Doi Mae Salong Outdoor Tours

Doi Mae Salong a lush place to enjoy.

Doi Mae Salong is located in Chiang Rai province northwest Thailand on the local side of the infamous "Golden Triangle". On the other side of the hills is the Myanmar "Golden Triangle". Most Thai tea is grown here with all versions such as oloong, green and black,fermented and not.

Doi Mae Salong

Here is great Thai travel in the north. Doi Mae Salong use a local hotel for a day or two a good idea could also be to hire a local travel guide it could make sense to have a look at Mae Sai which has a similar environ and is also the next Myanmar Burma border post in the mountain or rather hills. The Myanmar Shan State is over the western border.

Doi Mea Salong was originally a settlement of the Kuo Min Tang who fled China after the 1949 revolution. Now a pretty little China town with tea plantations and hill tribes around such as Akha -the old lady pictured below- Mien, Lisu, Mmong and some more settlers from China's Yunnan Province.

If you like go camping but only use a guarded compound otherwise you could get some unpleasant surprises. 

The mountain village is around 1800 meters above sea level and a little Chinese enclave in northern Thailand, there are some Buddha and Taoism temples as it is everywhere where Chinese people are. 

Several good Chinese restaurants have Yunnan food on the menu. Akha and Lisu, some of the famous Thai hill tribes have their villages in the steep hills. They can be seen at the city every day such as the old Akha Lady on the picture below.

Doi Mae Salong

A very attractive place with great panoramas, some good hotels invite to stay. When you are on a trip to north Thailand bring your hiking boots or shoes, they sell them very cheap in Thailand and you better be in good health condition since the trail and road constantly moves up and down. Where is this? > Address:Mae Salong Nok, Mae Fa Luang, Chiang Rai 57110 Thailand Tel:+662250 5500

Here are the best hotels in every category

The reward is mainly beautiful visual nature such as breathtaking panoramas, a great breeze, and very colorful people. They are Chinese, Shan, Lahu, Lisu, Karen and Akha and most of them are naturally people of Thailand. In this hidden northwestern area of Thailand, you can explore outdoor activities like trekking and hiking plus camping at its best. 
tea plantation at Doi Mae Salong

Doi Mae Salong is a hilly attraction in Chiang Rai province in the northwest of Thailand near to the Myanmar Border. 

The hilly terrain became home to the national Chinese army of Chiang Kai-shek (the Taiwanese of today) after defeated by Mao's red army they settled here in 1961 among local people. On the edges of the hills tea plantations grow and excellent "green tea" which I also drink. But see the fact there are no mountains around here this are hills.
Green Tea Thailand
From November through March when temperatures drop below 20 degrees tourists from the rest of Thailand and also some foreigners roam here to enjoy the cool weather. Until a few decades ago this was part of the "Golden Triangle" put the Thai government eliminated "poppy cultivation" long time ago. 

Although on the Myanmar Burmese side it's still big business but it tends more into the synthetic drug production and for that stuff the raw chemicals come mainly from China and Thailand. 

Hire a tour guide to go on a sightseeing tour. When taking a guide you will see the things you alone probably miss. This is the home of some of the greatest Chinese Tea on this planet, the tea is grown on the slopes of the valleys in a excellent combination of earth, climate, water and sun. 

Hiking and trekking tours in north Thailand.

On attractive trails, no need for special or expensive trekking gear on your adventure trekking outdoor trip in this marvelous hilly nature in northern Thailand. There are also some beautiful waterfalls around but not as great as the Erawan Falls or the biggest waterfall in Thailand at Umphang the Thee Lor Sue Waterfall. For some of the best waterfalls in Thailand have a look here.

This is a very pretty hilly area northwest of Chiang Rai city. In the hills around farmers and Chinese make a good living. Some of the Chinese KMT nationalist army that fled the homeland during China's internal war settled here, the others fled to Taiwan. Storefronts show Chinese and Thai writings, and most merchants speak several languages including Mandarin, Thai, Akha and English. The village grew in relative isolation for several years until the 1980s, when a hard surface road into the hills was opened. Oolong tea, among other, is grown on the fringes of town.

Descendants from Kuomintang Soldiers

The old smuggling trails in the Doi Mae Salong region have been taken over by tourist and outdoor enthusiasts. 

Mae Salong is home of descendants from Kuomintang soldiers who fled Mao’s soldiers after they were beaten. Probably the most interesting around are the small Buddha Shrines and temples plus Taoist Shrines which have an exotic and mystic flavor. On the slopes are terraced tea plantations, all looks very idyllic, this is home of Oolong green tea a very well known tea in the country.

Plenty of things to see and to do, not far away is Mae Sai where lots of people cross the river every day into “The Golden Triangle” and the center of which is Tachilek in Burma’s Shan State, home of the Shan people which are ethnic Thais. 

The Mekong River.

Is the main stream which runs through and there is a busy coming and going with boots, ships, cars, scooters, trucks or just walking its also big smuggling area. This hilly area transforms slowly from a drug production area to normal business, agriculture and tourism. Myanmar agriculture is very strong in Shan State, but this is a different sort of agriculture as they have in the low lands along the Irrawaddy, because of the height and climate temperate fruits, plants and flowers are raised e.g. beautiful lilies.
green oolong tea
Tea plantation are covering the hills and are very well maintained, just to get the right tea leaves for the great cup of tea. Great outdoor are waiting for you in Thailand northern hills use good trekking shoes for your trips, don't start your Thailand holiday travel and sightseeing with the notorious slippers like most tourist do on their walking tours. Why? 

There is a lot which can happen sharp stones are around and it is in itself very easy to get hurt the best thing is to exclude from the outset or minimize. As a tourist you are here more or less in the wild. also if you are traveling by motorbike or scooter the people here are driving where they think it is right for example one day during the songkran holiday in Thailand a total of 567 accidents, 59 deaths and 598 injuries were recorded on Sunday, with three more days to go in the "seven dangerous days" in the year. By the way, this is the whole year not only during the local New Year party. Most local people's mindset hasn't left the ox-cart age yet. 

Anyway it's a laid back location situated in a scenic valley having some tribal people sitting around the whole day waiting to make some money posing together with the tourists Thai and foreigners alike.

A couple of picturesque Buddhist monasteries and temples are are around its somehow "eye-candy" to watch them they are nestled in the green hills placed a bit off the tea plantings, most Thai tea regardless if its green tea oloong or the black version come from this area and the grower are almost always Chinese. 

The small hills and the tea plants give a wonderful panorama.