Mae Hong Son Tour

Mae Hong Son Trip.

A road trip from Mae Sot to Mae Hong Son Pai and Mae Sariang. Here the highland of Thailand starts the road begins to climb and to wind. This are great Thailand outdoor. The mountain jungle is slowly closing in linked with thinly flowering creepers. Over hills and through valleys with abundant vegetation filled with the odor of the jungle.

The road became steeper up the hill-sides or down on them. In the forests along the road bird-life became visible. This trip into the lower north of Thailand is ideal for unique outdoor experience including a drive along the river separating the country from Myanmar. Keep in mind for centuries bot countries were bitter enemies that had dozens of wars brought against each other some peace returned only after WW2.

Small birds bigger ones and some vulture due to the distance it was not clearly visible- wheeled in the sky shrill bird-like whistling came out from the bush maybe made by colonies of squirrels.

Thailand Outdoor Bird watching.

Display Digital Camera Binoculars Camera Telescope for outdoor and bird watching
It's also a interesting area for bird watching there is almost no wildlife left since after WW2 when people still had arms left they killed everything eatable.

A stop in one of the small villages lining the road to take some lunch. In the dim interior of the small open restaurant - a model of most remote eateries we were awaited by the owner and cook who was naked to the waist. Tattooed dragons writhed among the cabalistic figures on his chest and arms there are many rural Mae Hong Son Festival.

A snippet of intestine was clinging to a finger which shaken off was caught in mid-air by an attendant cat. I pointed to some chickens’ limbs swimming in red curry and also ordered some rice. A few minutes later I was neatly stripping the meat from those saffron bones. Some pickled cabbage with garlic and chili-pepper was served.. It had a sharp sour flavor for which a taste was easily acquired. 

Outdoor scene at Mae Hong Son

When crossing small rivers from time to time bright red earth plunging down the hill-side into deep green water it’s a feast for the eyes we slowly drive into the valley where the city is.

Mae Hong Son is a good hub.

Mae Hong Son is a good hub to explore this part of the "Golden Triangle" as the area is known. Hotels around offer the comfort you need when you go on some hiking trekking or other outdoor activities. There are interesting hill tribe villages from Shan people Lahu and  Lisu Karen Akha and other sp called "hill tribes" in Thailand where the Thai themselves are hilltribes from Yunnan in China to stay withing their category . If you are interested in ethnic minorities try Doi Angkhang and Doi Mae Salong the same as on the other side of the Thailand Myanmar border.

Border trade with Myanmar.

Border trade with Myanmar is the main income source together with the tourist business. The usual tourist related activities are some rafting, visiting hill tribe villages and exploring the fabulous hill jungle area around. Mae Hong Son Pai is a usual tourist routing, the road passes Soppong with the "Coffin Cave" a must to have a look for, its really interesting.

The road follows a small river with a couple of very pretty river resorts offering kayak - canoe tours. Driving is through valleys with tropical jungle and at the flat area women working in the daddy field and from time to time a monastery plus pagoda is visible behind the lush tropical vegetation.

Mae Sariang Trip.

Mae Sariang is to the north. At Mae Hong Son is a Kayan or Padaung village, with the famous “Long Neck Women”.  They came to Thailand during the refuge flood some years ago from the western parts of Kayah State in Myanmar, south of Inle Lake. Most women wear brass rings around their necks, arms and legs. The legend is, They wear this brass rings to remind them of their ancestry to the nagas (mythical dragon / snake). They fled a few years ago because of the continuous fighting between Myanmar government troops and rebel groups at that time, actually the fighting has calmed down..Via the moei river plenty of semi-precious gemstone smuggling is going on.

This variant of adventure travel offer you a very different way to experience total different culture people and exotic destination. Many people visit Thailand evry year and here are some travel trip and this is not about beaches here is to relax in a green environment great outdoor and other tourist attractions. 

To give you an idea what  soft adventure travel style in Thailand could be. North Thailand is more on the eco-trek through the lush rain and bamboo forests see the variety of birds and wildlife. Maybe camp somewhere (but be careful this are wild outdoors and see the lifestyle of local tribes which actually already have been integrated into mainstream learn about about their culture food and see their costumes. 

This part between Thailand and Myanmar is not frequented by standard travelers but while within close distance of popular tourist attractions and destinations such as Chiang Mai and tPai yet away from the usual tourist get you some ideas about to make ououtdoor travel more easy here are some suggestions. 

outdoor attractions of Thailand
Coffin cave at Soppong

Great outdoors are around Soppong with the "Coffin Cave".