 

The whole quality around means buildings statues and artifacts is a good one not as flimsy as seen everywhere in the country which usually falls apart after the next storm. Here are solid structures worth to call them Buddhist shrines. Start with a flight or bus trip from the Capital, Phuket, Pattaya or Hat Yai. This is the towns with a direct bus link there is also an air connection to Mandalay in Myanmar. But it might be more advisable to travel via the capital's Mo Chit coach terminal since the direct way is much more expensive.  

Direct flight connections by "Bangkok Airways" and Air Asia plus coaches and even a train with overnight services are available. 

The journey to Chiang Mai could start from Bangkok's Mo Chit Bus Station and the train from the Hua Lamphong Train Terminal in the capital.    A bus journey to the northern capital could start at Bangkok's Mo Chit station where most road trip to the north begins. Plan about 8 hours including 2 stops in a modern bus which makes a car obsolete because at the other end there are plenty of other buses and vans which bring you to anywhere in the north, read more. 

In the evening a vibrant nightlife is on

This is mainly around the night bazaar and on the bigger streets in this direction from the center. With great restaurants & shopping plus sometimes with free Thai classic dance show at the night bazaar adventure and action in the north of the city. 

For accommodation and other such as apartments and more please check the hotel icon top right search for a room? Just use the icon at the right that's the best since if you arrive without booking prices will immediately rise. Reasonable hotels in the center start from Baht 1000,- upwards. Plenty of travel agents are around offering everything tour related, including Thai food cooking classes taxis motorbikes and day-trips in the vicinity. 

But strange no city sightseeing tour 

It looks to me as if they are too lazy to walk since within the old city limit all can be reached within minutes. Four Season Luxury Hotel at a great location Probably the best hotel in the city is the Four Season, other popular destinations are in the "hinterland" such as Doi Suthep and Inthanon this is Thailand's highest peak and a top day trip among local people great northern location in the hills Another is to visit one of the elephant camps, beside the road to the north, and do a ride with the bamboo raft, more on this see below. 

Chiang Mai & Thailand Buddhism 

A Stupa and local Buddhist shrine is at almost every second corner other attractions are visiting pagodas and temples, maybe have a look at a monkey and cobra show or just a walk in the old city. Sit down at one of the open air cafe's and order an exotic drink, prices are very reasonable usually. But keep one thing in mind when you order anything ask how much before you order and pay that when the stuff is served. 

The city is the right place for exotic shopping in Thailand going shopping a hot spot is the night bazaar with interesting handicrafts and other local goods sold for quite low prices, means after tough bargaining. It's a top tourist destination and for sure the premier travel destination in the north not far from Laos, Myanmar, and China. 

See some very typical "Hill Tribe Silver" is on sale here 

Most of the items are genuine since relative to the sales prices it is not very profitable to put a long time into manipulating the stuff such as diluting the silver as they do with gold. Also checking the the semi-precious stone used carefully can avoid cheatings, read more. Chiang Mai Nightlife is not as busy and diverse as the other four center but it's not bad and also driven by hooking up with girls. 

That is common in the country, they are in every bar, nightclub and everywhere a "farang" could be grabbed. There are not enough good paid jobs and if one of the young women looks good and is not silly she can make a multiple of another one doing a normal job. Actually, for many girls and ladyboys, this is a normal job only many "western foreigners see something strange in it. Chiang Mai nightlife with girls at the center of nightlife is the "night bazaar". 

Interesting shopping could be done

Shop Buddhist decorative art and wood works including teak carvings and rosewood furniture silk cloth and other decorative wall art, various silver hill tribe art jewelry, clothing, ceramics items such as celadon tableware and decorative items. 

There are typical interior decoration works and antiques on sale, art and lacquer work plus more. 

From the hotel just take a tuk-tuk or motorbike taxi to the Night Bazaar it only takes a couple of minutes to reach the place. Since the night market has countless of restaurants, food stalls and courts integrated including a large stage where dancing and singing is performed it’s easy to spend the whole evening here and explore the street-side stalls and arcades. This is the right place to shop for exotic souvenirs and handcrafted goods created by skilled crafts-persons from northern Thailand. Beautiful Buddha art is also available, mostly either images or statues. 

