How to judge street food vendors?​

How to judge Thai street food

A quick look at street food vendors reveals plenty and one good indicator is how do they clean the plates etc. Most street vendors have no running water available. 

So they place a water container somewhere under the table or in the back cleaning the plates including to throw the junk left into the container.

Now you can imagine what comes together when this happen the whole day again and again so? The catch is most won't change the water during the whole day and maybe night.  This is almost everywhere in southeast Asia not only in Thailand actually the worst is Myanmar they are really at the bottom of the cleanliness scale also watch the seafood and no ice is used. Another reason not to eat that is in almost all countries around the water from the tab is not safe and never tested at a lab.

As far as I know only in Singapore the water is safe so most responsible restaurants use  bottled water in Thailand. Everyone should also consider when shaving and brushing the teeth.