Danok Nightlife Thailand

Danok Nightlife.

The border village of Danok is located in Sadao district about 50 km south of Hat Yai 
an almost 24 hour red light district at the Thailand Malaysian border. 

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Danok Massage Girls

Danok Nightlife

Popular Danok clubs are "Hello Bangkok" which rather appears like a huge disco, "V1", "Pattaya Disco" is also more a hall, "Barberry", "Yes Club", "wonderland" and much more many Danok hotels are listed at the right icon have a look. They are all "girl friendly".

There is also every day a direct bus from and to Phuket and Kuala Lumpur means no need to stop at Hat Yai anymore.Interesting is also to have a look around in the smaller Danok karaoke bars which are similar to the "cafe's" in Phuket the girls are really pretty and strip to totally nude. One version I saw was when the guy passed five hundred baht for each piece of cloth she dropped yes I know what you think can't be expensive since the girl had almost nothing on the body anyway. Actually similar shows can be watched at many Phuket nightlife events.

Nightlife girls in Danok (1)

The system works like that. 

The men who like a certain lady / ladyboy on the stage buys some flower garlands and throw them at the ladies they catch them and maybe a sexy deal is made.
Just figure out who you like they usually carry a number plate and tell the waiter to give her / him some flower garlands . The rest depends on negotiation but in any case have a close look since very often you might want a women but a guy is coming. 

In this low light it is difficult to figure out and you probably don't want some embarrassment after. Do not let emotions guide you this is business.

tuk-tuk Thailand

When their dance session is over they come to the table of the guy and try to work out a deal usual short time prices are between Baht 1500,- and 2000,- there are plenty of "girl friendly" hotels around they also do the whole night for more money.  The guys must be careful because often it is not visible is this a men / ladyboy / or women so a surprise could be waiting after the Thai girl has taken off the cloth. They also do massage and manually with a happy ending. 

Danok Nightlife club

But what always amazes me they are very pretty young ladies not this "pole monkeys" as the jump around on Patong's Bangla road.  

At 11 pm the border to Malaysia is closed and at 5 am opens again that makes many to get stranded because most don't know that they close the border which is nonsense anyway since this is the biggest border station between the two countries.

People just want to drive through because of this the biggest road border crossing between the Thailand and Malaysia. About 30 km to the west is Padang Besar that's where the trains to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore run through but there they already close the road at 9 pm. To be honest Padang Besar is a dead end there is nothing beside the train station and some malls.
Danok Thailand
Danok Thailand Malaysia

A vibrant time is on from about 8pm to late into the next morning, there is no closing time, it's great, wild and sexy, just the right stuff for a great night or two. 

The mini-skirted girls are waiting in bars discos pubs nightclubs karaoke clubs and massage shops for the guys. 

Not on such a scale as in Bangkok nightlife  Phuket Nightlife  or Pattaya and it rather happens behind closed doors. Malaysian guys are main clients in the scene looking for some fun.
If you like pretty girls the smooth way a sure bet is Danok / Sadao with hundreds of pretty bar ladies very fresh and positive thinking. This is a real pleasure zone for the guys of the deep south and especially Malaysia which are the most around here.  A few disco clubs and plenty of girly bars plus myriads of young sexy women make the environment the guys from the south prefer.
Danok Nightlife Girls
danok nightlife

The night action has two sources, the guys from Malaysia and the travelers who get stranded at the border since the border is closed from 11 pm to 5 am and many people don’t know this.  They usually spend some time afterward with young Thai women and karaoke plus massage.

Every day there is a direct bus to Phuket in the morning which could be a good alternative to travel via Hat Yai. 
The problem is to find the departure place it's the usual chaotic Thailand. Also the people operating the coach can't speak any English with the result that they tell the wrong departure time since they insist they speak Thaiglish I think they rather speak Lao. 

How to handle the young women and ladyboys?

Actually, it won't matter whether if they are bikini models massage girls coyote dancer go-go ladies or whoever. The fact is they all are visiting the clubs and bars for a sexy business to earn money with and the overwhelming majority who hire them are men from Malaysia.

