Citroen C4 Cactus

Comfort comes first for the top Citroen C4 Cactus car.

The idea behind the C4 Cactus was design a car where the user will feel good. The compact car is not a spiky car rather to cuddle. 
Because even if Citroën understands itself as a volume and not a luxury manufacturer the brand wants to convince in the future with comfort. It is not for nothing that Citroën has been famous for models such as the duck and DS for compromising chassis and well-being on board, according to the responsible persons.

The Citroen C4 Cactus.

Citroen C4 Cactus

We noticed that: Welcome to the living room. When you look at the C4 Cactus for the first time, it's hard to believe it's a car. Especially none of the compact class. Because the seats are wider and more inviting than in a luxury sedan, even the seating in the first class of an airline looks uncomfortable against these fauteuils.

The first seat fitting shows: 

The seats are indeed wonderfully comfortable. Because behind the keyword "Advanced Comfort" is the world premiere of a new special foam padding. The 15 mm thicker than before, particularly dimensional stable and noticeably more comfortable. You drive and drive without fatigue.

Are these still car seats or already living room armchairs? In any case, under the covers is a new upholstery foam, the noticeably more comfortable and comfortable

The seats are only part of the comfort offensive. This also includes an audibly better insulation against wind and engine noises as well as especially the Advanced Comfort suspension. This is an as effective as it is cost-effective reminder of the legendary DS hydraulic suspension, which combines spring and damper with two hydraulic stops.

Living room atmosphere prevails in the C4 Cactus. And that's mainly because the Citroën designers have tried to pack only the bare necessities in the car. Everything is tailored to the comfort of the occupants.

The system for which Citroen has filed 20 patents, operates in two stages, depending on the load: under slight pressure, springs and dampers control the vertical movements alone, but thanks to the hydraulic stops, they have a longer spring travel and therefore iron even larger bumps. At higher pressure, the stops absorb some of the kinetic energy and carry it off, without causing annoying spring-back.

The typical  Citroën front view with the two-storey headlamps and the brawny rounded bow.


While VW Golf & Co. torture customers for their misinterpreted sportsmanship with board-heavy suspension and need to compensate electronic controls and variable dampers, the Citroën engineers pampers customers with this system. Of course, it is miles to the air suspension of a Mercedes S-class, but among the compact cars, the ideal of the flying carpet hardly another comes so close.

What also stands out in the update of the C4 Cactus, is its own character, which prevails in the interior. Yes, you can see from the consoles that they are made of plastic and that Citroën - unlike VW or even Audi - can not charge moon prices. But what the car lacks in premium, the designers have compensated with imagination: For example, the door handles or the decor on the upward-opening glove compartment on luxurious leather goods and fine luggage.

Living in the carTake a look inside the Citroen C4 Cactus

Unfortunately, not only the strengths of the C4 Cactus were retained in the revision, but also its weaknesses: that one can only exhibit the rear windows in this class and not open, is not up to date and secondly not practical. And a lower sill would not hurt if you understand the car as a practical family coach.

You have to know that Citroën has revised the C4 Cactus more thoroughly than usual in a facelift, has a simple reason: the car must also keep the customers of the conventional C4 at the bar, which expires in the summer for now without successor.
Citroën C4 Cactus

The fresh C4 Cactus is already from mid-April at the dealers, and prices starting at 17,490 euros. Customers can choose between initially three engines: There is a three-cylinder gasoline engine with 1.2 liter displacement and 110 or 131 hp and a four-cylinder diesel with 1.6 liter displacement and 100 hp. Because there are no big jumps in it, puts Citroën in the fall and brings a second diesel with 120 hp power.

We will not forget that: the view into the cockpit. While the digital instruments in other cars show more than the eye can detect, there is not even a tachometer on the C4 Cactus, only the speedometer, fuel gauge and daily mileage. Less, according to the message, is sometimes more. And driving in this living room on wheels anyway a minor matter.

Vehicle Data
Manufacturer: Citroen
Type: C4 Cactus (2018)
Body: compact car
Motor: three-cylinder turbo directinjection
Transmission: six-speed manual
Drive: Front
Displacement: 1,199 cc
Power: 131 hp (96 kW)
Torque: 205 Nm
From 0 to 100: 9.1