Hat Yai District

Hat Yai District Bus Station & Train.

Within the Hat Yai District center are several bus terminals for large and small coaches plus so called minibuses and vans in general try to avoid van since they have to highest accident rates in Thailand because they pack far too many passengers into the van, usually 12 and more and in case of an accident there is only one exit to get out which is usually blocked, no emergency exit.

The Hat Yai district center is China Town where most hotels, shopping bus terminals and the relatively huge train station is. Hat Yai is the hub to everything south of and into Malaysia such as to Kuala Lumpur and Penang coach prices are similar to domestic Thailand.

As usual in Thailand there is no coordination or cooperation between anyone which means how to find out where coaches are leaving and arriving To find that out the best is to travel to the main bus terminal in the town center and ask one of the motorbike-taxi and after the guy is asking around maybe the right destination can be found Main Bus Terminal.

The main coach terminal in Hat Yai is the biggest in the south, but as usual, there are many other everyone makes another one and nobody cooperates again with the other. The only ones who keep contact between them are the motorbike taxis who know often where the stations are. On top of it, every bus operator to Malaysia has it's own station.

There is another coach operator with smaller buses to Phuket opposite the Tesco Lotus Mall. Closely is another van terminal where they connect the whole south a bit faster. Now there are travel agencies scattered in the city having one van and leaving to anywhere when they manage to fill this small thing where they push 12 people into it.

Plus the minimum space around is usually packed up with bags almost every week in Thailand there are major accidents with these vans as the drivers do not cling to any rules.The people have no idea of physical forces and never keep their distance to other cars Toyota vans are up to about 120 km / h fast every can intelligent person can calculate what happen in an emergency braking, they crash in the next car in front and the next day the newspaper write about a rear-ended accident with many dead people. 

On the basis of the facts one should take only the large, often double-decker buses which have the lowest accident numbers and are also only minimally slower than vans Thailand is every year among the last three in the world wide list of deadly traffic accidents.