Hat Yai Nightlife

Hat Yai Sexy Nightlife.

The night is sizzling in Hat Yai 's Nightlife but not on a scale like Bangkok or Phuket and Pattaya. Top nightlife spots to enjoy Chinese and Thai street food is around the square in front of the Lee Garden Hotel.
Nightlife in Hat Yai pink lady club During day time not many things to do in this southern Thailand Hub. It becomes interesting in the early evening when the street food vendors build up their shacks around the Lee Garden Hotel and bars clubs lounges plus nightclubs open up and nightlife girls and lady-boys move in. Live music wobbles out from many clubs and people try to earn money with the elephants they move around on the street. Hat Yai Nightlife become somehow similar to Ayutthaya in recent years.

They approach tourists pulling the beasts in front of them and try to get them to buy bananas for the big ones conveniently they carry the fruits already with them. This is originally Hat Yai at night and it is somehow strange what ideas people come up with to earn quick cash. Elsewhere such as in Phuket the guys run around with big geckos and try to animate the tourists to have them placed on the shoulder make a photo and pay Baht 100,- for. 

No tiger show in Hat Yai anymore.

Keep in mind there is no tiger show in Hat Yai they moved all this sexy stuff to Danok at the Thailand-Malaysia border so if you like that and come in from the south maybe Penang take a hotel in Danok. The only negative is there are no good restaurants in Danok.

Hat Yai Nightlife.

Since they developed Danok at the Malaysian border into a spectacular red light district the Malaysian guys who are the main clients in the scene stay there. 

Some Hat Yai nightclubs have attractive cabaret entertainment and there are clubs discos and sexy karaoke bars. If you are out for a quickie just walk around the Lee Garden Plaza hotel within some minutes girls and lady-boys will approach offering to give you a good time. The Lee Plaza Hotel is the tallest building in town it can’t be missed.

Hat Yai Nightclub

This are some of the places where everyone can see how creative and dynamic Thai people can be when there is no need for for big investment, most people don't have money. For the entertainment business it wont need any particular education they let the people do what they want within some basic limits.

Hat Yai at Pink Lady club.

Hat Yai Nightlife at Pink Lady club
The result is business where hundreds of low educated young women (there are very many in the country who wont have another chance to get a piece of the cake) find a job and nurture many time a whole family somewhere in the north. The people cant live from some bla-bla of nonsense talkers who always tell ..you should not do this and that and here and there. Anyway everyone only live once, there is no other chance, if you don't enjoy live now you won't ever have the possibility again, you never live twice !

hat yai nightlife girls showhat yai nightlife girls

If you like pretty girls the smooth way a sure bet is Danok with hundreds of pretty bar girls and ladyboys fresh and positive minded. 

This is a real pleasure zone for the guys, located in the deep south. The night action has two sources Malaysian men and the travelers who get stranded at the border since the crossing is closed from 11pm to 5am and many people don’t know this. 

A vibrant time is on from about 8pm to late into the next morning, there is no closing time, its great, wild and sexy, just the right stuff for a great night or two. With bars, discos pubs nightclubs karaoke massage shops and more are waiting for the guys. 

The men from Malaysia who like Hat Yai nightlife even come from Penang and some from Singapore get what they are looking for with pretty young Thai bar girls who also try to have a good time and get some money for. Hat Yai Nightlife Pictures.
The sources of this Chinese culture is in the English days when the colonial power invited Chinese to come to Thailand and Malaysia for working in the recently discovered tin mines around Kuala Lumpur Penang and Phuket.  

The Chinese did not wait long they flocked in and created the Peranakan culture in today's Malaysia and Singapore by marrying many of the local women. as everywhere where people from the "Middle Kingdom" emerged legendary wealth was also created.
Thai street food in Hat Yai

This wealth is even visible today by the Chinese - Portuguese style palaces in Phuket Town and Penang.

Hat Yai Chinese Dinner 

Excellent Chinese restaurants are in Hat Yai City and open air street food around the Lee Garden Hotel particular is "great stuff" with countless flavors including Malaysian. 
A common view are freshly fried snacks this comes as in the form as grasshopper bugs and beetles sometimes even rats are eaten in Thailand. The city appears very much Chinese style but there is no specific "China Town their letters and signs dominate the plaza and streets of the centers. 

There is no particular Chinatown like in Kuala Lumpur and elsewhere because the whole is a China Town. Shopping is cheap and plenty of accommodations are available, at Danok it's the same and they don't ask questions when someone takes young women with this functions like a magnet to the Malaysian and Singaporean men.
grasshopper Thai snack

Fried seafood to take away in Hat Yai City