Elephant Ride

Elephant Ride in Thailand.

A ride on the back of an elephant is a little adventure high up there on the wooden bench on top riders can feel like the Maharajahs of wherever. Elephant rides or trekking in Thailand are available in most tourist centers. 
elephant ride
It’s fun for the tourist and the Thai make some money since it is quite expensive prices range around Baht 1000,- per head.

I don’t know what the elephant thinks about it but I know that sometimes the Elephants get angry with this 2 legs monsters who command them around and the 4 leg monster kill the 2 leg monster it happen from time to time in Thailand when the animals have enough.But in any case a elephant ride or trekking through the rough terrain and little rivers, maybe some jungle around should be on the agenda during a Chiang Mai visit. Thai’s have a lot of experience and passion for elephant’s, that is also expressed that when they find a white elephant -albino- it will be presented to the King. White elephants were always a symbol of royalty in Thailand and neighboring Myanmar or Burma. The elephant is the largest animal trampling the earth. 

An elephant is able to carry up to 600 kg, depends on his age and size and need a lot of food - up to about 160 kg every day, it again depends on the age and size of the elephant, the elephant is a vegetarian.

With some luck a elephant can get around 70 years old and the beasts are used for tourist entertainment purpose and for elephant show’s where the elephants show their skills by moving logs, do some tug pulling, maybe play elephant soccer and other strange things. In any case it shows that a elephant is a very strong and clever animal also quite intelligent. more, nobody asked the elephant yet how old he or she is, so it’s mainly guessing.

Elephants have a high level of social behavior.

White elephant in South AfricaElephants have a high level of social behavior and long lasting memories. They can communicate over long distances through low range sound, inaudible to humans.
The Thai have a long time experience in capturing and training wild elephants they have been a major source where the Indians bought many as war elephants already since before mogul times. Today the beast are not doing real work anymore only using them for an tourist adventure elephant ride.

There are two types of elephants the African elephant and the Asian elephant. The main difference between the African and Asian elephants is the size of the ears, the African elephants has larger ears. Most elephants in the circus are Asian elephants.

Have a happy elephant ride !