Popular Danok clubs are "Hello Bangkok" which rather appears like a huge disco, "V1", "Pattaya Disco" is also more a hall, "Barberry", "Yes Club", "wonderland" and much more many Danok hotels are listed at the right icon have a look. They are all "girl friendly".

To enjoy a freewheeling night with Danok Club Show Girls & Ladyboys, even by Thai standards, have a look in this rather small ASEAN town it will get you into the right mood. 

Prices are low and girls are beautiful beer is cheap and all this together will lift you higher. It's the good Thai sexy fashion as it was a long time ago in Bangkok and today it's not anywhere similar in Thailand.

Bar in Danok ThailandNighclub girls in Danok (1)

The only little miss in Danok Nightlife is there are no good restaurants it's just hush-hush quick-quick. They don't even have a reasonable Chinese food station which means something in this part of south-east Asia is not normal. Anyway travel here from Malaysia or other parts of Thailand for a quickie are definitely not bad.

Amazing results with simple ideas.

The spark was really genuine one because it was the last bomb which some mad ones have been blown up in Hat Yai. 

There are so many psychotic guys around without brain so they think let's do it with violence. What do they get?  Nothing, some victims who usually have nothing to do with but this guy in Malaysia / Thailand obviously think it's somehow fashion to kill some temple boys monks and old women. Shame on them was the level of neanderthal

Every day more Malaysian men arrive in Danok to have some nightlife fun with Thai Girls and ladyboys. Malaysia becomes more a tightly controlled Muslim State. They even have a religious police similar to Saudi Arabia and madness like Pakistan.

Most guys want to see not what the state allow. 

They all have one idea in common and that are young women for a great nightlife. That can be karaoke and massage or flat out sex which is the most common. A variant is to do something manually in cars or under the table.

Danok Thailand at the border crossing to Malaysia is doing it big in the nightlife business. It is a typical "biotope" what happen when some people try to play games because of religious reasons.

The governments in the bordering Malaysian states do everything to harness their citizen into their Islam behavior but the people are fed up with this clerics who do everything do give them ideological problems. This even became a component into the current insurgency because the Malaysian Islamist don't want this mind free environment right at the border.​

But there are two major cities left in Malaysia with clubs discos and lounges where they have a liberal mind is that's Kuala Lumpur around the Beach and Thai Bistro Club along Jl Ramlee. The another nightlife hot-spot is Georgetown Penang with several bigger clubs in the center at 'Gurney Drive' and at Batu Ferringhi.

Before they drove to Hat Yai now they stop here in the precinct of Sadao which is Danok. The reason? In 2012 Islam fanatics blasted some bombs in the third biggest city of the country and that changed all. But finally nobody can change human behavior in 2014 all was back again in both cities and the most popular currency is still the Ringgit, only the center of nightlife gravity shifted to Danok.

A construction frenzy started, hotels, discos, karaoke bars, shopping, and restaurants were quickly pulled up and make good money nobody drove further north anymore for fun but that has changed again and many make their way again into the north.
Nightclubs in Danok

Danok nightlife in Thailand

Often this crazy stuff goes on the whole night until the next day late morning, here it is totally open-minded and open-ended. 

The other day I watched one Malaysian guy who threw flower garlands after some girls who were coyote dancing on a smaller stage and every time one of the young Danok bar girls was able to catch one she dropped one piece of her underwear. 

Danok Bar Girls

It didn’t take long until all of them were stripped and only the skin was left.
Everyone was laughing and all enjoyed it just wonder if a long time ago similar has happened in Sodom & Gomorrah. Actually as the old scriptures from the Middle East tell they had similar stuff in Babylon and with temple dancer in Egypt.

Hallo Bangkok is a huge disco style hall and every night the mood runs high. There are three halls of this big size and dozens of other. If your idea in the south is to bang the ladies, the boys and everything in between (Thailand has a third gender) that’s the place to travel in ASEAN. It is possible to fly to Hat Yai and take the limo from the airport or with the bus from Penang.  There are some connections to Danok via KL and Bangkok by bus to check the girls but travel time takes too long.
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