Hat Yai China Town

Hat Yai China Town.

On a Hat Yai Trip during day time not many things to do are in this southern Thailand Hub. Hat Yai Thailand and things to do. This rather not so small China town (the 3. largest in Thailand) becomes interesting in the early evening.

Now the street food vendors build up 
Hat Yai China Town Restauranttheir shacks around the plaza of the Lee Garden Hotel and bars clubs lounges plus add on open up and nightlife girls and lady-boys move in, after the baby elephant is driven through.

With Hat Yai nightlife and music wobbles out from many clubs around the Lee Plaza Hotel and people try to earn money with the elephants they move around on the street. Most people come either from Phuket to Hat Yai via Krabi with the bus or from Malaysia for the weekend Have a look at the night market with a strange situation including the Muslim crowd which swaps over from Malaysia and the Chinese who have Hat Yai totally under control but with Islam absolute nothing in mind what is the unifying content between this two culture? 

Hat Yai at night

A Bus to Hat Yai mainly come from Phuket or Bangkok actually there is growing tourist travel from Hat Yai to Ko Lipe and Tarutao if your intention is to make holidays in the Tarutao-Archipelago just stay in the ferry at the first stop because there is Ko Tarutao with the National Park HQ and that's a real dirty holw where the manager and employees will do everything to cheat the traveler including totally overpriced boats since they have the monopole  its better to use the other islands with private properties  

Chinese tourist food massage in Hat Yai

Once you left the bus to Hat Yai probably at the main station you should already have chosen the best location for your stay in the city. To do that just use the Pink Lady Hotel beside of the Lee Garden Hotel they are ok and clean just ignore the warning at TripAdvisor which is not true and totally outdated typical google info its put into the internet and after never updated, only one thing in the rooms check if the windows are closed sometimes they forget this. 

Shopping in Hat Yai plus Chinese restaurants.

It's the money and the rubber plantings since the trees reach far beyond the Thai-Malaysian border and one more important subject its diesel smuggling from Malaysia to Thailand which is big business and bring plenty of money into the corrupt pockets of countless state servants mainly in Thailand. 

Road map from Phuket to Hat Yai.

On the road the fastest connection is a 6 hour travel with the bus from Phuket via Krabi this south Thailand tour is on from 7 am to 7 PM with different buses about every 45 minutes starting at the Phuket Bus Station 2 via Phang Nga Krabi an Trang.if you ever intend to make this trip with the aircraft check it before you leave for the airport because sometimes they say it works and another time "nobody knows". As indicated above Hat Yai to Phuket distance is about 650 km via Krabi and Trang. It makes sense to stay a day or two in Trang just try the Trang Hotel there is are 2 travel agents around the hotel and very close to the railway station. The Trang Archipelago is the best in south Thailand, very quiet and luckily almost nobody know. 

Trang Beach

In 2017 the even out that the boss of the Thai style equivalent to the FBI was running one of the largest gangs in south Thailand centered around blackmail, extortion, smuggling and robbing people its almost unbelievable but typical Thai style where there is only one god and that is money. 

They approach tourists pulling the beasts in front of them and try to get them to buy bananas for the big ones conveniently they carry the fruits already with them. It is somehow strange what ideas people come up with to earn quick cash. Elsewhere such as in Phuket the guys run around with big geckos and try to animate the tourists to have them placed on the shoulder, make a photo and pay Baht 100,- for.

Hat Yai Down Town

Hat Yai Down Town.

Hat Yai Birds Nest SoupFried Sea Leech Hat Yai Style

Hat Yai Down Town is dominated by shopping & restaurants, in the evening also street food plus huge hotels such as the Lee Garden and many other not far off the railway station plus Chinese and Malaysian food virtually at every second corner in particular in the evening. Including the gold and red colored gold-jewelry shops.

What was somehow amazing to me I could not find any jade shop in Hat Yai although a Chinese environment is a typical one for all variants of jade-stones including rough jadeite.

Here are some interesting Hat Yai Menu items.

Pork with Chinese Vegetables
Here are some interesting Hat Yai Menu items they sound rather exotic but people like them and Chinese tourist are always good for something strange, a friend of mine told me times ago they eat everything which has 4 legs does that include the chair? Hat Yai fried chicken are available at Kentucky fried chicken in the mall in the Lee Garden Hotel.they are real good and juicy. 

Hat Yai China Town Restaurant
But this is not very clever thought through because they don't allow the vendors to put some tables and chairs there. 

There are no Thailand sightseeing tours to anywhere only long distance buses and van's to Bangkok Phuket Penang and the closer vicinity.

Since the city is the third largest in the country it is strange that not one page of written information is available anywhere, neither at the hotels nor at any travel agent, book shop or whatever.

The only printed information available in the English language is a city map of downtown and Songkhla City plus some advertisements, the main industry is the rubber.

Strange Exotic Food.

Backed Goose Legs Hat Yai Style
Its mainly about exotic Chinese food prepared in expert restaurants actually food hardly served elsewhere. It clearly shows the dedication of the city is related to foreign Chinese tourists from Malaysia and Singapore, its sexy entertainment, fun, and girls.  Most Chinese tourists from Singapore and Malaysia are visiting the massage shops doing foot massage and other kind of massage somewhere hidden in the back. In this road shops is no sexy massage with a "happy ending" but elsewhere behind. 

This happens in larger establishments such as the Pink Lady Hotel & Cafe (besides the Lee Garden Hotel) but the tourists seem to like it they always come in groups with a guide who get commission when he brings a group to a massage parlor.

In resent years a couple of places where built up to function as a destination for the "red" Chinese who are visiting Thailand now in masses and they need some attraction. Actually, I cant see anything  attractive but I am not Chinese. The idea of this is that the travel agencies who bring them there have an additional income. 

Hat Yai to Ko Lipe and Tarutao.

From Hat Yai Airport or down town to Pak Bara just take one of the "open air taxi" but be careful several of this so called taxi-driver have some contacts with the ticket agents for the Ko Tarutao ferry they drop you there and after you bought the ticket you will find out that the ferry is elsewhere so you need another drive which is at your cost this cheating is a method in Thailand the foreigner is considered a walking ATM machine and is continuously milked. Actually they do similar dirty tricks when you pass the border to Malaysia where some people at the car park for Langkawi try to rent you a overpriced car because the ferry don't take cars. and so on this people are doing everything to pull money from foreigners since tourists simply dont know. Just for information, there is no mermaid statue in Hat Yai the bronze sculpture is in Sonkhla but some lunatic people bombed the mermaid statue the other day. Guess who is doing such nonsense.

By the way, from Hat Yai airport to Sonkhla is a 4 lane motorway passing the largest mosque in south Thailand the only little problem on such a ride is the Hat Yai Airport security is extremely tight which is understandable considering the amount of Islamist running around.