Erawan Waterfall Thailand

Erawan Waterfall.

The spectacular waterfall is within the Erawan National Park near to the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi Province. This falls are some of the most spectacular in Thailand. The Erawan waterfall is one of Thailand's most famous falls with seven tiers.

Erawan Waterfall

Erawan Waterfall Thailand
Means fun with best outdoor gears and suitable  travel set for camping and picnic there are three options to visit this spectacular splash.

Just take the car or rent a scooter maybe the bus or train from Bangkok's Hua Lamphong Train Terminal and make a day tour to the Erawan Waterfall it's one of the best outdoor destination near Bangkok.

There are even steep stairs between the limestone boulders. On the trek up you pass jungle giants and bamboo thickets. On the upper level the water runs over huge rocks where the water carved out some sculptures giving an impression of a three-headed elephant, this is why the waterfall’s name is Erawan the Hindu elephant god.

Most people are on a short day tour to Erawan Waterfall since that is the nearest to  Bangkok. Actually, the lush green environment and the dark River Kwai make a good reason to extend the stay maybe in a hotel outside the city on a beautiful riverside location. The offer "Elephant trekking" and kayaking plus other things to do and see. For hotel and resort booking just use the icon on top right of the page. There are a couple of resorts on the River Kwai.

River Kwai

The border of Thailand and Myanmar are a good combination in this fascinating tropical area. Not only has the province a spectacular nature, waterfalls, outdoor activities, river resorts and hotels a lot to offer. The wilderness of the border area is home to wildlife such as elephants bears tigers and plenty of birds

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erawan waterfall swimming

The ride to the Erawan National Park is between 2 (for the car) and 3 hours for the train/bus and that means if the weather is fine the sun shines and weekend or holiday around the Erawan National Park it's like Bangkok rush hour Friday late afternoon.

erawan national park

Behind the entrance and car park it needs a short walk to reach the lower level of the waterfall. The water with a beautiful emerald shade splash down limestone formations over seven levels. A 1.5 kilometers trail in the tropical jungle is carved into the stone beside the waterfall to climb all the way up to the top of the Erawan Waterfalls very close is the Sai Yok splash actually the picture above was made from the other roadside of the photo below and the road leads straight to the "Three Pagoda Pass" to Myanmar actually there are some more waterfalls in this National Park nearBangkok.

sai yoke spirit house
train station at sai yoke

Sai Yok Waterfall Kanchanaburi.

The Waterfall and National Park in Kanchanaburi province is a pretty water game very close to the Erawan Falls.
Sai Yok Waterfall

This Nam Tok (water knock) as it translates into the Thai language is also easy to access since it is just beside the road from Kanchanaburi City to the 3 pagoda pass.

three  pagoda pass

The ride from Bangkok to Sai Yok is only about 3 hours and that means if the weather is fine the sun shines and maybe weekend many people are around.

Some big coaches and minibuses are parked behind the usual souvenir shops is a breathtaking panorama. A beautiful site which should be included in every Bangkok visit if you won't go there you will miss something.

Kanchanaburi outdoor worker

The place is very close to the more prominent Erawan Waterfall which is another prominent Kanchanaburi Outdoor destination.

Further west is the three Pagoda Pass closeby is Kanchanaburi City and the River Kwai Bridge. It needs a detour of about 500 km to reach another spectacular waterfall at Umphang via Mae Sot to the north.

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It's an attractive trip from Bangkok and plenty of people enjoy a pleasant outdoor time since there are a few basins for swimming around too. 

Use a good outdoor hiking shoulder bag and have fun around the  basin is large which is an ideal place for swimming in particular during the hot summer time from April to June.

Before the waterfall is a marvelous spirit house with incense burning plus an old locomotive beside the old railway station which was part of the original "dead railway" built during world war 2 the River Kwai Bridge is also close so there are really interesting views with a story around.

Waterfall-fall Thailand near Bangkok

What happen to the "Tiger Temple"?

Until recently there was another attraction around that was the Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi and the Buddhist monks running that monastery made too many illegal business by selling tiger organs to Chinese sources so it became even too much for the Thai authorities who obviously didn't care about this illegal business. 

After they found several deep freezer boxes with "Tiger Organs" the closed the Buddhist monastery actually it took the military government to bring in law and order here is more about Buddhism in Thailand with a long list of scandals monks where involved in.

Usually visitors just have a look for the lower 3 or 4 levels of the Erawan falls. If you are not in a very good physical condition you have a problem to climb up the trail. 
Amazing Poi waterfall

Other spectacular waterfalls in Thailand.

Two impressive waterfalls are along the river from Phitsanulok to Loei in the central midlands of Thailand. This breathtaking road connection along the Kwae Noi  River connects  Sukhothai with the Mekong River which is a marvelous day trip by car or maybe a motorbike  or scooter showing everything which makes Thailand famous as a travel destination.

Among other spectacular waterfalls this is the nearest to Bangkok and the right destination for a refreshing day tour. In every corner of the country are cataracts cascades and other water avalanches here are some pictures. They are known as some of the most attractive in the world and the spectacular Erawan waterfalls a three-hour drive west of Bangkok probably tops them.

Here are some more Thai Waterfalls in the north Central around Phitsanulok on the road to Loei and the Mekong River.

The best two waterfalls are Poi falls at Wang Thong and the "Chat Trakan Waterfall" further up on the way to Loei and the Mekong River dividing Thailand and Laos.

Kanchanaburi Countryside.

Kanchanaburi Buddhist monastery
Kanchanaburi countryside

Living in rural Thailand is not as easy especially not in this rough area towards the border to Myanmar (Burma).