An additional so-called “Walking Street Market” is open on Sundays, it has a great atmosphere and the right place for bargain shopping. As usual plenty of food stalls and especially foot massage shops are around you could also get some good looking tattoos at one of the shops. 

There is no other town on earth with this kind of shopping paradise, ..“ the mother of all night market” told by Lonely Planet. This is behind the tall buildings visible from everywhere and easily reached for Baht 80,-. by Tuk-Tuk. Overwhelmed by the variety of goods on display it somehow looks as if the whole city is dedicated to producing handicrafts and items in a small cottage industry manner. 

Open air restaurants The food markets, courts, and restaurants serve almost every taste, all in a clean environment. Here you will find all kind of exotic stuff to eat and plenty of bargains keep in mind no haggling no fun. Plenty of so-called antiques are on display but they are all fakes. Huge open air restaurants grouped around food courts in between dancing and the music wobbling through the air around the huge stage. Before you arrive you must push your way through hundreds maybe thousands of people's nobody know exactly, as usual. 

Here are Indian Sikhs Singapore Chinese and the groups from mainland China; Japanese guys all kind of Farang Pakistani Arabs with women gliding like black covered "mummies" totally invisible. walking in front of Indian Carpet Shop.

A real contrast is all the beautiful Thai girls who have no shy to show that they are really pretty. Actually, local women have a high level of emancipation and the guys and other have enough self-confidence in relation with the women. 

San Kamphaeng Road with small factories and showrooms in front 

Silver Tableware Shopping is here at San Kamphaeng Road the road is lined for several kilometers by small factories with stores in front. 

 What is also amazing is that the quality of the objects is mostly quite good. The silver products are less jewelry but more statues and sculptures. Various places selling “hill tribe art” and silver jewelry. Local souvenirs are available made from many materials and created in the northern tribal areas. 

One of the better shops is the Hill Tribe Products Promotion Center offering products made by Akha Hmong Karen Yao Lisu and Lahu people. They have also known for silver jewelry quite some time ago they switched from opium poppy cultivation to other agriculture crops just go there and buy something you find useful and decorative items and gain merit the Buddhist way. It could be interesting to have a look for some exceptional souvenirs to bring home with you, have a look here and other bigger shopping centers showing local production are Kad Suan Kaew and Central Airport Plaza and San Kamphaeng Road which is probably the best for shopping unique stuff. 

Here are good and unique quality things available not found anywhere Panthip Plaza on the same road as the Night Bazaar is for computers and electronic gadgets shopping more or less the same as the mall in Bangkok. Lacquerware shopping is at San Kamphaeng Road at the source could be done at the factories at San Kamphaeng Borsang Handicraft and hill tribe silver jewelry village, they have useful handicrafts and the unique umbrellas. 

Another handicraft production village just south of the city is Baan Tawai with a wide selection of wood carving, decor plus other including attractive celadon ceramic creations such as tableware and other products usually with the factory in the backyard. 

Celadon ceramics made in Thailand 

Pretty ceramic tableware Celadon ceramics have a long tradition, when you want to buy some celadon you also can watch how it's made the same is with items such as bronze sculptures lacquer ware silk silver craft and other items. 

Beautiful silver works, jade jewelry, furniture -mostly from teak and for wall decoration plus rosewood like this movable bar, the useful party star and eyecatcher in every house. Just fill it up with your preferred liquids and have a good time. The real thing for your house and exquisite tableware. The oldest was found in some shipwrecks off the Malaysian East Coast from the 15th. Century. It's really interesting how those ceramic items found their way around Asia already in the 15th. century and probably other even more early. 

But only at that time, the vessels became bigger to be suitable to carry more load for trading. At that time Thai celadon came from Singburi and the area around today Sukhothai. Now it's high-end exotic shopping in Chiang Mai. Related places in the north. A pond in around a restaurant in Mae Sot Thailand's north, the picture is from Mae Sot on the west side, is a treasure trove for the lover of exotic nature, soft adventure, good food, having a good time in the evening and more. The best destination for great holidays where most infrastructure works, a low crime rate (when you stay away from drugs and ladyboys) and almost no problems.