Koh Chang Beach Travel & Hotels

Koh Chang Beach Travel & Hotels

Ko Chang is the second biggest island in Thailand after Phuket. This pretty Thailand island set into the Gulf of Thailand is south of Pattaya and about 100 km west of Cambodia's South China Sea beaches at Koh Kong

Koh Chang weather follows the usual pattern in Thailand and plenty of suitable accommodation is available actually more on the lower end and a few attractive waterfronts offer a great beach life. Ko Chang hotels are available in the whole price spectrum means from budget level all the way up to luxury resorts.

Koh Chang Travel & Hotels

Several ferries per day serve Koh Chang island out of Laem Ngop about 20 km northwest of Trat City. The nearest is center point ferry but it might be advisable to use a another one further north due to congestion. Buy the ferry ticket only at the ferry entrance directly since the downtown taxis will always try to drop you at a preferred ticket vendor where they can get a commission for your expenses naturally.

Don't listen to anyone just go to the market at the main road in Trat City and ask for transportation to the center point ferry -that's the nearest-, talk only with the driver of the taxi and fix the deal. If you don't do it directly with the driver the guy who will bring you to the taxi will get a commission from the taxi driver at your expense. 

It's a real hit and run business and you are the object of disgusting money pulling prices are between 50 - 200 baht. Many northern Thailand people move to the south in the hope to make quick cash business at the expense of the foreign tourist. There are tuk-tuk gangs who are controlled by criminals who only have one thing in mind harass the foreign tourists and pull money from them. 

Actually Koh Chang is not as bad, the worst is Phuket where the crime rate with tuk-tuk crooks who beat up foreigners when they park their cars in self-proclaimed tuk-tuk drivers territory or cut the tires or empty the tires of air moves up exponentially more on this subject you can find in the forum of "The Nation" Thailand's second largest English language newspaper. 

Koh Mak Wai and Kham are served from the Kromluang Pier next to the Laem Ngop war memorial. If you want to go to Koh Kood take a boat from Laem Sok about 30 kilometers from Trat. Ferries to Koh Chang leave regularly from 7 am morning till 7 pm every hour. The ferries also carry cars and trucks plus the motorcycle. When you arrive at the pier of the island there are some taxis waiting to bring the ferry pax to the preferred beach or hotel.

At the pier 2 shops rent motorcycle and scooter for about 200 Baht/day -for a automatic- inspect the motorcycle carefully and make a picture if there are any scratches or damages, write it down and have it signed otherwise they will tell at the end when you bring the bike back you damaged this and that and let you pay merciless.

White Sand Beach is the busiest

They have some pretty beach huts and other accommodation of every level plus restaurants and bars. Koh Chang White Sand Beach itself is about 2 kilometers long and the best areas is from the midsection to the north end.

Many shops and mini-marts such as 7-11plus  internet cafes and banks including the notorious Indian tailors line the main road which runs behind the Koh Chang hotel and resorts. 

Luckily there is no road between the beach and the resorts. If you stay on one of the accommodations at the beach you can walk from the room directly to the water.
Room prices hover around Baht 2000.- for the beachfront and around Baht 1500,- at the other side of the road.

There are some upmarket accommodations like the Siam Beach Resort from about Baht 2500,- and the Dusit Koh Chang Beach Resort for about Baht 6000,-. 
Keep in mind that almost all accommodations will add plus - plus to your bill which will increase the price by about 20%.

Koh Chang island is a real attraction 

Just watch the photos here and this creates a very interesting situation because of the steep hills touching the main circular road cant be penetrated. That means the island still has some nature left dotted with 3 beautiful waterfalls. Take a motorbike and check it out but be careful with the motorbikes at indicated above also have a look at the video to tell you what is on the road and around.

Do some snorkeling or scuba diving in Koh Chang off the southern end of the island are some excellent diving spots. If you want to have it the Robinson way take a boat to one of the smaller islands usually you will be alone with the beach. 

The sea around Koh Chang has very clear water with a marvelous turquoise and emerald touch it depends on the time of the day.  Thai Massage is offered at many hotels and on at spots along the streets. Some of the tough lady doing the massage mostly come from Isaan, that's Thailand's northeast and let you feel the massage the rough way. Thai Massage is a offspring of Yoga and the ladies uses all that they have such as legs hands knees plus feet to work on your body.