Honda X-ADV

Honda X-ADV

The Honda X-Adv is virtually the SUV under the scooters. He has the genes of a scooter and that of an off-road vehicle and is therefore an idiosyncratic and proud mixture of both.

That means a low and comfortable seat small wheels but big cleats and an engine which would make many Enduro great - even if the X-Adv is rather rare to spot on gravel or off road. 

Honda X-ADV.

Honda X-ADV off road

  • The seating position

The seating positions fits quick runs in the city as well as for the long weekend tour. And the 745 cubic centimeter two-cylinder with its 55 hp also makes it quite easy. If there is a dirt road in between you are in paradise. The seat height of 820 millimeters also takes a bit of the fear when it comes to off-road. You sit much lower than on a big enduro but at the same time higher than on most scooters.

Driving the Honda X-ADV