Daytrip From Bangkok

Bangkok Day Trip to Ayutthaya & Erawan Waterfall

Probably the best Bangkok day-trips are to Ayutthaya and the Erawan Waterfalls of course to Pattaya is also not bad but has a different twist. Ayutthaya is the old capital before Bangkok. That's the place to find the old Siam atmosphere with pagodas and Buddhist Temples plus monasteries shrines and a lot of info what happen in Thailand in the last couple of hundred years. 

Ayutthaya tourerawan waterfall

Bangkok Day Trip to Erawan Waterfall:
Bangkok Tour to Ayutthaya:

Actually if anyone wants to understand Thailand and the former Siam at least a little there is no way around this plus a visit to the Bangkok National Museum near to the Chao Phraya and Sanam Luang thats the large field where the Kings Palace is at Phra Nakhon District the historic center of Bangkok.

This trip is easy just take a train at Hua Lamphong railway station, about two dollars and the bumpy ride through the suburbs of the city takes around one hour.

Since all houses are very close to the tracks its easy to see what Thai people are doing. After the view opens over rural Thailand with paddy fields, buffaloes and other impressions not changed over hundred of years.

This trains usually move on to the far north all kind of folks are in there from all walks of life this Bangkok day trip is very interesting.

There are plenty of other possibilities such as visiting a bigger orchid nursery make a trip to Pattaya or Hua Hin beaches and have a  look around. This two destinations are popular as weekend getaway from the capital which Bangkok Megacity is..