Hua Hin Beach Resorts and Day Tours

Hua Hin Resorts and Beach

Hua Hin resorts for the Bangkok weekend. This is the destination for many people of Bangkok similar to the towns on the French west coast for the people of Paris. 

This city at the sea emerged from a small town and summer retreat for Thai Royalty since 1920, into a major travel destination with an excellent beach, various hotels, and accommodations plus upmarket apartments. 

A long time ago it was a fishing village now a popular Thai tourist destination with large numbers of foreign tourists. The place is very convenient since it is easily accessible from the capital and don't have the "red light" image similar to Pattaya.

Hua Hin Resorts Beach & Day tours

The waterfront town receives lots of foreigners who enjoy the long, almost endless beach into Cha Am. Plenty of hotels and beach resorts are between the city and further north and south. 

Also, the spa frenzy of recent years left its mark in form of several excellent ones usually integrated into the big resorts. A smaller version of can be found in the downtown area, there they call it massage shop.

At the turn of the century the beach landscape became visually negative twisted, some real estate sharks managed to pull up the first high-rise building directly on the beach. This, as usual, encouraged others and after a few years about a dozen skyscrapers are up in the sand and they definitely won't enrich the once beautiful scenery. 

Hotel Flower Pond
Hotel Flower Pond
After they transformed the once sleepy Hua Hin into an easily reachable waterfront destination by building an excellent 6 lane highway, replacing the old small road just about 100 m behind the beach.

The once partially rotten motorway from Bangkok was totally renovated into a six lane super highway some years ago, means car travel is only about 2 hours now once leaving the ring road. An air shuttle service between the capital and Hua Hin makes it even more easy to travel there.

This coastal town is a perfect stop over when driving to south Thailand,

Pretty beach hotel
Pretty beach hotel
maybe Koh Samui, Phuket or Krabi. But watch out usually at the weekend when they expect the Bangkok crowd hotel rates double. There is only one hotel which has a budget price, this is a little bit outside the city on the road to Prachuap, as far as I remember the name was something with ....- inn. 

The hotel is good, has everything including A/C and hot water, is quiet with a huge car park just in front, rooms are from about Baht 300,- to 600,-. 

Hua Hin is a district in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province

Prachuap Province
Prachuap Province
The area is 911 sq. km. and there are about 85.000 people living there plus the tourists. Petchburi province is to the North, the Gulf of Thailand to the East and Myanmar or Burma to the West. 

The town has 87 sq km and roughly 51.000 people, plus about 100.000 tourists at high season.

Some beach resorts are the Anantara, Evason, Dusit Thani and a renovated one at Regent Beach between Cha Am and the city. Actually this hotel was known before as the Regent Cha Am which was the first big beach resort built there, other followed including Hilton and Sheraton.

This seaside is relatively close to the capital and this makes it a popular destination for Bangkokians and foreign tourists alike who like the beach strip further into Petchburi. Plenty of restaurants, entertainment and various sightseeing spots, such as the Khao Luang Cave are around. The caves entrance is located on a 92 meter hill and the cave itself is the biggest in Petchburi Province, just beside is Wat Bunthawee. There is a large Buddha statue in the cave that was built under King Rama V. The place has always functioned as a royal retreat for Thai Kings, there is a huge palace on the seaside.

The town has a relaxing atmosphere and could also be used as a base for excursions into the area around, but talking about Hua Hin most notably its fine beach, good hotels and some action after dark called Thai nightlife.

Activities are not so many, there is not much to do during daytime besides of stretching on the sandy beach, swim in the pool or go to the spa for some body treatment. Most resorts are somehow directed to wellness, actually this are the beach hotels.

Hua Hin Nightlife
There is a moderate nightlife with plenty of bar girls. This is in the city center between the narrow streets and about 5 minutes off the seaside with the elevated restaurants built into the Gulf of Thailand, read more.

Day trips are mainly to Kanchanaburi and Bangkok.

Bus travel for short distance
Bangkok is a bit over 200 km to the northwest and a good 4 lane highway brings the capital within a 3 hour ride by car and bus. 

There is plenty of bus travel to the north, south and west. This is mainly with small vans the bigger coaches are used over about 500 km distance or on any other destination which brings money. To the west its to Kanchanaburi an ideal day trip, read more.