Mor Chit Bus Station

Mor Chit Bus Station.

On the road with the coach in Thailand since most bus operation towards central Thailand the north and east plus Cambodia and Myanmar start at Mor Chit but considering the usual chaotic mess in Bangkok it might be and it could also be different. 

The problem is also that the local people are very reluctant to pass any information to anyone on top of it the info often wrong by neglect or purposely when a competitor has the same routing put they won tell anyone and keep quiet hoping that the pax dont know and will wait for their bus. Everyone is cooking their own soup and never care about the traveler. 

The best when doing road travel in Thailand is to take the BTS travel to the Chatuchak and browse the coach counters. When you are lucky will find some fat ladies sitting behing a ticket counter and doing her make-up who mayby pass you some information. Actually there is a information counter inside the main building maybe if there is someone there ask. Also ask if there is maybe a van serving your route or maybe you need to try the southern bus terminal. If you could get an info its here. Dont ask elsewhere since the info will be either wrong or sloppy and maybe just useless. Most Thai people are very reluctant on anything unless someone let them see money they could get.