Don Sak

Don Sak Ferry to Ko Samui & Phangan.

Don Sak is a waterfront village in Surat Thani Thailand with several piers where regular ferries for Ko Phangan & Ko Samui are leaving several times a day. 

To travel there take a bus from North Bangkok Bus Terminal at Mor Chit Station close to the BTS elevated train terminal or from the southern bus terminal.

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Interesting light native lunch in Thailand try it.

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Rice congee or porridge with seafood is very popular as breakfast in Chinese communities not only in Thailand served with vegetable as side dishes. But check first that they use bottled water to make the soup otherwise problems are coming.

A other possibility is to start in Hua Hin (ask the hotel from where and when since that is operated by "Green Bus") company. For the north bound tour the "green bus" operates at 2 pm every day from the "Yellow Bus" terminal near to the "seatran" ferry terminal at Don Sak (Tel. 053266480}.

Between the Mor Chit Bus Terminal and the BTS Station which is also called Chatuchak it needs to take a taxi either motorbike or car. The bus from Mor Chit leaves about 8 am every day and several more times but when exactly only can be found out at the information counter in the hall at Mor Chit.

Don Sak City

To my opinion they also have the most competent staff operation the bus including speaking English although they are more dedicated to the northern part of Thailand but also operating out of Phuket / Pattaya / Hua Hin which is nothing special they just drive any tour which promises money.

Ko Samui and Phangan Boarding at Don Sak.

It is really amazing how many Thai and foreign tourists take the ferry to Ko Samui and Phamgan every day. The few islands in the Surat Thani archipelago are one of the top tour destinations in Thailand check the booking icon above right.

Ferry Ko Samui arrival and departure

Compared to all other buses it makes also more sense to take the "Green Bus" line when you want to explore the north and west of Thailand and avoiding the Bangkok City traffic mess. 
Bus from Bangkok to Lom Sak
They bypass Bangkok into the Central Region of Thailand including the convenience to change buses quickly for another destination. E.g. stopping in Phitsanulok and Tak to travel northwards to Chiang-Mai Chiang Rai  Mae-Sot etc. 

This is great when you don't want to stay in Bangkok. Although they also travel to Pattaya. 

There is no nightlife in Don Sak. The bus at the right photo takes the tourists from Bangkok's Mor Chit station directly to Don Sak. But there is also a bus tour from the southern Bangkok station. Ok I know all this is a bit confusing but Thailand is very confusing by itself since everyone does anything without considering any other 

Don Sak to Khanom.

Don Sak to Khanom heading south along the beachfront to Nakhon Si Thammarat for location use the map above. The picture below was shot from Wat Khao Suwan Pradit which is a pretty place overlooking the waterfront and the piers where the ferry for Ko Samui and Ko Phangan leave.which are Seatran and Raja Ferry (Raja is mainly for trucks). Another ferry connects Chumphon 200 km further north) with Samui Phangan and Ko Tao.

Wat Khao Suwan Pradit in Dan SakWat Khao Suwan Pradit in Dan Sak (1)

View from Wat Khao Suwan Pradit

Khanom town has a bit of a nightlife the town is already in Nakhon Si Thammarat no Go-Go avaialble but pretty bar girls in small nightclubs around the market. They have a couple of top notch beaches in a vicinity of about 30 km around Khanom among them is Nadan Beach with some real white sand patches and cheap accommodation this is just around 40 km from Ko Samui over the Gulf of Thailand.

Koh Samui exotic beach
view from wat khao suwan pradit
Don Sak where it starts to Ko Samui and Phangan

It is very convenient and useful to do this by internet booking to get good hotel deals and not being cheated. Because negative comments from people in this hotel booking sites have a direct impact to the booking count. If you are searching for accommodation on the Surat Thani and Nakhon Si Thammarat coast read on to the Khanom page.

Especially if you have booked one of the bamboo beach-huts where there is virtually no wall since bamboo is a visibility blocker but total transparent to noise. Actually there are a couple of places built from brick but its really annoying  Complaining about this excessive disturbances brings no results they just ignore it. 
ferry ticket counter to ko samuiSamui speedboat